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Green Years 






en Years 3. 

UU...I forgot that we have a big English test and I didn't study." "...I got a detention, for walking 
into homeroom late." "...I have a project due in every class." "...I have to write my term 
paper" "...I only did half of my homework." "...there are still seven blocks left in the day." 
" drops today and I have a ton of homework." "...I don't have any free blocks." "...I 
have double chemistry." "...I have third lunch." " . . .D(^^© []i50®[lD(a]§l^. " "...I don't have lunch 
money." "...we get progress reports." "...I didn't study." "...math is lunch block." "...I 

have tw@ tests, three tests, four tests •" "...i have to[f©©aG© © ©[^©©©Od." 

"...I have to make up a test." "...I'm exhausted and sleep deprived." "...I have to write 
an essay during free block." "...I have to give a presentation." "...I have three projects 
due." "...I came in late without a note." "...I forgot my lunch." "...I didn't write my 
English essay." "...I have four tests in a row." "...I'm ready for summer." "...I'm sick." 
"...I can't remember my locker combination." " starts way too early." " 
alarm clock didn't ring." "...I missed the bus." "...I have practice till six." "...I'm re- 
ally cold." " locker is not near any of my classes." " backpack weighs a ton...^^ 

QlODM ft 

JLJ...I am so ready for that test!" " first playoff match is this afternoon." "...I have free 
last block and triple lunch." "...I'm one more day closer until g©[}D(oXo)Q ©DilCal©." "...I'm 
watching a movie in Spanish." "...I did all my homev^ork, so I am going to Starbucks with 
my friends after school." "'s a ©[}D(o)[rS Wednesday." "...the first game of the season is 
tonight" "...We're testing bridges today and I know ours is going to hold up to Holthouse." 
"'s opening night!" "'s IfDmglQlJjy [^[jfl^jgl^S " "...I drop math." "...I don't 
have any tests." "...I got a good night's sleep." " math we get our tests back which I 
know I aced." "...I have free first block and I don't have to do any homework." "...I have 
double free." "...I have no homework so far." "...I don't have practice." "...I got all of my 
homework done." "...we're doing a fun lab in chemistry." "... I can finally drive home." 
"'s Monday and that means there are g](o)(o)(o] [F[r©[jil©[}D [FlTD©© for lunch." "... 
myffBFgQ g]©[IuQ©of the season is tonight." "'s almost the weekend." "...I have first 
lunch." "...there's an assembly." "...I got to school on time." "'s my favorite day of the 
cycle." "...I have triple lunch." "...the deadline date for my history project was pushed a day. -^ 

Presented to Mr. Giurleo on Class Day 

by Camille Rogers & Brad Baldwin, on behalf of the Class of 2009 

Each year, the graduating class identifies one individual who has had a 
significant positive impact on the class and school community to whom 
to dedicate the yearbook. This year, members of the class of 2009 have 
resoundingly selected Mr. Giurleo. 

The first time I saw Mr. Giurleo was at my fourth grade cello recital. Even 
at that young age, I was amazed that the high school music director was 
attending and speaking at my tiny level of the music program. In his witty, 
animated way that I grew to know well, Mr. G emphasized the importance of 
music and the need to keep music programs thriving in Westwood schools. 
He become a fixture at all of my recitals and those of my friends, and 
according to many, he hasn't missed a performance, at any level, since. 
That right there is dedication. 

Mr. G's empire spans over almost everything musical in Westwood. He's 
the K-12 director of performing arts, the department head of the WHS 
performing arts, teaches the WHS concert band, wind ensemble, and piano 
lab, runs the after-school jazz band, oversees the prodigy program, and 
conducts the WHS musical pit band. Basically, if there's live music, you'll 
likely find Mr. G and his baton. 

According to Kathleen Lally, "Mr. G is very knowledgeable about everything 
music, and always tries his hardest to make us better musicians." But 
how did he become so knowledgeable? He received a bachelor of music 
education degree from the University of Lowell in 1964, got his masters 
in music from Boston University, and received the certificate of advanced 
graduate studies in educational leadership from Bridgewater State College. 
He then became the K-12 Coordinator of Music in the Adams-Cheshire 
regional school district for seven years, and went on to become the 
Administrative Director of Music for Dedham for seven years. And then, in 
September of 1984, Mr. Giurleo came to Westwood. ..and the rest is history! 

What is most inspirational about Mr. G. is the enormous amount of faith he 
has in his students and in his program. Laura Anderson says, "He knows that 
most of the kids who walk out of chorus or band class are not going to be 
professional musicians; however, he instills his love of music in all of us." 

He keeps class invigorating with hilarious jokes and stories. Mr. G also takes 
his vigor beyond the classroom. Sami Hamdan says that "He has kept the 
music program running smoothly in the face of many obstacles. In 2007, he 
worked tirelessly to bring orchestra back into the WHS curriculum. Despite 
the burden of budget cuts, Mr. Giurleo has always been the defender of 
musical integrity." 

Overall, Mr. Giurleo's wit, level of involvement, and devotion have been 
unmatched in his time at WHS. 

8 Green Years 

Mary McDonnell says, "You see Mr. G, you smile. He 
makes the shows seem amazing by laughing uproariously 
all the time. His speeches during band concerts are 
phenomenal. He's a good person." 

Elizabeth Haffey says, "He has been a driving force 
behind my positive high school experiences, and more 
than deserves recognition for his passion, great sense of 
humor, and years of hard vv'ork." 

Kevin Boettger says, "His jokes are hilarious. No one Is 
a better motivator; year after year, he has gotten his 
ensembles to perform well." 

Alex Moin says, "He has high expectations of excellence, 
and makes us work to meet them every day. Mr. G's sense 
of humor is unparalleled in any other teacher." 

Hilary Sugg says, "His love of music in contagious and 
has inspired my growth as a musician over these four fun 
years of band." 

Jonathan Neimann says, "He is dedicated to his students 
and creates a learning environment that is both fun and 
successful. He will be greatly missed." 

And somebody anonymously wrote something that the 
class of 2009, a class that makes up more than half the 
wind ensemble, can agree with: "He's the man." 

Congratulations to Mr. G! 

Dedication of the Yearbook 9 



Green Years ] 1 


fS d!> 




<r R 


- -V 

1 2 Green Yeors 


Mr. Antonucci 



Mr. Pefracca 

Director of Business & Finance 

Ms. Green 

Director of Curriculum, Instruction i 
Professional Development 

Ms. Seyffert 

Director of Student Sen/ices 

( Eoglfeiii =^ 

Ms. Kaiser, Director Ms. Grover Ms. Houston Ms. Lamb-Wanucho 

What's your favorite thing about teaching? 

"I love working with my students and seeing 
them grow intellectually. I enjoy seeing their 
faces when they learn something new or figure 
something out when it was very difficult." 

- Ms. Muzi 

"Being around young people all day makes me 
forget how old I really am!" 

- Mr. Ducheneau 

"That moment when a student "gets it,' my senior 
homeroom,... and summer vacation's not bad!" 

- Ms. Potus 

"I like being a witness to the joy of learning. 
When you see students' faces light up as a result 
of what you've done in the classroom, that's 
what does it for me. I also like to think that I am 
helping to make students life long learners by 
developing their intellectual curiosity." 

- Ms. Roberts 

"Seeing students grow and succeed." 

- Mr. Howard 

"My favorite thing about teaching is that it keeps 
me hip to all of the coolest, newest stuff to get 
kids' attention." 

- Mr. Dolleman 

"Students keep it interesting- no two classes are 
ever the same. I laugh every single day. And I 
know that at the end of the day, I did something 
important, because I see students thinking 
and questioning our past and present world 

- Mr. Morelli 

Dr. Eorls, Choir Ms. Brockman Ms. Carey Mr. Chatterton Ms. Felton 

Ms. Hanlon 

Mr. Kaczenski Ms. Kelsch Mr. McGunagle Ms. Troiano 

Ms. Whelan 

Ms. Wilson 


What advice do you have for students? 

"Working hard to do your best almost always pays 
off in everything you do - it's not a 100% guaran- 
tee of success, but it's the best bet you can make." 

- Mr. Hoithouse 

"Regardless of what you have achieved thus far, 
your true potential is in your future." 

- Mr Giurleo 

"Don't just sit there "Bust A Move!" Exercise and 
eating right are key to a healthy life." 

- Mr.Gillis 

"Keep responding positively to the challenges you 
face- in school and in the rest of your life." 

- Dr. Earls 

Ms. Testa Ms. Witzburg Dr. Zarrow 

HAUTE- '^^ „,^ 



,,,(n lU-OE- 





t . . ^"" ^°" CENTRE 




Qi'in :- POOPS 






""""'" AOVER6NE 
<.v.v-.i ■ 'Wf ALPES 




Ms. Wine, Director Mr. Gillis Ms. Peters 

What advice do you have for students? 

"Stay focused and be true to yourself." 

- Ms. Goodloe 

"Work hard, enjoy the moment, and do things that make you happy.." 

- Mr. Mao 

"Be demanding of yourself and strive to do better while realizing life has 
its down turns as well as its highs." 

- Mr. Geary 

"Wear flip-flops at all times in the shower!" 

- Ms. Vogelgesang 

"Get Involved." 

- Ms. Snider 

"Surround yourself with friends who bring out the best in you." 

- Ms. Parks 

"Be your best self, but be your self - and help others do the same." 

- Ms. Kelsch 

Mr. Johnson, Director Ms. Misuta Ms. Sloan 

( Athletfcsr TT'TD 


Ms. Connors Ms. Gushing Ms. Dalton Mr. Halperin Mr. Hatrison 

Ms. Lawless Mr. Mehegan Ms. Raffol Ms. Renfronz 

Ms. Hayes Ms. Lipinski Ms. McHugh Ms. Singleton 




Green Years 19 


•^^ WB^ 

^ \ 

^^■^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ^b^Bi 



20 Green Years 






"I'm looking 
forward to 
a change of 


Will Scannell 
"Vm looking 
forward to new 
and harmonius 

Jason Molly Banis 

Sementelli 'Tm excited 

"I forget how to have new 
it feels to be a upperclassmen 
freshman." role models 

next year." 


about being a 

hlliM^ iTllPM 



No longer bringing home 
a backpack 

Having the same amount 
of work, but doing less 

Abandoning your locker 
for weeks at a time 

Consolidating to just one 

Feeling like every night is 
a Friday night 

Mentally planning to do 
work, but physically not, 
being able to ■ 

Losing textbooks and/or 
forgetting what their 
purpose is (using them as 
paperweights, etc.) 

your favorite 


Joe Maher 

"I miss being drowned 
in uneccessary, but 
interesting, l<nowledge 
by Dr. Zarrow." 

Tommy Coyle and 
Cam Harding 

"Beating l^ledfieid 
In tracl< after eight 

Ryan Walsh 

"My favorite memory 
is playing sports and 
winning the baseball 
state championship 
last year." 

What adVD© 

do you have fbr 


Erin Mulhern 
"Make lots of friends, 
get to know your 
teachers, and use 
resources like math 
sem- it's really 

Alex Gunning 

"Don't be afraid to be 

Arya Sharifzadeh 

"Commit yourself 
100%, keep your 
head up no matter 
what, have fun, and 
do work." 

The Senioi Class 21 


Daniel Abbott 

Daniel Akikie 

<r»s f 

Kathryn Aloisio 

Benjamin Anderson 

Laura Anderson 

Julie Aoude 

Janelle Argiros 

Kaitlin Aries 

22 Green Years 

Mary Bonis 

Shariden Batts 

Barbara Beach 

Amy Bean 

Senior Portraits 23 



Cassandra Brooks 

Laura Brooks 

Abbie Brown 

Ralph Bruno 

24 Green Years 

Sarah Chen 

Jeannie Cheng 

Joshua Cheung 

Eva Christopherson 

Senior Portraits 25 


John Cuozzo 

Danielle Damren 

Colin Davey 

Sarah Dawson 

26 Green Years 

Nilofar Fallah-Sohy 

Tabbytha Ferguson 

James Filbin 

Paul Fitzpatrick 

Senior Portraits 27 

Stephanie Greeley Catherine Greenwood 

Elizabeth Groton 

Marsha Groves 

28 Green Years 



Sami Hamdan 

Yujin Hami 

Hannah Hammond 

Cameron Harding 

Senior Portraits 29 



Julia Kane 

Lauren Kareh 

Paulina Keskinidis 

Alexander Kjellnnan 

30 Green Years 

Anna Koban 

Matthew Koban 

Matthew Kress 

Mary Laughna 

Justin Kucher 

Brendan Leahy 

Justin Lee 

Stuart Leibson 

Anna Lentz 

Senior Portraits 31 

Krista McGinnis 

Matthew McGrath 

Theresa McWatters 

Christina Mealey 

32 Green Years 

Erin Mulhern 

Mariandrea Munar 

Vincent Musto 

Julia Nagle 

Senior Portraits 33 

Amanda Poche 

Caitlin Pond 

Christopher Pond 

Katelyn Raftery 

34 Green Years 

William Sawyer 

Abigail Sayeg 

William Scannell 

Tyler Schock 

Senior Portraits 35 


Molly Shea 

John Sheehan 

John Sleight 

Mox Smith 

36 Green Years 

Matthew Traylor 

Daniel Troy 

Kyle Tucke 

Senior Portraits 37 

Jacob Williams 

Ion Wright 

Tony Xio 

Narayana Yelleswaropu 

38 Green Years 

No Portrait Available For: 

Robert Bambini 

Erica Bowlby 

Justin Dale 

Cassandra Devin 

Victoria Lee 

Kiara Pazan 

Kimberly Pettit 

Evan Rees 

Christopher Rogers 

Katherine Word 

Stephen Zeng 

Matthew Zola 

40 Class Portraits 

\i^^^ H^«.^ Bk>s».^H 

Elizabeth Abraham Christian Adams Christopher Adams Wesley Adams Thomas Ahearn Christopher Anamateros 














Alexander Archambo Mariah Arnold 

Hadi Audi 

MiQ Augis 

Philip Azeredo George Balekjian 

Alexondro Bartholomew Alan Baryudin Morgoux Barzin 

Neha Basu 

Michelle Beatty Mayo Bechoro 

Class Portraits 41 



ft V ' ^P 




Bradford Cushman Claire Daniels ICotheririe Dawson Sarah DeAngelis Jennifer Delio Russo Dylan Demoro 

42 Class Portraits 




do you 

MISS aboyi 

freshman or 
sophomore yean 

Sarah DeAngelis 
"I miss not having 
college stress in the 
beginning of high 
school. Also, we had 
fewer expectations 

Phil Azeredo 

"I miss Ms. Plunkett's 

science class." 

Jennifer LaVoie 

"I miss having people 
older than us, the 
i old seniors, having 
no strict rules, inno- 
cence, and wellness 

To what are you 

forward for 

senior year? 

Becca Morgan 
"I'm looking forward 
to seeing where 
everyone is going to 

James Laughlin 
"I'm looking forward 
to senior week and 
running the show 
next year." 



"I'm looking forward 

to more freedom. 

Senior Assassin, and 



Class Portraits 43 

44 Class Protraits 

\Tf%:'. J."'f; 



Class Portraits 45 

Victor Maccow Jordan MocPherson Lisa Majid Charlotte Malin Caitlin Manning Madeline Martin 

Courtney McLaugtnlin Erin McManus Ries McQuillan Daniel Meaglner Jamce Mictioud David Miiano Mictiael Molcnan 

46 Class Portraits 

Michael Montrond Rebecca Morgan Jacqueline Morra Paige Moscow Dinna Moujahed Sarah Muellers Samantha Mulligan 

Juliane Nguyen Bridget Norris 

Jill O'Brien 

Jack O'Brien Kathryn O'Brien Olivia O'Leary Christina Papianou 

I " 



Class Portraits 47 

Hannah Park 

Alisha Patel 

Penelope Pease Joseph Pellegrini 

Paul Pender 


Brian Perkins 

Jennie Power Matthew Powers Olivia Powers 

Joel Priestley 

Mark Prokes 

Anna Ribas 

Kelly Rich 

Madeline Randolph Madison Rou 



Allison Ristaino Christopher Robertson Christopher Rodenbush 

48 Class Portraits 


Tao Guo 

"The pressure 
is intense 
with colleges, 
SATs, grades, 
interviews, GPA, 

Casey Smith 

"There is 
more pressure 
because you 
finally realize 
that every 
grade counts to 
get you into the 
right college for 

Alisha Patel 

'It's really not 
bad at all, the 
year is much 
better than 
I thought it 
would be." 


"Junior year 
is ridiculously 
intense, it's 
definitely more 
stressful than 
our last two 


'It is really hard 
to deal with 
at first, but 
you figure out 
how to balance 


"Junior year 
is incredibly 
stressful, but 
friends' encour- 
agement eases 
a lot of the 


Class Portraits 49 



Class Portraits 51 


Davieson Annis Anthony Antonellis Colin Arnpriesfer 

Kevin Gavir Va'a ^-ecrgakhs Kafhryn Gilliland f^o'e Ginsberg Benjamin Closer Joshua Goldberg 

54 Class Portrai' 


A .a. 





Jacqueline Henry Tommy Hu 

Ale>ori.;lh:i J^jiii 

56 Class Portraits 

' } 

Michelle Grimaud Michael Hallion Edward Han Morrrigton tJicholas Hawes Alexander Meier Keelin Henderson 

Hillary Hui Matthew Hurle/ 

Jacob Indursky Daquira Ingram 

Louis Jacob, Matthew Jessup Eliza Kaplan Sydney Kaplan Katelyn Keone Mahr-U-Niso Khan 

Ashley Littlejohn Samantha Liu Katharine Loiocono Kenneth Long Joseph Lupica Patricl< Lyons Mocston Moccow 


Class Portraits 57 


LcxDking ahead to 

Fahad Munir Stephanie Murphy Erica Nagle 

58 Class Protraits 

m m m How 

do you 

Steve O'Leary Hani Singer Eliza Kaplan 

'1 probably "Sometimes "1 almost 

spend equal I practice my always go to 

amounts of instrument, the library to do 

time doing my but usually I homework and 

homework in hang out with talk with my 

the library and friends." friends." 

spend equal I practici 

amounts of instrume 

time doing my but usua 
homework in hang oul 

the library and friends." 
hanging out 
with friends in 
the caf." 


Class Portraits 59 


Anthony Sadler Shayan Salam Maiek Sayegh Leah Schroeder 

60 Class Portraits 





"My favorite 

Bobby McGee 

"One of my 
favorite memo- 


S^t^'^ ^:^'^ fr^"' SOPHOMORE^' 

year, especially baseball team ^^^ ^^ ^^ 

all of our pasta was state ^L.^ ^^" M^ ^^% ^^ 

champions last 


Bev Kwong 

"My favorite 
memory is 
hanging out 
with friends 
during frees 
and being able 
to eat lunch 

Erin Curran 

"My favorite 
memories are 
Papa Gino's 
dinners with 
swim team and 
dress up days." 

Eric Dahl 

"My favorite 
memory is 
swim season, 
especially when 
we won our first 
meet in over 
four years." 

Shane Troy 
and Anthony 
"Our fevorite 
memory is 
ski team with 
Coach Grover, 
and making 


Class Portraits 61 


Patrick Walsh 

Cody Whalen 

Erin Young 

Melon. e Zohko 

No Portrait Available for 

Sarah Biron 
Eddy Castillo 
■iicholas Elliot 
:,hannon Hogan 
:ophie Karpf 
Gregory Keene 
John McCarthy 
Conor Murphy 
■ enneth Reismann 
Patrick Scannell 
Williom Spear 
Erica Sweeney 
Dylan Walsh 

f^ ■ 



„_ / 


62 Class Portraits 




^^L. flM K^^ ^^k '^k I 

Tina Abijaoude Catherine Abrohom Derin Ahigian Sarah Angelici Emma Archambo Alexis Argiros 

H V u 


do you 

about being a 

.^3 P 

Dein-- " 

'I really enjoy the 
freedom and getting 
to eat outside." 

Nora Smith 
"I like the freedom 
and bigger locicers. I 
hate 3rd lunch, and 
when I still get lost. 

'lich,-icl Kfane 
"I like all the free- 
dom, Latin class is 
fun. I dislike all the 
projects and essays." 

" I like the lunch 
schedule, and all the 
freedom, I don't like 
the harder work." 



""»" noicgnore 
"Hike the rotating 
schedule, ifs nice 
not having the same 
blocks everyday." 



" V\fe love ceram- = as 

ics with Ms.Lamb, 
and wellness with 
Ms.Peters. We don't 
like all the Home- 




Class Portraits 67 


Peter Halkett 

Carol Han Thomas Honley Victoria Harding Alycen Harney Jonathan Harper Camille Harrington 

Samuel Harris Terrence Harris-Hughes Lee Hatfield Brian Hedal tJicholas Henderson Sarah Hogan Anne Husted 

Kaitlin Hutchinson Rosemarie Jenks William Jennings Knstme Key Michael Keane Abigail Keaveney Samantha Keene 

68 Class Portraits 


Gabriel Morkarian Bryan McCarthy 

Madeline McDonald 

Richard McDonough 





^Kv - J|B 


Wf iM 

A ^ 

'H J3||f 



Laura McHoul Scott McKenna Alexandra McLaughlin Brendan McLaughlin 

Alicia Mcleod Dylan McManus Ryan McNulty Alexandra Mealey 

Siobhon Moylan Matthew Muellers Gregory Murray ^evin Nangeroni 

70 Class Protraits 


"I'm looking "FREES!! You 'Tm lool<ing forward 

forward to not can do whatever to a fresh start, 
being a Fresh- you want... like and I can't wait for 
man anymore, dancing in the Volleyball!" 
and I can't wait hallway." 
for Cheerlead- 
ing to start 



Portraits 73 

Euripidii iar.ei, Nathaniel Teebagy Callo Tibei 

Elizabeth Trakas Keiro Trovers Theodore Treon Christopher Tso 


74 Class Portraits 


CHANGE from 

Nf.-rnj n.Tsii 

"I like High School 
a lot more than I 
liked Middle School. 
There's more freedom 
and ifs more excit- 

"I like High School 
so much more. You 
have more freedom, 
and I like choosing 
an elective. I didn't 
think the change v\/as 

"At first the transition 
was difficult because 
I didn't know where 
to go and had a lot of 
home work but it's all 
good now!" 

What are your 


fiDtn this school year? 

"My favorite memory 
is making the var- 
sity tennis team, I 
thought I would make 
the JV team, when 
the coach told me 
I was shocked and 

" My favorite memory 
from this year, is play- 
ign volleyball, the 
team was so much 

Sara Laughlln 
"Playing high school 



Class Portraits 75 


Student council is comprised of a group 
of students from each grade who put 
hard work and creative energy into plan- 
ning the school's social agenda. The council 
has weekly meetings, run by the officers, at 
which members plan and execute the up- 
coming events. Some of the highlights of 
2009 include: the homecoming dance and 
spirit week, two spirited pep rallies, a black 
and white dance, two tee-shirt drives, a 
candy cane fundraiser to benefit the West- 
wood Community Chest, and the return of 
Firemen's Foam. 










Site Council 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Caitlin Manning, Emily McGrail, Nikki Pettit, Shannon Hogan, Mrs. 
Rosengarten, Mrs. Lawless BACK ROW: Danielle Stein, Sarah DeAngelis, Annie Qin, 
Paige Moscow, Amy Bean, Tony Xia, Afsheen Sharifzadeh, Arya Sharifzadeh, Mike 
Chirokas, Anthony Antonellis, Matt Levine, Johnny McDonald NOT PICTURED: Nilo 
Fallah-Sohy, Kathryn Martin 

The Site Council's primary role is to dis- 
cuss and present issues at WHS and cre- 
ate school improvement plans. The council 
consists of an elected committee, containing 
students, teachers, parents, and the school 
resource officer, who serve as advisors to the 


Sanna Huang, Stephen Zeng and Victona Lee 

76 Green Years 


Legislative Council 

As elected representatives of the Westwood High School community, 
Legislative Council members have important roles to play. These dedi- 
cated students meet during their lunches to discuss important school is- 
sues and see how they can improve aspects of the school community. 
This year, the Legislative Council has achieved many accomplishments, 
such as, changing the amount of time kids have to appeal disciplinary 
actions with Judicial Council. The Student Advisory Board consists of the 
students from Legislative Council. This year the SAB helped organize Di- 
versity Day as part of Social Awareness Month, and worked with SADD to 
present a pre-prom assembly. 

"I really like 
getting involved 
v/1th planning the 
school-wide events 
and it's a good feeling 
when they are suc- 
cessful, and everyone 
comes to them." 
- Danielle Stein 


Judicial Council is the place to go 
when a student wants to appeal 
a disciplinary action. It is comprised 
of both students and teachers who 
listen to the student's case, considers 
the circumstances, and then makes a 
ruling on the specific issue. Whatever 
decision is passed needs the support 
of a two-thirds majority vote. 

Nina Shapiro, Casey McLaughlin and J.T. 
Kelly, Joe Cushman, Jessica Burns, Shane 
Troy, Kyle Brew, Nick Citrone Lana Sharuk 

STUDENTS of LEG. COUNCIL: Nicole Campion, Patrick Maher, Erica 
Nangeroni, Rebecca McClellan, Greg Thompson, Hannah Park, Jimmy Loo- 
ney, Manna Shkuratov, Delaney Russell, Erica Sweeney, Sean Broderick, 
Molly McLaughlin, Sarah Chen, Jake Indursky 

"At Legislative 
council we think 
of ways to improve 
the school commu- 
nity. 1 enjoy it because 
students and teachers 
collaborate to discuss 
real issues." 
- Sean Broderick 

Junior Class Officers 

L-R: Greg Thompson- President, Arya Sharifzadeh- Vice President, Matt Burke- 
Treasurer, Danielle Damren- Secretary ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

bopnomore Class Officers 

L-R: Sean Broderick- President, Mike Chirokas- Vice President, Paul Pender- 
Treasurer, Bev Cheng- Secretary 

Freshman Class Officers 

"Judicial Council is 

a great resource 

where students can 

have a say in how the 

justice system works at 


- Nina Shapiro 



L-R: Jake Indursky- President, Matt Levine- Vice President, Ullas Rao- Treasurer, 
^^nne Lally- Secretary ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ 

L-R: Delaney Russel- President, Abigail Keaveney- Vice President, Justin Mag^ -.1- 
Jieasurer, Annie Craig- Secretary 

Clubs 77 

Alex Young is excited, 

showing one of the models 

for demonstration on the 

bus to one of Math 

Team's big meets. 

Paige Moscow 

shows-off two 

of the books that 

the Junior Book Club 

read this year 

The Mock Trials crew 
strategizes for an upcom- 
ing case. Senior Afsheen 
Sharifzadeh, looking official 
with his trusty clipboard, 
has no problem keeping his 
teammates' attention. 

78 Green Years 

No Parenthesis 


No Parenthesis is a literary and arts magazine, published every year, 
which features the works of Westwood High School students from 
every grade. The magazine staff is comprised of a team of enthusias- 
tic students who convene in Ms. Brackman's room each month to pour 
through piles of poems, artworks, and short stories submitted on be- 
half of the student-authors, by teachers from the English and art de- 
partments. The team works from September until May to complete the 
magazine. In addition to selecting which works will be included in the 
publication, staff members edit, organize, layout the content, and ready 
the magazine for publication. The glossy finished volumes are on sale 

each spring. 

(L-R): Allie Wittich, Afsheen Sharifzadeh, Annie Qin, Ms. Brackman, Beverly Cheng, 
Emma Krause, Ann Sheehan, Lauren Drew 

National Art Honor Society 

National Art Honor Society works towards Project Empty Bowls, a 
fundraiser held every year to benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank. 
Each year students make ceramic pieces like bowls, tiles, or sculptures, 
in addition, they also make cards to give away, as well. At the Empty 
Bowls event, people get to take home a piece of student art work and 
get a bowl of ice cream in exchange for making a donation to the Great- 
er Boston Food Bank. Members are invited to join NANS by art faculty. 

^ONT ROW (L-R): Krishna Yelleswarapu, Sarah Mueller, Gabi Messina, Ms. Lamb-Wa- 
jcha, Sarah Cucchiara, Katie Glover, Gate Nesbitt, Ms. Grover SECOND ROW: Annie 
in, Maddie Craig, Bev Cheng, Emma Krause, Julia Nagle, Kate Aloisio, Juliane Nguyen, 
ia Augis, Amy Friel, Meaghan Winn, Erica Nagle BACK ROW: Stephen Zeng, Venkata 
;lleswarapu, Krista McGinnis, Greg Thompson, Yujin Hamill, Kylie Blizzard, Ariel Bornstein 


fa can give back to 

le community by 
ilsing money while 
so doing something I 

-Maddie Craig 

Clubs 79 

Academic Decathalon 

Members of Academic decathlon compete 
against teams from across the state, draw- 
ing on their knowledge of a wide range of top- 
ics from art and music, to history and science. 
The club prepares for competition in a variety of 
ways, including taking tests, reading passages, 
or watching videos and listening to soundtracks. 
At competitions, in addition to responding to 
standard test format questions, students com- 
pete in speech and interview categories. 




lets me ^ 
broader understand- 
ing than what we just 
■^'^^ '- "-'-'ory class" 



«=.. I. Academic 
on's a fun learning 
ment and it can 
•later on in life.' 

■ Stuart LeiDson 

80 Green Years 

Robotics Club 

Ready, Set, Build! Robotics Club prides itself 
on building a completely student-created ro- 
bot that goes to intense competition in Boston in 
March. The beginning of the year is spent build- 
ing minor robots which enhance skills in specific 
areas of engineering, while simultaneously fos- 
tering a sense of community and helping stu- 
dents learn the value of gracious professional- 
ism. This year the WW robot did exceptionally 
well at the FIRST Robotics Regional Competition 
in Boston. The team placed Uth and lost in the 
quarter finals. It had to compete in a "game are- 
na" where the object was to get the most balls 
into a certain area. 


-Michael Lannum 








H.'^ J 








^^ ^H 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Ehren Wong, Julian Zamudio-Herrera BACK ROW: Alex Young, 
Don Liang, Thomas McNulty, Xander Ventola, Chris SuilivanTrainor, Michael Burton, 
Mr. Holthouse, Laura Anderson, Rebecca McClellan NOT PICTURED: Chris Graves, 
Anokhee Mepani, Kate Aloisio 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Joe Leibson, Jacky Martin, Sarina Huang, Julian Zamudio, Ravi 
Yelleswarapu BACK ROW: Stuart Leibson, Kyle Brew, Kathryn Martin, Afsheen 
Sharifzadeh, Camille Rogers, Sam Boosalis, Mr Dore NOT PICTURED: Walker Wells 

Clubs 81 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Barbara Beach, James BerlutI, Colleen Zapcic MIDDLE ROW: 
Elena Maimonis, Samantha DeTore, Tina Wigozki, David Decenzo, Emily McGrail, 
Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Kelly Rich BACK ROW: Harry Clapsis, David VonEuw, Patrick 
Singleton, Melanie Zahka, Nina Shapiro, Matthew Venti 

82 Green Years 



SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisions - is a national organi- 
zation which worl<s to inform and advise students about destructive 
decisions such as drunk driving. The Westwood Chapter, newly under 
^ the direction of Mr. Morelli, began shaping programs, such as poster 
■ campaigns, to educate the Westwood student community. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Mr Morelli, Lucie Montgomery, Jessica Burns, Kyiie Blizzard, 
Shayan Salam, Kyle Fedorowicz, Samantha DeTore 

Amnesty International 

Amnesty International Is a world wide col- 
laboration of people dedicated to promoting 
human rights, especially where justice, free- 
dom and dignity are denied. The group at WHS 
participates in write-a-thons, to peacefully ad- 
vocate. The club also participates at the "abun- 
dant Table," a soup kitchen where adults with 
disabilities make necklaces to profit women in 
Uganda. Amnesty sells these necklaces during 
lunch blocks. Amnesty's goal is to raise aware- 
ness about issues and to start taking action to 
give the world a better future. 

Best Buddies 

Best Buddies is an organization designed to pro- 
mote friendships between high school students 
and the students in the TEC and other special edu- 
cation programs. Together, the students play bas- 
ketball, baseball, board games, take field trips and 
hang out. During a typical meeting, students start 
by coming together and finding a friend with whom 
to play a game or simply talk, and later move to the 
gym or outside to play sports or games. This year. 
Best Buddies has raised money for a trip to the New 
England Aquarium and Quincy Market along with 
participating in the Best Buddies prom in Franklin. 
The club provides a great opportunity to make spe- 
cial and one-of-a-kind friendships. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Yona Hamill SECOND ROW: Sammi Nassiff, Annie Shea, Nicole 
Campion, Julia Kane, Annie Heffenrelfer THIRD ROW: Katelyn Vivian, Michael San- 
tiago FOURTH ROW: Adam Shipp, Leah Schroder, Sophie Karpf, Shane Troy, Patrick 
Albert, Alexa Verni, Lori McTernan, Amanda Fabio, Adam Biales LAST ROW: Matt 
Donlon, Johnathan Leary, Mary McQuiad, Joe Anderson, Amy Bean, Camille Rogers, 
Gigi Hutt, Kate Vanesse, Daniel Macht 

84 Green Years 

Key Club 

Key Club sets itself apart from many other af- 
ter school activities at WHS because its main 
goal is to give back to the community. The Key 
Club plans service activities and distributes in- 
formation about various activities that kids can 
get involved in. It is a fun and interactive way for 
students to gain community service hours, that 
they can complete with their friends, and meet 
new people in doing so. This year one of the 
club's big events was participating in the Walk 
For Hunger in Boston. 

KEY CLUB MEMBERS: Danielle Damren, John Sleight, 
Julie Moloy, Cara Henderson, Allyson Dwan, Caltlin 
Adamakis, Nicole Lania, Yalsa Rostamnezhad, Juliana 
Ucuz, Leah Lessard, Megan Isberg, Toni Harding, 
Leigh Ronan, Erica NangeronI, Francesca DIBenedictis, 
Keelln Henderson, Michael Burton, Caitlln Delorey, 
Erica Sweeney, Fahad Munlr, Ravi Yelleswarapu, Jullane 
Nguyen, Julia Bornstein, Calla Tiberl, Tenna Launle, 
Michelle Milano, Lucy Fan, Tim Lally, Yuanwen Liang, 
Misha Beatty, Annie Qln, Ullas Rao, Leigha Valentine 
Jennifer Dello-Russo, Paige Moscow 







\ I 



"'>k< br* 


• Leigha Valentine 


:iubi 85 


chance to cnaiienge 
myself, while meet- 
ing new people. It 
also teaches me new 
-Marina ShkuratDv 

Math Team 

Math Team is a fun club in which students 
focus on their mathematics skills while 
competing amongst students from several dif- 
ferent high schools. Westwood's is a Division 
Two team and practices and prepares dilegently 
to get ready for competitions. The club mem- 
bers challenge each other, and push themselves 
to increase the intensity level of the problems 
they attempt, and decrease the amount of time 
it takes them to solve them. At competitions 
they race against other schools complete prob- 
lem sets. 

MATH TEAM MEMBERS: Marina Shkuratov, Tony Xia, 
Krishna Yelleswarapu, Ravi Yelleswarapu, Allison Lim, 
Stephen Zeng, Nina Zafar, Jeannie Cheng, Adam Walker, 
Sanna Huang, Stephen Weinrich, Chris Tso 

86 Green Years 

Science Team 


he Science Team provides students tlie op- 
portunity to participate in competitions and 
interact with students from other schools while 
exploring their interest in science. Students 
demonstrate their abilities, and expand on their 
knowledge through such challenges as building 
robots and cantilevered structures, and cultivat- 
ing DNA. Though it is a competitive environment, 
it is also very welcoming of new members, and 
a great place to expand your knowledge in the 
scientific fields of study 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Sarina Huang, Jacky Martin, Stephen Zeng, Don Liang, Ehren 
Wong MIDDLE ROW: Vincent Musto, Omar Hadzipasic, Tony Xia BACK ROW: Ms. 
Potus, Mr. Geary, Ravi Yelleswarapu, Stephen Weinrich, Krishna Yelleswarapu, Adam 
Walker, John Cuozzo, Nadeem Istfan, Alex Young 

A' * 



Clubs 87 

Passing Notes 

Green Years 


Jazz Band 

Jazz band is an extracurricular activity that 
meets one night every week. It is a selec- 
tive band, for w/hich members must audition 
to be accepted. Led by Mr. Giurleo, students 
perform rock, jazz, funk and other popular 
music styles. This year they performed at both 
the spring and winter concerts. One of their 
most popular songs is "Play that Funky Mu- 
sic White Boy", which usually gets the whole 
crowd singing along. Additionally, Jazz Band 
performed at Encounters with the Arts and 
concerts for community groups. 

Spanish Club 

El Club de Espanol Is a fun club where mem- 
bers diversify their global knowledge of 
Spanish-speaking countries. They watch cultural 
movies, and American movies in Spanish, and go 
out to Spanish speaking restaurants. Addition- 
ally, they have pen pals in both Spain and Ecua- 
dor This spring some Spanish Club members ran 
a "mini course" at the Martha Jones Elementary 
School, where they taught kindergarten through 
second grade Spanish. This fall, Spanish Club 
created and distributed a literary newspaper 
about Spain in which members wrote about a 
variety of topics. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Jennifer Lavoie, Rebecca Morgan MIDDLE ROW: Camiile Har- 
rington, Holly Griffin, Aliyson Dwan, Samantha DeTore, Cara Henderson, Michelle 
Whelan, Nicole Fiorino, Megan Porter, Kathleen Harrington, Samantha Mulligan BACK 
ROW: Ms. Testa, Matt Hurley, Jessica Burns, Danielle Stein, Xander Ventola, Erin 
O'Connor, Amy Friel NOT PICTURED: Katie Glover, Alisha Patel, Erin King, Sarah 
— Cucchiara 

Foreign Language 

The Foreign Language Honor Society awards 
membership to recognize students' excep- 
tional achievement in a foreign language. Stu- 
dents are invited to become members after their 
sophomore year based on their performance in 
either Spanish, French, or Latin. This past fall 
members were inducted and recognized, dur- 
ing the National Foreign Language Week. The 
Foreign Language department teachers hosted 
the ceremonies, and many gave speeches and 
congratulated the new inductees. 

LATIN: Mariah Arnold, Alan Baryudin, Amy Bean, Sean Broderick, Michael Burton, Audra Cabey, Nastasha 
Casale, Kelly Casey, Corey Christian, Nicholas Citrone, Bradford Cushnnan, Michelle Farrell, Matthew Ferren, Russell Gutterson, 
Chandler Hall, Andrew Ju, John tally, Catherine Loftus, Courtney McLaughlin, Paige Moscow, Bridget Norris, Alisha Patel, 
Ashley Riordan, Rian Rossetti, Arya Sharifzadeh, John Trakas, Robert Ventura, Michelle Whelan FRENCH: Benjamin Anderson, 
Mia Augis, George Balekjian, Michelle Beatty, Sam Boosalis, Michael Burton, Nicole Campion, Kelly Casey, John Cuozzo, Nilo 
Fallah-Sohy, Rebecca Gentilli, Elizabeth Haffey, Hannah Hammond, Melissa Haughn, Nadeem Istfan, John Kelly, Emma Krause, 
John Lally, James Looney, Charlotte Malin, John Massad, Rebecca McClellan, John McDonald, Mary McDonnell, Anokhee 
Mepani, Julie Moloy, Jacqueline Morra, Sarah Muellers, Erica Nangeroni, Evan Rees, Camille Rogers, Neggin Rostamnezhad, 
John Sheehan, Hilary Sugg, Elizabeth Teebagy, Robert Ventura, Adam Walker, Allison Wittch, Knshna Yelleswarapu, Ravitheja 
lelleswarapu SPANISH: Juniors - Elizabeth Abraham, Thomas Ahearn, Manah Arnold, Philip Azeredo, Patrick Bowler, Dan- 
ielle Bradley, Sean Broderick, Audra Cabey, Corey Christian, Bradford Cushman, Sarah DeAngelis, Kelly Donlon, Lauren Drew, 
Malachy Duffy, Matthew Ferren, Kathleen Harrington, Cara Henderson, Lambsey Hoang, Sarina Huang, Alexander Kessler, Erin 
King, Jennifer Lavoie, Allison Lim, Catherine Loftus, Courtney McLaughlin, Ries McQuillan, Rebecca Morgan, Paige Moscow, 
Samantha Mulligan, Bridget Murphy, Bridget Norris, Juliane Nguyen, Olivia O'Leary, Christina Papianou, Paul Pender, Brian 
Perkins, Olivia Powers, Annie Qin, Ashley Riordan, Allison Ristaino, Adnenne Rose, Rian Rossetti, Nina Shapiro, Rachel Stanke, 
Frederick Tonsberg, Jr, Alexander Ventola, Madeline Walsh, Stephen Weinreich, Michelle Whelan, Meaghan Winn Seniors - 
Daniel Abbott, Janelle Argiros, Amy Bean, Angelica Belezos, Kevin Boettger, Andrew Boylan, Kyle Brew, Matthew Burke, Sarah 
Chen, Joshua Cheung, Eva Christopherson, Hannah Cohn, Brendan Crowe, Danielle Damren, Scott Deslisle, Cassandra Devin, 
Arianna DiBenedetto , Jamie Doyle, James Drew, Michael Fafara, Jennifer Franchi, Christopher Graves, Catherine Greenwood, 
Amy Halkett, Sami Hamdan, Yujin Hamill, Melanie Hedal, Joseph Hiltz-Maher, Abigail Holler, Anna Koban, Matthew Koban, 
Mary Laughna, Victoria Lee, Stuart Leibson, Anna Lentz, Patrick Maher, Krista McGinnis, Matthew McGrath, Brian Molloy, Vin- 
cent Musto, Erin Nanna, Gary Novoson, Cynthia O'Brien, Katelyn Raftery, Alan Royer, Matthew Sawyer, All Schroeder, Michelle 
Shang, Afsheen Sharifzadeh, Arya Sharifzadeh, Lana Sharuk, Molly Shea, Stephanie Sukennik, Kathryn Sullivan-Trainor, Ryan 
Walsh, Brooke Whalen, Kara Wiggin, Jacob Williams, Ian, Wright, Tony XIa, Stephen Zeng, Matthew Zola ^^ 


Collegivm Latinvm 

New to Westwood High School this year, Collegivm Latinvm had a suc- 
cessful and enjoyable year. Compromised of both students who take 
Latin class and those who don't, it unites all those who are interested 
in learning more about Roman culture and lifestyle. Meetings generally 
begin with Dr Zarrow talking about what they might do. Then they may 
watch a movie or engage in more rigorous activities. The highlight of the 
year for many members of Latin Club was the Chariot Race, where they 
built a chariot with four "horses," and they brought it outside to race in 
the school parking lot as bystanders looked on in both confusion and ad- 
miration. Students took turns riding the chariot and pulling the chariot, 
and some even dressed in costume. Latin Club is looking forward to a 
fun year next year as well, filled with new projects and activities! 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Mike Chirokas, Matt Ferren, Alison Murplny, Michelle Wlielan, Alislna 
Patel, Rebecca McClellan BACK ROW: Dr Zarrow, Robert Ventura, Matt Kenney, Kevin 
Luc, Adam Wall<er, Dylan Demora, John Trakas, Chandler Hall, Brad Cushman, J.T. Kelly 

Mock Trials 



where 1 can experience 
what it would be like to 
be a witness to a crime 
or a lawyer cross-exam- 
ining another witness. 
That's something that I 
think is cool." 

-George Balekjian 

Students at WHS interested In criminal justice and other areas of law 
test their reasoning and rhetoric skills as members of the Mock Tri- 
als Team. They prepare arguments for both the prosecution and the 
defense of a case, not knowing which one the will they be challenged 
to present until the day of the trial. Their goals are to practice hard and 
study to be prepared for the three trials they attend In real courtrooms 
and run by practicing judges at Stoughton District Court. The case they 
dealt with this year was a murder surrounding an Iraqi War Veteran who 
se plea was insanity due to post traumatic stress syndrome. For two of 
the three trials, the WHS team argued the prosecution. This year Mock 
Trials won one of their three matches, and had a great time doing It. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Tony Xia, Neggin Rostamnezhad, Afsheen Sharifzadeh, Marina 
Shkuratov BACK ROW: Allison Lim, Gary Novoson, John Trakas, Adam Walker, Justin 
Lee, J.T. Kelly NOT PICTURED: George Balekjian, Denisa Ikonomi, Anokhee Mepani, 
Arya Sharifzadeh, Sami Hamdan, Matthew Werth, Bele Wariboko, Jing Li 

The Wesfwood Wire 

Each month, the Westwood Wire staff produces a newspaper covering 
a variety of topics. During meetings, members discuss and select top- 
ics to be included in the paper. Once members complete their articles, 
the staff meets again to edit and finalize their articles. The Westwood 
Wire Is the compilation of each member's hard work and passion for writ- 
ing. This year, the paper has featured articles on topics such as sports, 
theater and school happenings. It strives to keep the school updated on 
current events while providing entertainment for readers. 

FRONT ROW/ (L-R): Allison Lim, Steven McCarthy, Sarina Huang, Anokh Palakurthi, 
Will Scarpa, A.J. Sadler, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Marina Shkuratov, Caitlin DeLorey, 
Ms. Whelan, Ms. Aykanian NOT PICTURED: Julia Kane, Nicole Lania, Kathryn Gil- 
\liland, Justin Lee, Sam Boosalis, Anthony Antonellis, Nick Qtrone, Arya SharifZadeh 

Clubs 93 


Juggling Club 

The Juggling Club centers around the art form 
of juggling. The club is driven by the talents i 
and enthusiasm of founders Matthew Werth and 
Joshua Cheung. They are constantly learning 
new tricks, stunts, and skills which they perform 
at school functions and events and share with 
new members. Josh and Matt have been a staple 
at past pep rallies, diversity day, and other local 
events in Westwood. Members meet weekly to ' 
learn and polish new yo-yo tricks. The club wel- 
comes both experienced and new yo-yo'ers who 
are interested in the art. Matt and Josh's rou- 
tines are always creative, innovative, and keep , 
the crowd very entertained. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Sami Hamdan, Matthew Werth, Joshua Cheung, Sam Boosalis, 
Victoria Lee MIDDLE ROW: Christopher Sullivan-Trainor, Stephen Zeng, Shannon Mc- 
Carthy, Ryan McCarthy BACK ROW: Mark Prokes, Elidi Chan, Matthew Muellers, Bele 
Wariboko, Alanna Rasl<in, Narayana Yelleswarapu, Lisa Majid 

94 Green Years 


Encouraging a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and protecting 
our fragile environment from pollution are the goals of Ecolibrium, or 
EcoClub. This club is comprised of a group of driven students working 
to make our planet a better place. The group is tight knit in its quest for 
a greener world. During meetings, this club discusses current problems 
with the environment and finds ways they can help fix them. However, 
the members do far more than just talk about the issues- they set out 
and take action! EcoClub has participated in write-a-thons, arranged the 
"Will It Recycle?" campaign, introduced teracycle boxes in the cafeteria 
and contributed in clean-ups. Their continual goal is to make the world 
we all live in a better, greener, and more eco-effective environment. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Sami Hamdan, Matt Muellers, Sarah Muellers, Julian Zamudio- 
Herrera, Jacqui Morra, Lisa Majid, Kathryn Gilliland, Sabrina Farley, Mrs. Maresh 

Debate Club 

The goals of Debate Club are to develop criti- 
cal thinking and commnunication skills, and 
to develop the ability to construct effective ar- 
guments. The group meets in the evenings to 
discuss a wide variety of topics and practice both 
formal and informal debate. This club is both fun 
and educational with real world applications. 


Shayan Salam, Will Spears, Jake Indursky, Eric Dahl, 

Delaney Russell, Matt Haddad 


Anime Club 

The Anime Club strives to learn about Japa- 
nese culture by watching Anime, reading 
Manga and learning about traditions within the 
culture. This year Anime Club started a new 
tradition, by picking a new theme anime every 
month. Anime Boston is the big event club mem- 
bers look forward to where people dress up, and 
you can purchase Manga and anime memora- 
bilia. Learning about a new culture and art form 
is fun. Watching Anime is only part of the experi- 
ence. It lis also about making best friends, and 
having fun. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Kathryn Gilliland, Shannon McCarthy, Ada Wong, Ehren Wong, 
Jenny Young, Becky Farley MIDDLE ROW: Sabrina Farley, Sarah Muellers, Lisa Majid, 
Taolun Guo BACK ROW: Alex Yong, Jason DeMarinis, Mark Prokes, Matt Mullers, 
Thomas Mandeville NOT PICTURED Dorian Oberstein, Julian Zamudio, Peter Cam- 
^ pion, Jacky Martin, Brianna Bates, Hilary Hui, Don Liang, Emily Bailakis 

. t me Closer to 
lie I did not know 

Shannon McCarthy 

Photography Club 

Photography club brings kids from every grade 
together, with many different interests, 
personalities, and extracurricular activities, 
but with one common interest-- Photos! Every 
week the members are assigned various topics 
of what to take pictures of, to challenge them- 
selves. Then at the next meeting they review 
the pictures on the projector, and give con- 1 
structive criticism. This year Photo Club took 
pictures for "No Parenthesis", Westwood Wire, 
the Westwood fiscal report, and Art and Nature 
in Westwood. A Westwood inspired calendar. Ad- 
ditionally they went on fieldtrips to local ponds, 
farms, and Hale Reservation. 

ENJOY " ' ^ 

to imf>reve my eye. It 
is a way to express my- 
self with art because 
I have no drawing or 

-Matt Hurley 



96 Green Years 

The Gay-Straight-Alliance strives to create a more accepting environ- 
ment for ever/one, regardless of sexual orientation or gender iden- 
tity. This year they hosted The Day of Silence, which is when students 
choose not to speak for an entire school day to represent the impact it 
has when someone is forced to keep quiet about who they really are. 
This courageous act shows the oppression that many young people have 
to face, because they are not welcomed in their community for being 
who they are. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Alisha Patel, Peter Campion, Shannon McCarthy, Sarah Muellers, Amy Bean, Kathryn Gillian, 
Allison Ristaino, Lisa Majid, Lizzie Mason Mrs. Poreda MIDDLE ROW: Sarah Muellers, Scott Delisle, Mr. Chatterton, 
Mr. Howard, Mr Mao BACK ROW: Jaqui Morra, Ms. Witzberg NOT PICTURED: Bridget Murphy 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Michael Sharry BACK ROW: Brad Baldwin, Amy Friel, Gabi Mes- 
sina, Danielle Stein, Katie Sullivan-Trainor NOT PICTURED: Matt Hurley, Lauren Drew, 
Emma Krause 

Clubs 97 

Westwood Ambassadors 

Westwood Ambassadors represent the 
WHS community and serve as role 
models to the incoming freshmen and other 
new students. They went down to the middle 
school in February to help out with course 
selections, and then gave tours of the high 
school in June. Additionally, they had a Holi- 
day Party to welcome students who were new 
to Westwood High School; they paired up and 
built gingerbread houses together. 


-Kara Belinsky 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Maggie Barzin, Sarah Cucchiara, Alexandra Mealey, Victoria 
Harding, Allyson Dwan MIDDLE ROW: Chad Giacchetto, Nicky Pettit, Anne Lally, 
Christina Koutris, Lambsey Hoang, Rebecca McClellan, Bridget Norris, Colleen 
Laughter, Angelica Belezos, Juliane Nguyen, Patrick Mahr, Ms. Bowe, James Berluti, 
Jamie Doyle, Casey Smith, Becca Morgan, Kelley Steeves, Rachel Berluti, Kara 
Belinsky BACK ROW: Casey McLaughlin 

Junior Book Club 

Formulated in the hopes of fostering a love for 
reading, the Junior Book Club has certainly 
achieved their goal this year. Under the guid- 
ance of Ms.Brackman and Ms.Whelan, members 
of the club read a critically acclaimed book each 
term and come together to discuss it. Students 
exude excitement, energy, and passion while 
discussing their books and many find that read- 
ing actually can be fun! This year's books include 
Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt, The Book Thief 
by Marcus Zusak, Hot Shots and Heavy Hits by 
Paul E. Doyle, and The Good Earth by Pearl S. 

98 Green Years 

FRONT ROW (L-R): J.T Kelly Ms. Brackman, Kathleen Harrington, Misha Beatty, Alisha Patel, Allison Urn, 
Cara Henderson, Alison Murphy, Courtney McLaughlin, Paige Moscow, Kelsey Hession, Annie Qin, Emma 
Krause, Penny Pease BACK ROW: Sarah Cuchiarra, Kelly Rich, Maddy Randolph, Juliane Nguyen, Liz 
Abraham, Lauren Drew 


We the People 

We the People is the school's political newspaper-- the staff docu- 
ments important government, environmental and social issues 
and conflicts on local, national, and international scales. At a typical 
meeting, the staff will brainstorm potential topics, debate issues, and 
raise new ideas for the layout (a new cartoon or word search for ex- 
ample.) "We the People" consistently put out a new issue every two 
months throughout the school yean This year the staff also put out 
Westwood's first "We the Onion", which was a comical satire edition. 
They typically meet once every two weeks, and under the advisement 
of Mr Shuman put out thought provoking articles that inform the rest 
of the WHS community of what is going on in the world now. 

FRONT: Joshua Cheung MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Shuman, Elizabeth Haffey, Nina Zafar, 
Danielle Stem BACK ROW: A.J. Sadler, Sam Boosalis, Sami Hamdan 
NOT PICTURED: Matthew Werth, Julia Kane 

Dance Team- 

This year's dance team stepped it up when 
they performed at the basketball games in 
the Fall and Winter They incorporated stepping 
moves, and combined several different t/pes 
of dance including hip-hop, jazz, modern, step, 
and rhythmic. They made a mix for their per- 
formances and the main song was "Let's Ride" 
by Chingy, giving the routine a hip-hop vibe to 
it. The team mixed it up this year by rehearsing 
with the Step Team, and therefore each learned 
new moves and techniques from the other 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Rebecca Gentilli, Nilo Fallah-Sohy, Molly Shea, Arianna 
DiBenedetto, Sami Hamdan, Ms. Brackman BACK ROW: Andrew Boylan, 
Camille Rogers, Afsheen Sharifzadeh, Matt Burke, Scott Delisle, Ar/a 
Sharifzadeh, Cameron Johnston 

Oxford Program 

In the summer of 2009, twelve Honor-Level English seniors will 
join Ms. Brackman on a six week long study abroad trip to Eng- 
land. There, they will take classes at Oxford University- Wadham 
College, tour the historic buildings and famous locations, and get 
a feel for the city's culture. They will enroll in 400-level English 
literature courses worth three transferable college credits. This 
year the two courses being offered are "The Oxford Fantasists," 
and "The Complete Jane Austin." It is sure to be an unforgetta- 
ble, enjoyable, and education experience for everyone involved. 

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Sarina Huang, Chenelle Baker, 
Allsha Patel, Daquira Ingram, Marjorie Juste NOT PIC- 
TURED: Molly Foster, Neggin Rostamnezhad 

Clubs 99 

Chess Club 

Chess Club is the place to go play against wor- 
thy opponents, and grab a lollipop on a Friday 
afternoon. Members meet to play and develop 
chess skills. Some members compete with play- 
ers from other schools. They accept and welcome 
all members whether they are seasoned pros or 
just want to try something different. No expe- 
rience is needed to have fun in this club. This 
year chess club enjoyed their time by listening 
to classical music selected by the club's advisor 
.Mr. Jones. 

National Honor Society 

National Honor Society is a national organi- 
zation which recognizes students for their 
scholarship, leadership, character, and service. 
At Westwood High School students are invited 
to apply if they have a weighted GPA of 5.0 or 
higher, and if they exhibit the four core val- 
ues of NHS. Each member of NHS is expected 
to complete forty hours of community service. 
Some of the hours are completed as a group and 
some are done individually. Group activities this 
year included guiding freshmen on building tours 
during the opening school days and sponsoring, 
organizing, and running a blood drive. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kelsey Thornton, Danielle Damren, Evan Rees, Scott Delisle, John Sheehan, James Berluti, Ryan Walsh, Arya Sharifzadeh, 
Kathryn Martin, Russell Gutterson, Kyle Brew SECOND ROW: Mary Mcdonnell, Alex Moin, Arianna DiBenedetto, Sarah Matthews, Anna Lentz, Nick 
Citrone, Krista McGinnis, Angelica Belezos, Hannah Hammond, Laura Teehan, Nicole Campion, Jamie Doyle, Yujin Hamill THIRD ROW: Rebecca 
Gentilli, John Cuozzo, Joseph Hiltz-Maher, Matthew Koban, Gary Novoson, Matthew Zola, Narayana Yelleswarapu, Justin Lee, Omar Hadzipasic, 
Jonathan Neimann, Chris Sullivan-Trainor, Vincent Musto, Sarah Chen FOURTH ROW: Christaphor Graves, Tony Xia, Abigail Holler, Lana Sharuk, 
Katie Sullivan-Trainor, Kevin Boettger, Elizabeth Haffey, Sami Hamdan, Michael Burton, Kathyrn Aloisio, Stephen Zeng, Matthew Werth, Sam 
Boosalis, Afsheen Sharifzadeh BACK ROW: Melanie Hedal, Amy Bean, Victoria Lee, Julia Kane, Jillian London, Kara Wiggin, Hillary Sugg, Camille 
Rogers, Neggin Rostamnezhad, Julie Moloy, Erin Nanna, Nilo Fallah-Sohy, Molly Shea, Anokhee Mepani 

100 Green Years 

Drama Club 

Everyone arrives in an array of scatter-minded entrances between 2:02 and 2:10 still hazy from 
the school day but ready to have a good time. The club starts by brainstorming, creating and 
writing an original one act play, or group of cohesive skits. After writing and casting we spend our 
time blocking and preparing for the "After Dinner Theater Performance." Additionally, drama club 
performs skits within the elementary schools using puppets, that promote disability awareness, 
as well as performing at Encounters with the Arts. This year's show was "Harry Potter and the 
What If's," combining the members' interest in both Harry Potter and fairytales. 

FRONT ROW (L-R) Danielle Stein, Rebecca McClellan BACK ROW: Jackie Martin, A.I Sadler, Mary McDonnell, Brian 
i Molloy, Hannah Hammond, Sabrina Farley NOT PICTURED: Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, 3.T. Kelly, Elizabeth Haffey, 
I Nick Damren, Becky Farley, Sarah Hogan, Sarah Angelici 

-J.T. Kelly 

On Character: 

If a tree falls in the woods 
and there is no one there 
to hear it, did it make a 
noise? Character is who 
you are when you are 
alone and you are free 
from trying to prove 
yourself to others. Who 
you are when no one is 
looking is the true test 
of the strength of your 
character and the depth 
of your conscience. 

Rebecca McClellan 

On Scholarship: 

Scholarship is a whole lot 
more than striving for a 
perfect GPA; it is having 
an interest in learning, 
both in a traditional edu- 
cation and learning about 
the world around us all. 
Scholarship means learn- 
ing because you want to 
learn, not because you 
need to learn. 

Stephen Weinrekh 

On Leadership: 

We plan on becoming 
leaders in the increas- 
ingly global community 
of the modern world. If 
each of us remembers as 
we go forward that the 
mark of a great leader is 
his ability to know when 
to be a leader and when 
to let someone else lead, 
then I have no doubt that 
we can each fulfill our 
grand ambitions. 

Adam Walker 

On Service: 

Sei^ice is an attitude and 
heartfelt commitment 
to better the lives of 
those around us -- the 
most sincere gift we can 
give. Through service, 
we can change not only 
ourselves, but our peers, 
our school, our com- 
munity, our nation, and 
our world. 

Sarina Huang 

Clubs 101 

> ..-l- 

"Since seniors' last day 
of classes, everyday I roll 
out of bed (no shower 
necessary), bring Liza her 
second coffee, and settle 
in for the whole day. I 
love Harassing people for 
quotes and ambushing 
sports teams." 
-Krista McGinnis 

"'I've met some of the 
greatest people at 
yearbook. We have so 
much fun laughing at 
just about everything 
and I could probably sing 
any CD Liza plays. The 
yearbookers have become 
my 2nd family; I think I 
spend more weekends 
with them than with my 
real family. Yearbook is a 
place where I can relax 
and enjoy the things I 
like to do. I would never 
trade the experiences I've 
had or the people I've 
met. We work like CRAZY 
but in the end it's always 
worth It." 
-Ailyn Pestana 

■'You know we've had a 
productive day when we 
run out of CD's . " 
-Stephanie Sukennik 

■■Finally getting a list of 
club members makes 
chasing a teacher to his/ 
her car, or interrupting a 
staff meeting worth while. 
Placing a picture gives me 
instant gratification!" 
-Danielle Stein 

'main} Ymn 

Yearbook 1 

Year-book [yeer-book] 

-noun - A memorial book published yearly, containing informaton about ttie previous year. 
-verb - To create, with toil, exertion, and care a much anticipated and cherished publica- 
tion by planning, preparing the content, photographing, Photoshopping, re-sizing, placing 
thoughtfully selected and individually re-sized-in-Photoshop photos into pages, designing, 
laying-out, brainstorming, editing, proofreading, list-making, sensoring, catfeinating, sched- 
uling, announcing, meeting, learning, re-learning, teaching someone else, "what should I do 
next?" three-hole-punching, printing, highlighting, sticky-noting, scanning, spell-checking, 
"who's that kid'" (identif/ing faces in photos), selecting photos, color-adjusting, resolution- 
changing, downloading, organizing, labeling, postaging, addressing, paper-cutting, sugar- 
loading, photocopying, collating senior kits, writing captions, entertaining ideas, fielding 
complaints, staying late, staying really late, coming in early, coming in on Saturday, coming 
in on Saturday of vacation, writing announcements, interviewing students and faculty, mov- 
ing pages, re-arranging layouts, e-mailing students & coaches & advisors, crafting headlines, 
designing t/pe, moving everything on the server to the "new server" then moving it back to 
the old server . then panicking that we lost everything, dedication-speech writing, superlative 
counting, thank you note writing, group-photo scheduling, chart-making, calendar up-dating, 
application reviewing, color palette selecting, hundreds of senior expressions proofreading, 
parent ad designing, list typing, CF card erasing, event attending, "I forgot to save", "no- 
body covered that?" double-checking, tnple-checking, portrait-identifying, alphabetizing, cat- 
egorizing, photo re-touching. Senior Kit stuffing. Dedication-nomination tallying. Illustrator 
creating, delegating, debating, college plans tracking, postcard mailing, book selling, order 
tracking, Ixxjk distributing, paper-star-cutting, theme developing, visual reference-collecting, 
check depositing, senior portrait placing, assigning jobs, learning software, organizing digital 
files, activity describing, tee-shirt: designing, pleading with students to turn-things in on time, 
opening mail from parents, writing memos, wnting meeting agendas, chasing down photos, 
chasing down staff, placing phone calls, telephone interviewing, stocking, translating Icelan- 
dic song lyrics (really!), sorting through 35,302 pictures (really!), grey spot filling, checking, 
re-checking, checking one more time, .typing this sentence, then racing to FedEx... 
see also - labor of love 

^^H^^l ^ 


A ^^ 

There's nothing Uke being .tt>al* guy who can 

^ .> 






for the team. 

-Matt Sawyer 

Interview with Senior Will Scannell and Matt Sawyer 

Tell us about a typical practice. Play 9 holes jovially, recreate a 

match atmosphere: playing match play and best ball. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? ... 

dreads? We love bus rides, chipping contests and 21, and team 

dinners. We love blue orchid runs. The Nally Open is cool too. 

It's a free club tournament that we play in v/hen a match gets 

rained out. Dreads: play- 
ing at Ponkapoag. 
Describe a ream-bnnding 

On the van rides we listen 

to music and talk about 

what is going on in our 

^^^^^^^ lives at the time. Luke 

ti^ff^^^^^^^^ provides comic relief 

^^T^^^^^^^^fc which is some times ac- 

^ Jf ^^1 ceptable. We crack jokes 

while listening to Hall 

and Oates. Post-match 

team dinners: Mickey 

D's, Islington Pizza "low 

cost, great taste". 

What does the day of a 

match feel like' A normal 

day because we don't 

dress up, but we are ex- 

^ cited and nervous. 

Take us through the 
Is there something different during school? We are 

one of the only teams not to dress up for games. We love getting 

out of school 20 minutes early, then we change in the parking lot 

and hop in the van. 

What are the routines for pre-match? Putting competitions, 

chipping, strategy, and games of 21 

Do any individuals on the team have pre-match rituals? Will and 

Alex talk to Brendan Crowe at Norfy and Matt Sawyer doesn't 

eat on match days. 


Green Years 105 

Nick Hawes 


John McDonald 

FRONT ROW |L-R|; Nick Hawes, Conor Delaney, Colin Arnpnester, Luke Devin, Christian Heaney-Secord, John Trakas. Danny 
Troy, Stuard Leibson, Cam Harding, Alex Moin, Mike Sharry (C|, Brendan Leahy (C), Eric Peterson, Chris Pond, Andrew Boylan, 
Mike Burton, John Sleight, Cody Whalen BACK ROW: Ben Glaser, Eric Dahl. Williann Spear, Stephen Weinreich, Sean Broderick, 
Kevin Walsh, John McCarthy, Tommy Hu, Dylan Terry, Joshua Goldberg, Patrick Sleight, Jimmy Looney, John McDonald, Derek 
Tucceri, Phil Azeredo, Jacob Indursky, Nadeem Istfan, Scott Sykowski, Anokh Palakurthi NOT PICTURED: Andy Young 

106 Green Years 


leg of any race is always the hardest, I — I but someon e is alwa ys 
there telling you not to give up - you can't wimp out. 

Interview with Senior Brendan Leahy 

Tell us about a typical practice. We 
would typically run up to five miles a 
day, whether it was a five mile run or 
a work out which was short distances 
that added up to five miles. The lon- 
gest distance we would run would be 
ten miles. 

Are there particular drills/activities 
which the team loves? ...dreads? Work- 
outs mostly because they were fast 
paced and the coach would watch us. 
We would love long runs because we 
would slack off since our coach didn't 
go with us. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. For 
our first pasta dinner at the Sharry's, 
we threw the freshmen and any other 
new comers into the pool for initiation 
onto the team. 

■John Sleight 

What does the day of a meet feel like? School seems so much longer 

because of the anxiety. 

Do any individuals on the team have pre-meet rituals? Mike Sharry 

and I would always be in the middle of the huddle and dedicate the 

meet to a previous teammate. 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. Medfield, it was 

raining at first, but then cleared up and there was a decent crowd 

for a X-C meet. 

Why was it memorable? We had never beat Medfield before, we had 

a chance to win, but our team fell apart on the last mile. 

Seniors, what will you miss most? Pretending to run long-distance 

runs, Sharry and I being best friends, and showing freshman the 

shortcuts to take on runs. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? Work hard, get a 

good sweat in, and it will pay off in the end. 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Steph Greeley, Yujin Hamill, Julia Kane, Steph Sukennik. Cassie Devin, Jamie Doyle, Janelle Argiros (C), Sarah Matthews, 
Neggin Rostamnezhad, Kathryn Martin. Cindy O'brien, Laura Teehan (C). Sandy Brooks, Kim Pettit (C), Anna Koban, Laura Brooks BACK ROW; 
Anna Ribas, Katie Ginsberg, Leah Schroeder, Sophie Karpf, Audra Cabey, Neha Basu, Yalda Rostamnezhad, Kathleen Harnngton, Rachel 
Stanke, Jackie Cooke, Rachael Keating, Megan Isberg, Maggie Barzin, Dani Bradley, Chnstina Papianou, Sarah Bams, Erin McManus, Lydia 
O'Brien NOT PICTURED: Jenna Aswad, Hillary Hui 

108 Green Years 



' * ^ 

Our coach tells us to always 

and concentrate on catching up and passing the person in 

front of you. 

Interview with Seniors Janelle Ar^iros and Laura Teehan 

Tell us about a typical practice. A typi- 
cal practice consists of stretches in a 
circle, drills in lines, a pushup circuit, 
and depending on the difficulty of the 
practice, at least a two-mile run fol- 
lowed by stretches and a cool down 

Are there particular drills/activities 
which the team loves? ...dreads? The 
team loved the short runs of course! 
We dreaded uphill workouts and the 
pushup circuit. Leg throws were the 
worst. Leg throws are wicked hard ab 

Describe a team-bonding activity. One 
specific event was a bonfire at Laura 

-Laura Teehan. Senioi 

Brooks' house. We all sat around a fire eating, bonding, and becoming 
closer as a team. 

What does the day of a meet feel like? 

I think like any sport, there's some excitement and stress to try hard. 
Since we do dress-up days, the team gets more excited to beat the 
other team. 

Any injuries? Laura Brooks had a stress fracture, but she never com- 
plained. She still fully supported the team in any way she could. 
Seniors: What will you miss most? I will miss the pasta dinners, the 
easy runs, and the girls on the team. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? Even if practices seem 
hard and it may be too difficult to feel motivated, just try your best 
and push through. 

Green Years 1 09 

A good field hockey player 

is someone who is disciplined and has a lot 

Interview with Senior Lauren Hillber^ 

It's a lot of strategy, not just skills. 

Tell us about a typical practice Practices started at 3 pm everyday 
and no later. We would always start out with our usual runs and 
move into drills and more conditioning. We rarely were ever just 
standing around. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? ... 

During the season we had field hockey Olympics, and everyone en- 
joyed it. On the other hand there was one drill we did dread. It 
was called the circle drill and by the end of it we were all crying 
to stop. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. 

Even though it was after the season we had a team sleepover at 
Kara Wiggins' house where everyone shared their deepest darkest 

■Julie Moioy 

secrets, ate a lot, and didn't sleep. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. 

The most memorable game of the season would definitely be when we played 

the faculty. 

Why was it memorable? We thought we were going to win but it came down to 

penalty strokes, and we lost! 

To seniors, what will you miss most? 

I will miss everything about Westwood Field Hockey, our bus rides when Kerri and 

I would sing "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," Wilson being the best coach, and 

our games under the lights. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? 

All I can say to the underclassmen is BEAT MEDFIELD and MEDWAY no m|iy:er. • • * * ' 

what! ••••••'* 



FRONT ROW (L-R|: Julia Germano (C), Amanda Sestito (C), Krista McGinnJs (C| MIDDLE 
ROW: Angelica Belezos, Victoria Laham, Jennifer Franchi, Amanda Poche, Elena DiMento 
BACK ROW: Coach Hochman, Cate Nesbitt, Jill O'Brien, Sam Sestito, Maddy Randolph, 
Melissa Haughn, Coach Murphy 


— *#t^^^ • 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Michelle Milano, Bridget Norris, Leigh Ronan MIDDLE ROW: Christa 
Demovellan. Rachel Masotta, Ashley Riordan, Leigha Valentine, Molly McLaughlin BACK 
ROW: Stephanie Murphy, Erica Sweeney. Leah Lessard, Rachel Berluti, Amanda Thomas 
NOT PICTURED: Catherine Loftus, Amy Friel, Allison Ristaino 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Valentina Wigozki, Paulina Chin. Alicia McLeod MIDDLE ROW: Emileigh 
Rau, Madeline Conway, Kristine Kay BACK ROW: Carol Han, Bele Warbiboko, Elizabeth 
Trakas, Jing Li, Nicole Gallagher, Coach Murphy NOT PICTURED: Chrisanthe Salemis 

112 Green Years 

At the end of the-game, win or loose, we 

left our attitudes 
on the court and 
laughed it off. 

■Amanda Sestito 

Interview with Seniors Krista McCinnis and Victoria Latiam 

Tell us about a typical practice. 
We were either in the great- 
est moods or the worst moods. 
"When you put a big group of 
girls together mood swings are 
in the fine print" Petah was 
always matching better than 
any of the girls. We did lots of 
scrimmaging, serving drills, and 
hitting lines. 

Are there particular drills/ac- 
tivities which the team loves? ... 
dreads? We loved the wave and 
bus rides. We dreaded running 
up and down the bleachers. 
Describe a team-bonding activ- 
ity. Team sleepover at Vikki's!!! 
Pasta dinners at Krittas. We 
loved the apple pie! 

What does the day of a match feel like? Lots of hair braiding, 

energy drinks, and christys runs for subs 

What are the routines for pre-match? We would run out to "Make 

It Rain" while warming up in attempts to intimidate the other 


Describe the most memorable match of the season. The away 

match at Bellingham because we won! Their fans were talking 

smack on the bench so it felt good to win. Then we went to 

Vikki's for a team sleepover where we ate pizza. 

Why was it memorable? 

Because we won! It was 1 out of 3 wins. 

To seniors, what will you miss most? 

Playing the best sport in the world with some of your best 


What advice would you offer underclassmen? 

Do lots of summer camps! For the ambitious ones: lift weights, 

run and tone up. 

Green Years 1 13 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Matt Harney. Brian O'Connor(C), Michael Fafara(C), Jimmy Filbin, 
Ryan Walsh, Ralph Bruno, Max Smith(C), Steven Calobrisi, James BerlutilCl, Tyler Schock, 
Rob Bambini, Jamal Hill NOT PICTURED: Steven Clerge 

*■ %%■ 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Cameron Gulczynski, Peter Frangiadakis, Tommy Ahem, Alex Contreras-Gonzalez, 
Peter Radonich, Jordan MacPherson, Christopher Rodenbush, Joe Pellegrini, Yuanwen Liang, Anthony 
Burden, Wes Adams BACK ROW: Virtor Maccow, Paul Pender, Matt Vend, George Georgaklis, Pat 
Bowler, Chris Robertson, Kevin Luo, Chris Adams, Bnan Perkins, DaveMilano, Paul Hanley 

FRONT ROW (L-R): William Smith, Arnett Bracy, David Decenzo, Brad Adams, Anthony 
Antonellis, Charlie Audi BACK ROW: Davieson Annis, Brett Egizi. Michael Hallion, David 
Von Euw, Kevin Liebrock, Kyle Fedorowicz NOT PICTURED: Sean Amaru, Sam Cutler, Nasuf 
Dizdari, Isaac Rice, Patrick Walsh 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Peter Halkett, John Dullea, Terrence Hams-Hughes, Stephen LeSage, Joseph Walsh, 
Thomas Hanley Brendan Dalton, Chris Colby MIDDLE ROW: Sean Nocera. Jake Zapcic, Ryan Neville, 
Michael Papianou. Kyle White, Andrew Fiumedora, Matt Cannon, Will Jennings, Kevin Nangeroni, 
Denn Ahigian, Michael Phillips BACK ROW: Mike Keane, Enk Brakke, Nick Wisialko, Joseph Cushman, 
John Khan, Daniel Sonkowski, Glenn Parsons, Derrick St. Hill, Pat Bowe, Pat Busa, Morgan Walker, Kurt 
Walker, Richard McDonough NOT PICTURED: Sean Fitzgerald 

114 Green Years 



/^ /O You feel like you're playing 

/ntervjew with "iemors Brian O'Connor and Max Smith 

Tell us about a typical practice. Stretching, form run- 
ning, stations (conditioning), offensive individual (posi- 
tion drills), offensive team scout defense, defensive in- 
dividual (position drills), defensive team scout offense, 
special teams practice, and sprints. 
Are there particular drills which the team loves? ... 
dreads? Love = hitting drills, one on one 
Dreads = stations, sprints 

Describe a team-bonding activity. Time in the locker 
room / weight room, pasta dinners 
What does the day of a game feel like? Struggling to pay 
attention in class v^hile v^aiting for the day to end 
What are the routines for pre-game)? 
Pre-game meals, playlist on ipod, walk out of locker 
room at same time, pre-game warm ups, and captains/ 
coaches speeches 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
Friday night home game win against Medfield. 
Why was it memorable? This is our biggest rivalry, it was 
the first time we beat them in four years. 
Did anyone sustain a significant injury? 
Ryan Walsh - torn ACL 
To seniors, what will you miss most? 
Friday night games under the lights 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? 
Hit the weights 

but for your whole team 
and all the people 
before you. 

You feel like you owe it 
to them. 

-James Berluti 




c ^ 

* f 

When you're r^ 

it's pretty stessful. 

If you hit the water before the other person stops swinnming you 

get disqualified. You have to time it perfectly. 

Interview with Seniors Amy Bean and Erin Nonna 

Tell us about a typical practice. Stretch, put in lane lines, get sets ready, 

put on caps, sometimes music, warm up 600, our set. 

Are there particular drills/activities wnich the team loves? ...dreads? 

Love- bus rides, water polo, b-day, swim starts and turns. Sometimes Ms. 

Sparks plays water polo with us and she is quite aggressive she will push 

you under. Dread- 21 club and descending 

Describe a team-bonding activity. Swim-a-thons, Papa Gino's Tuesday, 

pasta parties, walk for hunger, senior fish, superlatives, senior speeches, 

birthday swims, scavenger hunt, boys vs. girls relays, WATER POLO! 

What does the day of a meet feel like? Take us through the day. ..Is 

there something different during school^ The day is exciting and a bit 

stressful. We have dress up days- like animal print. Ms. Sparks and Ms. 

Ferguson wear their Westwood pride. 

What are the routines for pre-meet? Cheer and dance parties on the bus, 

and singing "All I Want for Christmas is You", 

Describe the most memorable meet of the seasoi- 

Conferences with the whole division when we won the second time. It 

took a long time. We sang to pump ourselves up and on the way home we 

ate so much food, and sang "All I Want for Christmas is You". 

-Amy Bean 

Why was it memorable? The bus broke 

down three times in one day and we got 

stuck in a swamp while singing "My Heart 

Will Go On." 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? 

Abby got a bad concussion while diving in 


jfs- What will you miss most? Jujus 
place. Cafe Fresh Bagel!, Juliet, Brian 
morning practices, trading of clothes 
in the mornings, sparky and fergie ferg, 
getting dismissed early all the time, al- 
ways beating the boys in the boys vs. girls 
meet, PAPAGINOS, playing charades 
-ffer underclassmen? Train for the underwater 
relay! Find a flawless boom box, create a dynasty, and learn how to make 
Amy Bean brownies as well as Amy Bean does. •••••*** 




FRONT ROW (LR): Cornne Wells. Mary Laughna MIDDLE ROW: Emily McGrail, Mary O'SulUvan, 
Kelly Rich. AAaddie Rau, Janice Michaud. Katie Aires. Katie Sullivan-Trainor (C)BACK ROW: Coach 
Chant, Alison Campion, Nicole Campion, Anna Lentz (C), Kelly Casey, Michelle Beatty. Maddie 
Martin. Nina Shapiro. Lana Shanjk (C), Claire Daniels, Kathenne McDonough, Enca Nangeroni 
NOT PICTURED: Courtney McLaughlin 


FRONT ROW (L-Rl: Laura McHoul, Molly Smith MIDDLE ROW: Tayla Allen, Erica Nagle, Alison 
Campion. Kara Belinsky. Shannon Hogan. Knstina Saliba, MaryKate Norton, Emily McGrail, Jen 
Lyons, Callie Donovan, Nicole Pettit BACK ROW: Coach Troiano, Christina Koutns, Annmane 
O'Flaherty, Manah Arnold, Catherine Abraham. Keelin Henderson, Jessica Donovan, Ehzabeth 
Elcock, Liz Abraham, Alison McNulty. Kate Rich 

FRONT ROW (L-R|: Siobhan Moylan. Gabriella Giugliano. Genevieve Rogers. Alyson Grealish 
MIDDLE ROW: Richael Walsh, Radner Zoe, Alexis Argiros, Kelly Sennott, Daniela Kessler, 
Tracy Donlon, Tina Abijaoude BACK ROW: Coach Hambleton, Jessica Sykowski, Sheila 
O'Sullivan, Courtney Fay, Annie Craig, Abigail Keaveney, Keira Travers, Caitlin Reilly, 
Nicole Garcia, Jaclyn Ventura 

Nicole Campion 

Katie Aires 


Mary Laughna 

)18 Green Years 

We had so many injuries, but people 
would come out- Of nowhere and 

.we grew as a team. 

Lana Sharuk 

Interview with Seniors Anna Lentz and Mary Laughna 

Tell us about a typical practice. We do small sided 
games, lots of foot cycles, muscle strengthen- 
ing, half field defense shooting drills, and com- 
petitive scrimmaging. 
Death-like sprints at 
the end "especially on 
Are there particular 
drills/activities which 
the team loves? ... 
dreads? Soccer Volley- 
ball, no hands, a lot 
of juggling and rage 
black outs-heh. 
Describe a neam-Donding activity. We at too much 
food, especially Papa Gino's. 
What are the routines for pre-game? Eat a lot, jog 
and stretch, girl talk, warm up, and team circle. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
Last game of the season against Holliston, we were 
expected to lose badly. We were wining 1-0 most 
of the game, but ultimately we tied 1 -1 . It showed 
how far we've come this season. Also everyone 
had their best games. It was a really fun game to 
play in and a great way to close the season. 
Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Katie S-T 
(our best player) had a severe ankle sprain and 
was out over 75% of the season 
Seniors- what will you miss most? Coach Chant! 
Bus rides, the team, t-bone (team mascot, an un- 
lucky owl). 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? Be 
prepared for pre-season and Wednesday practices, 
get to tournament, and, of course, never try to 
top seniors '09. 

Green Years 1 1 9 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Pat O'Donnell, Kyle Brew, Brad Baldwin, Kayvon Touran (C). Patrick 
Maher (C), Ryan Maguire (C), Paul Massad, Andrew Kusmin BACK ROW: Omar Hadzipasic, 
Alan Baryudin, Chris Graves. Vincent Musto, Joe Maher, Tomnny Coyle, James Strong, Matt 
Jessup, Ries McQuillan, Mike Chirokas, Chris Sullivan-Trainor, Myles McDonough, James 
Laughlin NOT PICTURED: Matty Zola 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Mike McNulty James Conner, Shayan Salam, Jake Lupica, Jonathan 
Harper, Joe Williams. Patrick Masi-Phelps, Brandon Tonsberg, Thomas Ollerhead, Rob 
Ventura, Sean Laughlin BACK ROW: Coach Harrison, Shane Maher, Mark Black, Shane Troy, 
James O'Doherty, Erik Maloney, Max Dorling, Malek Sayegh, James Drew NOT PICTURED: 
Shayan Salam 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Nima Rahimi, Nick Henderson, Sean Cabey Ryan McNulty MIDDLE ROW: 
Nick Moin, Chris Lui, Chris Tso, Conor Duffy, Conor Emerson BACK ROW: Coach Chlebda, Dan 
Feldman, Matt Gee, Ryan Carey, Matt Reissfelder, Chris Burke, Brendan McLaughlin, Cory 

1 20 Green Years 

This year's team had a 


I felt that we could 
all rely on each other 
to achieve that win. 

-Ryan Maguire 

Interview witli Seniors Patricii Maker and 
Kayvon Touran 

Tell us about a typical practice. We kick 
around a ball, do footwork drills, and 
joke around with Eladio and our manag- 
ers. Atypical practice included stretch- 
ing, a game of possession, a dribbling 
drill, and then practicing shooting. 
Are there particular drills/activitiei. 
which the team loves? ...dreads? We 
never were the finest runners. Ev- 
eryone loved Four Corners which is a 
shooting drill. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. The 
end of the year pasta dinner at Patrick's 
was tons of fun. We had pasta dinners 
every Thursday which definitely helped 

with team unity. The best bonding experience ever was team hair- 
cuts. After we made the tournament, we gave everyone haircuts, 
which is tradition for the soccer team. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
The last game of the normal season that let us qualify for tourna- 
ment. The most memorable game of the season was our November 
3rd game vs. Holliston. We needed to tie or win to make playoffs. 
Holliston was the second best team in the league and had beaten us 
5-0 the first time we played them. We managed to tie them 0-0 and 
made the playoffs. 

What will you miss most? I'll miss everything about the games we 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? As for the underclass- 
men. all ends too fast, play hard so you never have regrets of what 
could have happened if you had tried harder. I advise the underclass- 
men to work hard and play strong so Eladio (our coach) doesn't call 
you a "Sally". I will miss the games and our rivalry vs. Medfield. 

FRONT ROW (L Pi Mcaghan Winn, Katie Glover, Casey Smith, Laura Anderson |C|. Jennifer 
Lavoie, Alessandra Giugliano BACK ROW; Anna Wilhelm, Christa Cosenza. Jacqueline Henry, 
Maria Georgaklis, Rosemarie Jenks, Jennifer Beggan, Holly Griffin NOT PICTURED: Madeline 
Walsh, Camille Harrington, Elise Harrington 

1 22 Green Years 

It's fun to know you are 

I loved when the crowd did the VICTORY dance with us! 

Interview with Senior Laura Anderson 

Tell us about a typical practice. We would roll out all of our cheer mats, then 
stretch and practice cheers for Friday night games. After that, we practiced 
our halftime routine for games and for competition. (We spent the majority of 
practices preparing for competition.) 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? ...dreads? Loves: 
singing backstreet boys, dance on the bus, Friday night games, cheer camp, 
getting free samples from cheer camp. Dreads: running snakes, leaving cheer 
camp, extreme routine 

Describe a team-bonding activity. Cheer camp at Mount Ida for four days at 
start of season in August. We are with each other all day and we learn the ma- 
terial for the season. It's a good way to all get to know on another. One team 
bonding activity was when we did set goals for ourselves together. We put the 
goals in a time capsule at camp then at banquet, we read them out loud and 
saw if we met our goals. 

■Laura Anderson 

What does game day feel like? It is 
nerve wracking, and intense. 

What do you do before a game? Away 
games- have dance parties on bus and 
get excited for game and the junior 
girls drink rockstar energy drinks. 
Describe the most memorable part of 
the season. When we got our first trophy for WHS in competition! It 
was the first trophy for WHS cheerleading ever! 
What will you miss most? I will miss the fun bus rides and cheer camp. 
As the only senior cheerleader, what advice would you offer under- 
classmen? Go to cheer camp! 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Jen Dello Russo, Courtney McLaughlin (C), Alyson Greahsh, Alex 
McLaughlin, Alana Piccihlli. Molly O'Brien, Chase Kerzel (C), Anthony Antonellis BACK 
ROW; Sean Broderick, Brad Baldwin, Kevin Boettger, Matt Follen, Stephen Campion, Shane 
Troy, Derin Ahigain, Jimmy Looney NOT PICTURED: Sarah Angelici, Madeleine Cooke, Chad 
Giacchetto, Lucy Montgomery, Zoe Radner, Matt Venti 

124 Green Years 



on what's conning up next. There are lots of obstacles. 

Interview with Junior Courtney McLaughlin 

Tell us about a typical practice. 

We practice at Blue Hills or Ski Ward. Our typical practice is running gates. 

Are there particular drills/activities wliich the team loves? ...dreads? 

We like giant slalom courses. We dread slalom courses. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. 

After every race we like to go to Wendy's or Panera. 

What are the routines for pre-meet? 

We preview the course and warm-up. 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. 

It was a really cold night. The crowd waited at the bottom of the course. We were 

really excited when we learned that five members of the Westwood team made it 

to states! 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? 

Alex McLaughlin got a concussion and could not participate in the states race. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? 

Have fun! 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kathleen Lally, Julie Moloy, Abbie Brown, Connne Wells iC). Kathryn Martin i^ 
(C). Sarah Matthews (C). Laura Teehan (C), Laura Brooks, Stephanie Sukennik, Janelle Argiros, 
Lana Sharuk, Ali Schroeder, Katie SuUivan-Trainor MIDDLE ROW: Mary O'Sullivan, AnnMarie 
O'Flaherty, Leah Schroeder, Tayla Allen, Olivia Powers, Jennifer Lyons, Julia Tucke, Valentina 
Wigozki, Haley Richman, Maya Bechara, Lauren Drew, Megan Isberg, Yalda Rostamnezhad, Kate 
Ginsberg, Erica Nangeroni BACK ROW: Tracy Donlon, Alexis Argiros, Catherine Abraham, Madeline 
Conway, Ivy Lee, Sydney Petta, Samantha Bartholomew, Samantha Keene, Ailyn Pestana, Ani 
Derderian, Alison McNulty, Alison Campion, Michelle Beatty, Elizabeth Abraham, Neha Basu, 
Emma Krause, Caroline Ryan, Katnen VanWagenen, Amanda Diiulis NOT PICTURED: Rachael 
Keating, Madeline Martin, Anna Ribas, Nina Shapiro, Emma Archambo, Jenna Aswad, Riley 
Cachelin, Sierra Carrasco, Mariana Chiulli, Jessica Donovan, Elizabeth Elock, Amy Friel, Caitlin 
Friel, Nicole Gallagher, Katherine Groton, Shannon Hogan, Beverly Kwong, Catherine Loftus, 
Michelle Milano, Jaqueline Morra, Siobhan Moylan, Sarah Muellers, Caitlin Reilly, Santi Strickland. 
Jessica Sykowski, Elizabeth Trakas, Richael Walsh, Lauren Drew, Sophie Karpf 

\ 26 Green Years 


The most stressful part is when you get to the track before your 
event and have to stretch, warm-up and plan your race strategy. 
A lot IS going on in your mind. The moment the FH start gun goes off 


r-^and you know y'y ^ y 
what you're ^^ ^^ 
meant to do. 

Kathryn Martin 

Interview with Seniors Janelie Argiros h Laura Teetian 

Tell us about a typical practice. We'd usually split 

up into the distance team and sprinting team. Since 

we had different workouts, we didn't see each other 

much during practices but everyone came together on 

meet days. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team 

loves... or dreads? I can't really think of someone 

dying to do a track workout but long runs can always 

be fun. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. The distance team 

was like a small family while the sprinters often taught 

each other starts, field events. 

What's on your mind the day of a meet? Thinking 

about times and distances and trying to drink as much 

as possible and not eat bad stuff. 

What are the pre-event routines? It was important that 
we all did drills, warm ups and made sure to stretch. 
Describe the most memorable meet of the season. 
The most memorable meet was the all-state meet. Ev- 
eryone who went to the meet wore all green and white 
and had painted faces. We blared music/had a huge 
group of super-fans... and went to McDonalds. 
Did anyone sustain a significant injury this season? 
Nope! We made it to Nike nationals 
Seniors: what will you miss most? 
The closeness of the team 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Nick Hawes. Morgan Walker, Matt Koban, Yuanwen Liang, Patnck Masi-Phelps 
Michael Papianou. Michael Phillips, Brett Hoffer, Terrence Hams-Hughes MIDDLE ROW: Patrick 
Sleight, Joe Leibson, Pat O'DonneU, Ryan Maguire (C|, John McDonald, James Berluti, Steven 
Clerge, Alex Kjellman, Conor Emerson. Tom Hanley, Kevin Nangeroni, Denn Ahigian. Chris Burke 
BACK ROW: Pat Bowler, Coach White, John Donovan, Paul Pender. Stephen Weinreich, Enk 
Brakke, Kevin Luo, Stuart Leibson, KyleTucke, Danny Troy, Derrick St. Hill, Chris Adams, Tommy 
Coyle (C|, Luke Reynolds, Michael Burton, John Cuozzo. Jamal Hill, Chris Pond, Ailton Carvalho. 
Alex Moin (C). Edward Han, Coach Bateman, Cam Harding, Andy Young NOT PICTURED: Colin 
Ampnester Mark Black, Andrew Boylan, Giovani Centeio, James Conner, Conor Delaney, Nasuf 
Dizdan, Michael Fafara, Kyle Fedorov^cz, Matt Levine, Myles McDonough, Dylan McManus, 
Michael McNulty, Ryan Neville, Eric Peterson, Peter Radonich, Nima Rahimi, John Trakas, Soyer 
Wilson, Jake Zapcic 

128 Green Years 



It's not what someone says. 

It's how many people are cheering.for.-yocr/THe more you 


Interview with Senior Steven Clerge 

Tell us about a typical practice. It lasts about 1 Vi hours. We separate 
into groups. Sprinters practice inside gym-1 5 diagonal sprints across the 
gym. Distance runners run 3-6 miles a day. 

Throwers practice on form. ^,^ 

Are there particular drills/activities 

which the team loves? ...dreads? 

LOVE- ladders-fast pace drills, DREAD- 

sprints and long distance runs - tiring/ 


Describe a team-bonding activity. The 

track banquet- we get together as a team 

and commemorate each others successes. 

What does the day of a meet feel like? 

Take us through the day... Is there some- 

-Alex Kjettman 

thing different during school? We are calm and relaxed, but always 

thinking of how we will do. 

What are the routines for pre-meet? Stretching, warm-up laps, testing 

out blocks to make sure everything is perfect. 

Do any individuals on the team have pre-game rituals? We borrow 

each other's track spikes for events, and then there are special 

handshakes and massage. 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. 

Our defeat against Medfield for the first time in 8 years! 

What will you miss most? The thrill of qualifying for states and run- 
ning against top runners in Massachusetts 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? 

Work hard, don't give up and have confidence in yourself. 

Green Years \ 29 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Eric Dahl, Dylan Nanna, Cody Whalen, Chns Anamateros, Mike Chlrokas, Peter 
Campion, Grayson Asmar BACK ROW: James Strong, Matty Zola, Matt Burke, Russel Gutterson, 
Jon Neimann (C), Greg Thompson (C), Scott Delisle, Josh Cheung, Chris Sullivan- Trainor, Coach 

1 30 Green Years 


The hardest thing is to not think 
about the competitors on 

Interview with Senior Jonathan Neiman 

Tell US about a typical practice. It's a good time - we swim. We 
average 3000 yards a practice. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? 
...dreads? "Hated every moment of it."- John Neimann 
Describe a team-bonding activity. When we get a STERN LOOK 
from our coach. When ever we were partying in pool we got 
that "look" and knew to get back on task. 
What are the routines for pre-meet? Keeping it light, joke 
around a little so no one gets nervous 

Do any individuals on the team have pre-meet rituals? Scott 
liked shaving his legs. Josh would meditate. 
Describe the most memorable meet of the season. The Brock- 
ton Meet (first meet of season). We had a real sense of pride, 
and the pool temp was warm. It was a big accomplishment! 
Why was it memorable? We are not known for winning. 

You I y have to shut 

that down and y jy j 

concentrate on yourself .C^v^ 

-Greg Thompson 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Grasen broke his arm 


What will you miss most? The kids on the team 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? Believe in yourself, 

and have fun. 




FRONT ROW (L-Rl: Courtney Fay, Janice Michaud (C), Georgia Pnestley, Elizabeth Stuehr BACK 
ROW: Coach Holthouse, Rian Rossetti, MoUie Brown, Coach Boudreau, Gabhella Giugliano, 
Jaclyn Ventura, Allyson Dwan, Kelly Sennott. Stephanie Murphy, Alanna Leahy, Lauren Hall (C), 
Lauren Hillberg (C), Coach Metcalf, Audra Cabey. Molly Smith, Alison Murphy NOT PICTURED: 
Victoria Harding, Tia Campbell 

132 Green Years 

■Lauren Hitberg 

I love the smell of the cold air. 

Interview witti Seniors Lauren Hall and Lauren Hillberg 

Tell us about a typical practice Wake up at 4:30, on the ice by 5:15 
(sometimes) we usually started with sprints and also end with sprints. 
During practice we did scrimmages, mini games, and intense drills. 
Are tl Ti -J i::i, ; ir[ iar drills/activities which the team loves? ...dreads? Ev- 
eryday we dreaded the sprints but loved anything else. 
Describe a team-bonding activity After late night games going to dinner 
atTGIF, Joes, and cheesecake factory, and not getting home till 2 am. 
What are the routines for pre-game? Running and stretching 
Do any individuals on the team have pre-game rituals Lauren Hall and 
Audra Cabey throwing the skate lace tightener. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. We were playing Can- 
ton for the first time and we were loosing 4-1 . Within the last five min- 
utes we scored three goals to tie it up. 

-Lauren Hillbers 

Why was it memorable? Canton is 
our rival, in a way, so getting a tie 
with them was exciting. 
Did anyone sustain a significant 
injury? The next game when we 
played against Canton one of our 
players tore her PCL. 
•eniois - vvnat vviU you misb niosi: 
Late night dinners, Drea and Erin. 
What advice would you offer un- 

Play with No Regrets! ...and beat 

Green Years 133 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Micheal Gallagher, Alan Royer, Freddie Tonsberg, Mike Foxx, Joe AAaher, 
Chris Treon, Kevin Gavin, Matt Kenney, Mike Musto BACK ROW: Sean Condnck, Louis Jacobs, 
Shane Maher, Brett Egizi, Justin Kucher (C), Rob Ventura, Dan Abbott (C). Jordan MacPherson, 
Brendan Leahy (C), Billy Sawyer, Mike Molchan, Brad Adams, Brandon Tonsberg, Jimmy Curtin 

FRONT ROW (L-R|: Kevin Walsh, Joe Walsh, Sean Cabey, Sean Fitzgerald, Jack Swartz. Mike 
Raskin, Sam Harris, Brendan Dalton, Theo Treon, Chris Molchan BACK ROW: Coach McCusker, 
Dan Feldman. Albert Good. Josh Babbin, Will Smith, Kevin Power, Dan Bonkowski, Michael 
Ventura, Matthew Reissfelder. Steven O'Leary, Anthony Sweeney, Chnstian Portanova, Assistant 
Coach Mues NOT PICTURED: Patrick Busa, James Drew, Dylan Walsh, Kyle White 

134 Green Years 

You know what you have to do. 

and just do it. You can't second guess yourself. 

Interview with Senior Justin Kucher 

Tell us about a typical practice. A typical 
practice started by waking up at 4:20 am. 
We then had an upbeat practice (no rest, 
a variety of drills, yelling by all the coach- 
es, and a lot of conditioning). 
Are there particular drills/activities which 
the team loves? ...dreads? 
The team definitely enjoyed the shootout 
at the end of pre-game practices, but the 
conditioning was always the worst and 
what everyone dreaded the most. 
Describe a team-bonding activity. 
I think the first pasta dinner of the year 
was a team-bonding event when we really 
felt that the season was starting. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. The most mem- 
orable game of the season was against Norwell in the first round of 
playoffs, in which we lost. 

Why was it memorable? This was the most memorable because it 
was the last time our senior class would ever play for Westwood 
Hockey. It was a great game that we will never forget. 
Seniors -what will you miss most? I will miss everything about 
Westwood High School Hockey including practices, games, and the 
coaches. I will miss playing in the playoffs the most. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? The only advice I can 
give to the underclassmen is always work hard and have a good at- 

titude because when making the playoffs, it's all worth it. 

/ X 

Pi T ljJ tiL *• 

FRONT ROW (LR); Peter Halkett, Chris Lui. Sean Nocera, Brendan McLaughlin, Nick 
Henderson BACK ROW: Liam Folan, Ben Beal, Coach Maher, Nick Wisiaiko, Patrick Bowe 
NOT PICTURED: Michael Bambini, Ryan Carey, Michael Keane 

136 Green Years 

AnyonQ.t!:an shoot, 

..-•"■" fern 

.Ccin see the floor developing to l ymake that perfect pass. 

■Kies McQuinan 


Interview with Senior Jason Sementelli 

Tell us about a typical practice. For the first half hour we 
would go through lines and stretch. Then we would do full 
court drills and scrimmages for the next half hour. The re- 
mainder of practice we would work on our half court offense 
and defense. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? 

...dreads? The team loves this 
rebounding drill called man- 
make, and half court 3-on-3 
drill. We hate zig-zags (de- 

K*^ ^%, ^^^H fensive drill) and of course we 
. _^J* V ^^^1 dread running suicides. 
W / I iH Describe a team-bonding activ- 
^. •'' M^\ ^ ity. We would have a pasta din- 
ner every other Thursday and 
we would eat then spend some 
time playing video games or 
playing ping-pong. 
Take me through the day. ..Is 
there something different dur- 
ing school? We have to wear 
^[^ Jl^ *■ J dress shirts and ties, 

^jr* ^jl What are the routines for pre- 

\ ^^ g \ ^jy game? Stretch in the locker 
room, pre-game strategy with 
coach about half hour before 
game then pump-up meeting (just team) about one minute 
before warm-ups. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. The most 
memorable game was against Dover-Sherborn at home. We 
were coming off of a 6-game losing streak and really needed a 
win. We were down by two with about 15 seconds to go. We 
set up a play in a time-out which did not work. Rob Bambini 
ended up going for a lay-up which got blocked. The ball got 
blocked off the backboard and I (J. Sementelli) got it and shot 
it at the foul line as the buzzer went off. We ended up win- 
ning in double overtime. 

Why was it memorable? This season was memorable because 
of all the laughs we had at our pasta dinners and in the locker 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Shayan Salam broke 
his thumb during the game at Ashland. He was put in a cast 
and missed the rest of the season. Rob Bambini took an elbow 
to the nose during practice one day. It was broken and he had 
to get surgery missing the last few games. 
To seniors, what will you miss most? We will miss game days 
and the last few games..., and just playing basketball. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? Work hard in the 
off season; it will pay off during the season. 

Green Years 1 37 


T^ V^ 

FRONT ROW (L-R(: Daniela Kessler. MaryKate Norton, Sheila O'Sullivan. Tina Abijaoude 
BACK ROW: Delaney Russell, Nicolle Garcia, Casey Bowler, Keira Travers, Molly Powers, 
Coach Chledba NOT PICTURED; Kristina Saliba 

1 38 Green Years 

When I'm playing, I shut off.*** 
all thoughts and ~ * ~ 
concentrate on 
only the game. 
There is 

except me, my team, 
my coach, and the ball. 
If I feel fatigue or pain, 
I put it out of my mind 
and do what i need to do. 

hAary Laushna 

Interview with Senior Mary Laushna and Junior Katherine McDonoush 
Tell ii<; about: a funirai nrartice Practice @ 3:30 warm ups, socialize, 
stretching, fun filled 20 min, drills-celtic drill, bently passing, 3 man 
weave, box cut drills ends @ 5:30 meeting in the middle discussing 
upcoming game day. Before games 
talk about top players, pasta dinner 
Are there particular drills/ac- 
tivities which the tea~ 
I M' M ^^m dreads? Defensive slides with part- 
ner = dread = very difficult our team 
love competitions against each oth- 
er; the rebound drill is my favorite. 

Pasta dinners often, friday night 
home game is followed by a team 
dinner Got custom t-shirts. Went to 
a B.C. basketball game 
What does the day of a game feel 
likei" Exciting, dress up, pumped up, 
talk on the bus. We walk through the hallways and we high five each 
other to get pump up! We have a really good warm up CD; Fogel says 
it's the best he has ever heard. I love bursting out of the locker room 
screaming with the girls. 

What are the routines for pre-game? We do "inspiration", this is 
when someone writes a speech to get people excited and in the zone 
before the game. Then we do a rhythmic thing which is when we hit 
out chests, snap our fingers clap our hands to get the nerves out. 
"; : e game rituais. Erin and Kelly R. pass the 

ball, Erin yells and Kelly dances. We scream and dance a lot! 
; : ^ oR'^ip of M->> Medway game 

@ home, Molly McLaughlin scored the winning basket, knew going 
into the game it was going to be hard wanted revenge from last 
yean Bumped out of playoffs, looking for revenge again. 7 sec. left, 
Molly scores. 

ny was it memorable? They were talking smack before the game; 
we knew they were going down. It was the turning point to the sea- 
son, we really came together Then, after the Hopkington game we 
realized we really could be good, the anger of our loss made us so 
mad that we came out the next game with a new amplified intensity 
and energy. 

:ne sustain a significant injur/? Yeah, Leah Lesard, we lost 
her the whole season with the exception of the first two games. This 
was a tough loss on us, especially with her talent and height but she 
was always there supporting us 100%. 

, -! TV- •r^:M~n what \n\\\ vou miss mosi. This 
was a great group of girls, we had so much fun with everything we 
did, we never fought and always worked cohesively. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? Don't have too much 
fun without me because I will miss all of you so much! Keep up the 
traditions and always remember how great you can be. 

Green Years 1 39 

FROSfT ROW (L-R): Michael Burton (C), Tommy Coyle, John Cuozzo (C| BACK ROW: Alex Moin, Rob Foxx 
SENIORS NOT PICTURED: Dan Abbott, Ailton Carvalho, Steven Clerge, Mikey Fafara (C|, Jimmy Filbin, 
Cam Harding, Jamal Hill, Alex Kjellman, Stuart Leibson, Bnan O'Connor, Chris Fbnd, Luke Reynolds, 
Kyle Tucke, Andy Young 

UNDERCLASSAAEN: Fhil Azeredo, Mark Black, Dan Bonkowski. Rat Bowler, Amett Bracy, Erik Brakke, 
Sean Broderick, Vito Bruno, Chris Burke, Peter Campion, Stephen Campion, Mike Chirokas, Alex 
Contreras, Jason Demarinis, Luke Devin, Nasuf Dizdan, John Donovan, Jon DuUea, Cam Etchings, 
Kyle Fedorowicz, George Georgaklis, Albert Good, Cam Gulcynski, Mike Hallion, Edward Han, Paul 
Hanley, Ten-ence Hams-Hughes, Nick Hawes, Nadeem Istfan, William Jennings, Matthew Jessup, 
Greg Keene, Matt Kenney, Joseph Leibson, Yuanwen Liang, Kevin Liebrock, Jimmy Looney Kevin Luo, 
John McDonald, Richard A/icDonough, Dylan McManus, Michael McNulty, Nicholas Moin, Chris Molchan, 
Patrick O'Donnell, Steven O'leary, Michael Papianou, Paul Pender Peter Radomch, Matt Reissfelder, 
Chris Robertson, Shayan Salam, William Scarpa, Patrick Sleight, William Spear, Derrick St. Hill, Scott 
Syl<owski, Rob Ventura, Morgan Walker Stephen Weinreich 

140 Greer: Ysui: 


/^ When it came down to-the last race, 
/ /^ it was unreal, everyone r^ 


and waited for the 4x4 to 
finish. When Tommy Coyle 
finished, it was the most 
exciting experience we have 
ever been a part of. 


-Mikey Fafara 

'eniors Michael Burton and John Cuazzo 

Tell us about a typical practice. 
We jog a lap and gather on the 
field for warm ups. Everyone 
warms up with drills, then we 
break into groups based on 
events. Sprinters do over speed, 
flying 50's and distance does 
ladder/ repeats. 
re there particular drills/ac- 
vities which the team loves? 
dreads? Sprinters love the 
"speed work out" which is usu- 
ally some full speed and relay 
hand offs. We dread long re- 

Describe a team-bonding activrL , 

We don't do much like dinners. The meet in New York is 
somewhat of a bonding experience. We leave school at 
eleven and spend the night in NY. There are four to five 
people per room, so we get to know each other pretty 
well. This year we got stuck in an elevator for 15 minutes. 
Describe the most memorable meet of the season. We 
were facing Hopkinton and we were not expected to win. 
We won 70-66 on the last event (4x400). 
Did anvone sustain a significant injurv? Matt Johnson in- 
jured his hamstring when making a pass to Kyle Tucke in 
the 200m. He was done for the season, but Kyle went on 
to win the race. 

.. o. .. ,. ,ou miss most? The team, the coach, and the 
challenge of each race. 

'•"lat advice would you offer underclassmeri. Have fun and 
run fast. 

Green Years 141 


FRONT ROW (L-R); Laura Brooks (C). Hannah Hammond. Janelle Argiros, Anna Ribas. Annmane 
O'Raherty, Rachael Keatmg, Nina Shapiro, Nikl<i Pettit, Julie Moloy (C), Lida Annis, Sophie Karpf, 
Laura Teehan(C) MIDDLE ROW: Nicole Campion (Cl, AAaddie Cooke, Jacky Martin, Chrissa Salemis, 
Leah Schroeder, Caitlin Adamakis, Kate Ginsberg. Audra Cabey, Kathryn Martin (C), Lauren Drew, Ann 
Sheehan, Amy Bean, Jillian London BACK ROW: Coach Teehan, Julia Kane, Carol Han, Jaclyn Ventura, 
Jessica Sykowski. Julia Bomstein, Kate Groton, Caitlin Reilly, Alison McNulty, Neha Basu, Maya Bechara, 
Beverly Cheng, Annie Qin, Emma Krause, Claire Daniels, Keelin Henderson, Kathleen Harrington, 
Jaqueline Morra, Elizabeth Haffey, Nina Zafar Coach Sullivan LEAPING: Corrine Wells |C), Sandy Brooks 
NOT PICTURED: Catherine Abraham, Elizabeth Abraham, Tayla Allen, Alexis Argiros, Samantha 
Bartholomew, Brianna Bates, Casey Bowler. Alison Campion, Sierra Carrasco, Madeline Conway Chnsta 
Cosenza, Annie Craig, Inva Doci. Carolyn Donovan, Jessica Donovan, Elizabeth Dorsch, Sabrina Farley, 
Michelle Farrell, Kayla Franceschi, Caitlin Friel, Gabriella Giugliano, Holly Griffin, Cory Guinta, Ton 
Harding, Camille Harrington, Elise Hanington. Sarah Hogan, Hillary Hui. Kaitlin Hutchinson, AAegan 
Isberg, Knstine Kay Sammy Keene, Daniela Kessler, Christina Koutris, Caroline Lacey Kathleen Lally 
Jenna Launie, Ivy Lee, Jennifer Lyons, Alyssa MacKinnon, Shannon McCarthy Shelly Milano, Julie 
Moore, Paige Moscow, Sarah Muellers, Erica Nagle, Samia Nassif, Lydia O'Brien, Erin O'Connor, Ailyn 
Pestana, Megan Porter, Olivia Powers, Zoe Radner, Madison Rau. Haley Richman, Ashley Riordan, Leigh 
Ronan, Yalda Rostamnezhad, Caroline Ryan, Santi Strickland. Elizabeth Trakas, Julia Tucke. Katrien 
V&nwagenen, Madeline Walsh, Wigozki \^lentina, Anna Wilhelm, Meaghan Winn 

1 42 Green Years 

There is something about being in the track 

Interview with Senior Kathryn Martin 

Tell me about a typical practice. Usu- 
ally we meet around 3:30, do warm ups 
and then either do a distance run with 
strides or a workout on the track. Then, 
to end practice, we do weights, a push 
up circuit or abs. 

Are there particular drills/activities 
which the team loves? ...dreads? Loves= 
team games (soccer etc.) very competi- 
tive Dreads= Ladder workouts 
Describe a team-bonding activity. Many 
times we mix up our practice by making 
it a scavenger hunt, a soccer game, a 
relay race, or an underclassman v. up- 
perclassmen game 

What does the day of a meet feel like? 
During school we do dress-up days to 
psych-up our team, create team unity 
and inform the school of our meets. 
Do any individuals on the team have pre- 

game rituals? Just recently our team has begun a new calming ritual, 
we singl This distracts us from out coming race and helps us relax. 

that keeps me motivated. 

-Nicole Campion 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. The meet against 

Medfield. Westwood girls haven't beaten Medfield in any track event 

in twenty-five plus years. The meet came down to the last event the 

4X400 relay. It was wild, all the seniors were jumping all over the place 

in joy 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Laura Brookes has been injured 

for many seasons of track and xc, this was her first season she was able 

to train and compete and she qualified for states! 

To seniors, what will you miss most? I will miss the friendships we 

have made as a team, having friends on sports teams is different than 

friends in school. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? 

I would advise them to really make friendships in track. The main goal 

of team sports is to create those friendships and allow students to have 

fun while also discovering more about themselves and the level they 

can push themselves , 


• •' 


Gill WOL/^R«S --'« 

c,u W^^'ERl'^' 

Sarah Matthews 

Katie Sullivan-Trainor 

Kelly Rich 

Everyone expects us..-*' 
to win every ganie;*but 


% . 


we go into the tough 

games knowing we have 
everything to fight for. 

-Mary Laughna 

Interview with Senior Katie Sullican-Trainor 

Tell us about a typical practice. Consists of long-distance run, 
then agilities, jump ropes, medicine balls, sprints, stick work/ 
shooting drills 

Are there particular drills/activities 

which the team loves? ...dreads? We 

dread seeing that our coach has 

brought tools for conditioning such 

as weights and ladders 

-we love any competitive drills, 

like 3v3 or 7v7 

Describe a team-bonding activity. 

When we have a very important 

game, our coach will bribe us by 

^ _^ , . ^ "HJi ij promising to take us out to eat af- 
""^k \ J terwewin. We went to fresh city 

V ^^ J after we beat our rivals, Framing- 

ham. The team loves that we re- 
ally came together for good food. 
What does the day of a game feel like? Games days are very 
tense and exciting. We go through usually an hour warm-up to 
get rid of nerves. 

Take me through the day. ..Is there something different during 
school? We all dress up during the day. Usually on the bus ride 
we have a boom box that plays pump-up songs. 
What are the routines for pre-game? We do a lap, agilities, lad- 
ders, shuttles, 7 point star, 3v2, 7v7, then the offense shoots 
while defense does ground balls. Then we bring it in to a 

Do any individuals on the team have pre-game rituals? All the 
players taking the field hit sticks. Anna, Mary, Abbie, and I do a 
special cheer for defense. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. This season 
the most memorable game was playing Framingham. We got 4 
yellow cars. Both teams were extremely tense. Every defensive 
stop or goal earned a reaction from the crowd. Kids and parents 
filled the sidelines to watch the game. 

Why was it memorable? We have never sustained a lead over 
Framingham before. 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Early on, Kate Rich, one 
of our attackers, got two yellow cards and was out for most of 
the game. 

To seniors, what will you miss most? I'm going to miss the feeling 
you get at the end of everyday knowing the accomplishments 
you have earned on the field, and that you are waking up the 
next morning to do it all over again. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? I would say that 
whatever sport you choose to play, do it with your whole heart, 
and when it gets tough, you are growing as a person, and it will 
only get better once you come through the other side. Also, 
that you have a whole team full of people going through exactly 
what you are feeling. 

Green Years 1 45 

i^'^li diCi^^Dnii ^rarwnn. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Dylan WStsh, Jordan MacPhefVDn, Patrick Ateher (C). James Bertuti (C). Brandon 
Tonsberg, Sean Condrick, Chris Rodenbush AAIDDLE ROW: Kyle Brew, f^trick Masl-Phelps, Conor AAurphy, 
John Sleight, Paul Massad. Freddie Tonsberg, Mike Raskin BACK ROW: Coach tanning, Joe Pellegrini, 
MikeFilbin, Shane Troy, Matt Hurley, RiesMcQuillan, Mike Mtsto, Chris Adams, James Laughlin, Joe 
Williams, Coach McWilliams NOT PICTURED: Davieson Annis, Ryan Hanlon, Joel Priestley, Danny Troy 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Derin Ahigian, Jimmy Curtin MIDDLE ROW: Sean Laughlin, Jake Zapcic, 
Jake Drew, Sam Harris, Tom Ollerhead, Matt Haddad, Jack Swartz, Theo Treon, Eric Dahl, 
Charlie Audi BACK ROW: Conor Emerson, Mike Phillips, Sam Cutler, Anthony Antonellis, 
Pat Singleton, Pat Walsh, Pat Bowe, Ryan Neville, Mike Keane, Matt Follen, David VonEuw, 
Coach Harrison 

1 46 Green Years 

Patrick Maher 

Conor Murphy 


Jordan MacPherson 

We were trying to build respect this year - 




Interview with Senior John Sleight 

Tell us about a typical practice. 
Start off with a lap then dynamic 
warm-up stretch, passing and 
shooting drills, fast break (3on4, 
4 on 5, 5 on 6),6v6 scrimmage, 

Are there particular drills/ac- 
tivities which the team loves? ... 

The team loves fast break and 
shooting drills. The team dreads 
conditioning, especially suicides 
and the pyramid-suicide -^ push- 

Describe a team-bonding activity. 
Pasta dinners in anticipation of 

-James Berluti 

the big game are the best. Everyone fills up on pasta, salad, and chicken 
parm. There's lots of joking and fun. 

What does the day of a game feel like? Buzzing between teammates in the 
hall in anticipation of game. 

What are the routines for pre-game? Meet in locker room, get dressed, 
blast music, then go over game plan. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
Sunny day. Deciding game vs. Dover-Sherborn for the program. Had never 
beat DS before. Lost in playoffs by 10 goals to team last year. In a ridicu- 
lously tight game 9-9. But still a huge game. 

Why was it memorable? Marked the pressure of WW LAX and the start of 
a better program. 

To seniors, what will you miss most? The bonds made with teammates and 
how fun the entire experience was. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? Play hard and never give up , 





Sarah Chen 

Rachael Tuleja 

FRONT ROW (L-Ri: Knsta McGinnis (C), Sarah Chen (C), Rachael Tuleja (C), Camille Rogers 
MIDDLE ROW: Bridget Norris, Allison Lim, Dani Bradley, Juliana Ucuz BACK ROW: Becca 
Morgan. Olivia O'leary, MaryKate Norton, Kelley Steeves, Maggie Barzin, Coach Houston 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Nicole Gallagher. Katie Deangelis, Caitlin Delorey, Andrea Winn, Kelly 
Sennott, Jing Li BACK ROW: Molly Powers, Amanda Thomas, Melanie Zahka, Jenn Dello 
Russo, Genny Rogers, Emma Archambo 

1 48 Green Years 






A « 

This year was different- 
it was twice the commitment of years past and we 

Interview with Seniors Rachael Tuleja, 
Sarah Chen, and Krista McCinnis 

Tell us about a typical practice. 

We would meet at 3:00 sharp 

to stretch and warm up for our 

run. Sometimes we would go on 

a team run in military formation. 

Runs were anywhere from two to 

six miles. We would run in two 

straight lines, our feet had to be 

"in step" meaning everyone's left 

foot had to be hitting the ground 

at the same time. It sounded 

pretty cool, and when we really 

got into it we would clap on the 

left foot. Or we would do paired 

runs with specific times we had to meet. We also challenged 

other teams to ultimate frisbee (we beat the JV boys' lax!) 

After runs we'd do core exercises for about a half hour, then 

we'd hit the courts. We played lots of challenge matches, 

and did a lot of drills. We chatted a lot too! 

We weren't 
just individuals 
playing tennis. 

Knsta McGinnis, Senior 

Are there particuiat anils/ activities which the team loves? ...dreads? The game 
"Bye-bye" was always a team favorite, mainly because the balls were always 
flying at our faces. The runs were mainly what were dreaded. 
Describe a team-bonding activity. The bonding on the tennis team always in- 
cluded food! We had many pasta dinners and picked out new spirit days -which 
made this team a lot of fun! Celebratory trips to Bubbling Brook were fun, too! 
Take me through the day... Is there something different during school? We 
started doing spirit days this year! Color day, animal print, tie dye, etc. 
What are the routines for pre-match? Before the match a motivational speech 
was always given by Houston, and the rest of time was designated to chatting 
and hitting to warm up for the match. 

0"scnbe the most memorable meet of the sea^^.'^ The match against Medfield 
had to be the match of the season, after playing Medfield a second time this 
year we were able to beat them making it the first time in over seven years to 
have won against Medfield, making it a huge victory for the team. 
Did anyone sustain a signincant injury. Krista had shoulder tendonitis and 
missed the first half of the season. 

To seniors, what will you miss most' Houston and all the girls<3 
Advice to underclassmen? Work hard in the off season. It will pay off. 

Green Yeors 1 49 

FRONT ROW (L-R|: Kayvon Touran, Matt Levine, Matt Koban, Afsheen Sharifzadeh, Tony 
Xia, Alex Archambo, Matthew Gee BACK ROW: Coach DoUeman, Arya Sharifzadeh (C). Paul 
Fitzpatrick (C), Brad Baldwin (C), Cam Johnston, Gary Novoson, Krishna Yelleswarapu, 
Matt Sawyer, Rob Law NOT PICTURED: Chris SuUivan-Trainor 

Matt Sawyer 


Brad Baldwin 

Paul Fitzpatrick 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Cody Whalen, Believe Oparah, Ryan McNulty, Hani Singer, Ryan Moujahed 
BACK ROW: Coach Wilkinson, Cory Krakowsky, Dan Feldman, Tommy Hu, Kevin Walsh, Josh 
Goldberg NOT PICTURED: Chris Lui, Narayana Yelleswarapu 

150 Green Years 

It's very much how you're able to 

yourself mentally. 
You can't make 
stupid mistakes. 

Kayvon Tour an 

Interview with Seniors Paul Fitzpatricli and Brad Baldwin 

Tell me about a typi- 
cal practice. We 
warm up by doing 
three laps around the 
three courts. Then we 
stretch dynamically 
and statically, and then 
we do 15 push ups and 
10 jumping jacks. Then 
we play mini tennis 
and progress back to 
the base line. Then we 
work on drills and finish 
with a garg^ ,.••** 
.Are**tRere particular 
drills/activities which 
the team loves? ... 
dreads? We like to play 
"the lob" game and ex- 
treme around the world. We dread doing suicides 
Describe a team-bonding activity One time we went to the 
Old Country Buffet as a team. It was very interesting; we had 
a good time talking about the upcoming season 
What does the day of a meet feel like? There is tension in the 
air; we become predators on the court 
Do any individuals on the team have pre-game rituals? Most 
of us eat sunflower seeds or listen to music 
Describe the most memorable meet of the season. 
Playing Ashland the second time. We lost the first time at 
their courts. We played through poor calls and it came sown 
the sophomore Matt Lavine and he won it in the third set in 
a tie-breaker. 
Why was it memorable? 

We overcame adversity and avenged out first loss and got 
back to .500 record 
To seniors, what will you miss most? 

Having a good time playing tennis with Mr. Dolleman. Playing 
the games at the end of practice 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? 
Bring seeds and food to every match because Dolleman and 
the rest of the team get hungry 

Green Years \5\ 

If someone makes a mistake, our coach always tells us to 

Tell us about a typi- 
cal practice. A typical 
practice includes taking 
a lap around the field 
followed by warm-up 
throwing. After that we 
split into infield and out- 
field groups and work on 
certain specific aspects 
for each. We also all 
take bating practice. 
Mie there particular 
drills/activities which 
the team loves? 
dreads? We loved relays 
down the field and Mr. 
Sherr's make-up point 
drills and we dreaded 
loosing wagers on errors 
for sprints. 

Describe a team-bonding 
During all our pasta din- 
ners our team really bonded, and it was always great when Mr. 
Sherr came to the dinners. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. It was May 
fourth at 3:45 pm. The day was sunny and hot. We played Med- 
field for the second time after losing to them before. After sev- 
eral scoreless innings we came back big and won! 

It was a proud win for us when we went 
into it as the "underdogs". 

you miss most? Seeing Mr. Sherr and Mr. Rocha every- 
day and all the good times on bus rides. 

- would you offer underclassmen? Just work hard and 
make the best of it, and, for anyone who has played for the past 
few years, BEAT ASHLAND! 

Green Years 1 53 

FRONT ROW |L-R|; Casey Cnss, Casey McLaughlin, Tyler Schock, Glenn Parsons, Ste-en 
Calobrisi, Justin Kucher, Max Smith (C), Brett Egizi, Isaac Rice BACK ROW: Will Smith, Mat 
Venti, Sean Amaru. Will Scannell, Brendan Crowe, Jason Sementelli (C), John Sheehan (Ci 
David Milano, Jon Neimann, Ryan Walsh (C) 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kevin Gavin, Bobby McGee, Jake Indursky, James Conner, J 
Alex Heier, Micheal Gallagher BACK ROW: Coach McGunagle, Brett Hoffer, Thomas Anearn, 
Ryan McHoul, Mike Molchan. David Decenzo, Chris Treon, Derek Tucceri, Macston Maccov/, 
Johnny McCarthy James Drew 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Matt Cannon, Nick Henderson. Brian Delsignore, Stephen Lesage, 
Christopher Tso, Ben Beat. Sam Malonson BACK ROW: Andrew Fiumedora, Brendan 
McLaughlin, Ryan Carey Kyle White, Glenn Parsons, Joe Wisialko. Kevin Nangeroni, Liam 

1 54 Green Years 

I love knowing that.J-tan strike anyone out. You just have 

to be _....--/77n 

in your 

Interview with Senior Jason Semintelli 

Tell me about a typical practice. We would warm up as a team and 

everyone would take a round of batting practice. During some of the 

practices, we would do specific skill work while fielders would either 

take fly balls or ground balls. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? ...dreads? 

The whole team loves taking batting practice because it is relaxed. 

We all hate running the bases because it is actual hard work 

Describe a team-bonding activity 

We have pasta dinners and usually do more than just eat. We would 

play basketball as a team and coach Whalen takes us to Bubbling 

Brook on special occasions 

What does the day of a game feel like? Usually relaxed because of 

the expertise out team has. 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. The game against 

Medfield. We were down 3-2 in the bottom of the seventh and we 

had two outs against us. The top of the line-up came and we scored 

-Ryan Walsh 

two runs to win the game. 
Did anyone sustain a significant in- 
jury? John Sheehan had bursitis and 
missed the last seven games. 
To seniors, what will you miss most? 
We will miss playing baseball because 
we all love the sport. We have played 
it since we were kids and the fact 
that it is ending is sad. 
What advice would you offer under- 
classmen? Commit to getting better 

ijf:<^*^'.j ^ s,'^'''-'} : '. 

In a show full of 

blurred gender lines, 

Mary McDonnell 

starred as Viola, a 

girl posing as a boy 

to gain the trust of 

Duke Orslno... and 

maybe his heart 

along the way. 

The students on 
technical crew 
are the unsung 
heroes of the 
show. They man 
the lights, manage 
and everything in 
between. A perk; 
they might go on 
the catwalk above 
the auditorium' 

Evan Rees shocked and awed 

when he donned yellow, 

'cross-gartered' tights as 

Malvolio and memorably 

danced his heart out to 

'Good Day Sunshine' 


Rebecca McClellan 

captured the 

show's hilarity as 

the clown, making 

faces and cracking 

jokes all while 

providing insightful 

commentary on the 

play's events. Talk 

about multitasking! 








^B f^^ 

^V -T '^ij 



IB 'i.v^ 


Love Me Do 

Brian Molloy, (left with 
Jillian London as Curio), 
played the over-the-top 
lovesick Duke Orsino. 
To push the cast to similar 
melodramatic heights, di- 
rector Jim Howard held an 
'anything goes' rehearsal, 
in which Bnan famously 
hiked up his shirt and put 
on a southern accent. 


Love Me Too 

Love ties in this play 
switch faster than you 
can say "midsummer 
madness". Olivia (Made- 
line Bugeau-Heartt, above 
with Elizabeth Haffey), 
doesn't mind that the boy 
she has been chasing is 
really a girl- she'll just 
marry Sebastian (Brianna 
King, left)! 

156 Green Years 

Twist and shout 

"The fall play is like varsity 
drama- we work hard and 
we're like a family!" 
- Danielle Damren, senior 


Can't buy me love 

"Jbe most rewarding 
thing about any theatrical 
experience is the bond you 
form with everyone in the 

- Evan Rees, senior 

8 days a week 

"By the end of the fall 
play, I can't imagine not 
spending every day with 
my castmates." 
- Rebecca McClellan, junior 

Come together 

"The play was awesome; 

it really helped me make 

friends in all different 


- Abby Keaveney, freshman 

A beginning 

"The fall play was my first 
real taste of theater at 

- Brian Molloy, senior 

All you need is love 

"My favorite cast bonding 
event was bowling. It 
was a really fun way to 
get to know each other's 
strengths and weaknesses." 
- A.J. Sadler, sophomore 





welfth Night. .or what you will: Take the greatest Brlt- 
■ ish playwright, Shakespeare; toss in the greatest British 
band, The Beatles, and you have potential. Add to the mix 
the fearless energies of a dedicated group of actors and you 
come out with a night of theatrical magic. For three nights in 
November the cast of Twelfth Night took us to a land where 
Love and innocence ruled over all. The audience watched as 
Viola (Mary McDonnell) went on a journey of mistaken iden- 
tity and mixed up love. Along the way she ran into a clown 
(Rebecca McClellan), the uptight, yellow-stockinged butler 
(Evan Rees), the mischievous house maid (Hannah Ham- 
mond), a pair of drunken buffoons (Scott Delisle & Aaron 
\s Kessler), an over-eager lady (Madeline Bugeau-Heartt), and 
• . the love of her life (Brian Molloy). With a collection of danc- 
■ ers reminding us along the way that Love can be pure and 
I innocent, Twelfth Night proved to be a delightfully fun and 
f silly evening of theatre for all who came. 

say you?" 

FRONT ROW/ (L-R): Arianna Dibenedetto, Julia Nagle, Alex Gunning, Camille Rogers, Amanda Poche, Nicole 
Campion, Brian Molloy, Danielle Damren, Mary McDonnell, Kelsey Thornton, Scott Delisle, Aaron Derdarian, 
Russell Gutterson, Aaron Kesler SECOND ROW: Cara Henderson, Peter Campion, Nina Shapiro, Charlotte 
Malin, Rebecca McClellan, Anokhee Mepani, Kate Aloisio, Evan Rees, Elizabeth Haffey, Jillian London, Mia 
Cianciarulo, Dan Akikie, Justin Lee, Hannah Hammond, Danielle Stein, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt THIRD 
ROW: Jacky Martin, Shannon McCarthy, Erica Nagle, Hillary Hui, Sabrina Farley, Kathryn Gilliand, Elise 
Blanchard, Steven McCarthy Joshua Goldberg, Olivia Cawley, Mary Doyle, Elena Maimonis, Ellen Kunkel, 
BACK ROW: Anokh Palakurthi, Justin Magnan, Nick Damren, Delaney Russell, Becky Farley, Dorian Ober- 
stein, Melissa Solimine, Sarah Hogan, Zoe Radner, Kyle Menyhert, Matt Hurley, Michelle Grimaud, Brianna 
King, Eliza Kaplan, Lochlainn MacDonald, A.J. Sadler 

"Twelfth Night" Poster Design by Jjlie Aoude, Class of 2009 

Fall Play 157 



Eddie Flagrante, played 

by Evan Rees (right 

with Kara WIggIn), Is 

a notorious flirt. When 

he's not chatting up his 

secretaries, he's pursuing 

his long-lost sweetheart. 

Miss Strict. 


"The show was really spe- 
cial for seniors this year 
I loved being able to 
connect to the show." 
- Andrea Munar, senior 


"I would definitely recom- 
mend that people do the 
musical. You get to meet 
new people, and work 
on something you can be 
really proud of." 

■ Charlotte Malln, junior 

Cloud 9 

"The most challenging part 

of being In the musical was 

the time commitment. We 

were there 4 days a week, 

3 hours a day... but It was 

all worth it In the end!" 

- Kyle f^enyhert 


Get Hep 

"I couldn't join the cast, 
but after all the good times 
I had during the fall play, I 
wanted to still be Involved, 
so I joined crew." 

- Sarah Hogan, freshman 

Word from the Bird 

"I love the whole hug circle 
experience at the end 
of the show! It's a great 
tribute to our seniors." 

- Danielle Stein, junior 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kara Wiggin, Arianna DiBenedetto, Amanda Poche, Jamie Doyle, Jillian London, Juila Nagle, Elizabeth 
Haffey, Danielle Damren, Mary McDonnell, Nicole Campion, Mia Cianciarulo, Andrea Munar, Hannah Cohn,Ryan McCarthy, 
Dan Akikle, Evan Rees, Laura Anderson, Camille Rogers, Brian Molloy, SECOND ROW: Cara Henderson, Rebecca McOetlanr 
Elizabeth Mason, Charlotte Malln, J.T. Kelly, Justin Lee, Aaron Derderian, Alex Gunning, Kelsey Thornton, Kathryn Martin, Russ 
Gutterson, Abble Brown, Kathleen Lally, Katelyn Raftery, Kristen Emerson, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Danielle Stein, Aaron 
Kesler, Casey McLaughlin, Peter Caplon THIRD ROW: Sabrlna Farley, Jackie Martin, Shannon McCarthy, A.J. Sadler, Steven 
McCarthy, Joshua Goldberg, Matt Hurley, Jason Demarlnis, Kyle Menyhert, Matt Levlne, Eliza Kaplan, Elise Blanchard, Ellen 
Kunkel, Erica Nagle, Hillary Hui, Brianna King, Mary Doyle, Olivia Cawley, BACK ROW: Thomas Mandevllle, Becky Farley, Jenny 
Young, Nick Damren, Lochlainn MacDonald, Anokh PalakurthI, Justin Magnan, Sarah Angellcl, Genny Rogers, Julia Bornstein, 
Zoe Radner, Calla Tiberl, Abigail Keaveney, Becky Malln, Annie Craig, Lee Hatfield, Delaney Russell, Dorian Oberstein, Jenna 
Launie, Lauren Werth 




Cruisin' for a 

It takes a real rebel to 
shake up someone like 
Miss Strict (Madeline 
Bugeau-Heartt, below), 
who always has a whistle 
in hand and snarky 
remark up her sleeve. 

'It's another day, but not just 

another day' The place: Enrico Fermi 
High School. The time: The nuclear 50's. 
Jonny (Brian Molloy) is from the wrong side 
of the tracks. When Toffee (Charlotte Ma- 
lin) is told to stop dating him, he plunges 
himself into the local nuclear power plant. 
Jonny returns as a nuclear zombie, and all 
he wants to do is go to the prom! Standing 
in his way is Miss Strict (Madeline Bugeau- 
Heartt), the school's uptight principal. Inves- 
tigative reporter Eddie Flagrante (Evan Rees) 
is on the job to breal< the news and rekindle 
an old flame. With a school-full of energetic 
teens, dead boyfriend puns, and a Tango that 
brought down the house, the Cast and Crew 
of Zombie Prom exploded off the stage ev- 
ery night with song, dance and energy that 
brought audiences back again and again. 




"Zombie Prom" Poster Art Designed by Melissa Haughn, Class of 2010 

The Musical 159 



"For Drama Club, we merged 
fairytales with reality to create 
our skits, which was a fun time 
for the performers and the 

-Danielle Stein 



Encounters with the Arts is an annual showcase of students' work in 
the visual and performing arts. This year the Arts Wing was trans- 
formed into a gallery displaying works created in all classes, from 
beginner to advanced. Students demonstrated art-making processes, 
like the potter's wheel and silk-screening. Drama students performed 
short works, and the Drama Club performed their original short play 
"Harry Potter and the What-if's," in the Little Theater Throughout 
the evening vocal and instrumental groups performed a wide range 
of pieces, from classical to contemporary. At to top things off, the 
National Art Honor Society hosted Project Empty Bowls, an ice cream 
fundraiser to benefit The Greater Boston Food Bank. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Holly Griffin, Molly O'Brien, Tina Abijaoude, Jackie Audi, Santi 
Strickland, Hillary Hui, Alex Jackson BACK ROW: Maria Walsh, Molly Stachowicz, 
Mariana Cl-iiulli, Hannah Cohn, Casey Bowler, Justin Magnan, Elise Blanchard 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Nicole Chan, Anokhee Mepani, Jamie Doyle, Corrinne Wells, 
Scott Delisle MIDDLE ROW: Sami Hamdan, Krishna Yelleswarapu, Sarah Muellers, 
Kate Alolsio, Jacqueline Morra, Brad Baldwin BACK ROW: Ravi Yelleswarapu, Erica 
Sweeney, Kenneth Long, Jackie Henry, Jenna Aswad, Stephen Mooncai, Ehren Wong 

Concert Band 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kyle Menyhert, Erin Curran, ^-ac, Donlon, Elidi Chan, Ashley 
Littlejohn, Allison Wittich, Elizabeth Teebagy, Jason Demarinis, Christopher Lui, William 
Spear MIDDLE ROW: Disha Sharma, Casey Smith, Steven Campion, Adrienne Rose, 
Edward Han, Christopher Tso, Nicholas Mom, Erik Maloney, Jacob Indursky BACK 
ROW: Paul Cook, Fahad Munir, Samuel Malonson, Chase Kerzel, Peter Radonich, Conor 
Duffy, Adam Shipp, Ryan Neville, Derek St.Hill, Erik Brakke 

Wind Ensemble 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Tommy Coyle, Kevin Boettger, Allison Ristaino, Penny Pease, Andrea 
Munar, Kathleen Lally, Kara Wiggin SECOND ROW: John Trakas, Gary Novoson, Philip 
Azeredo, Hani Singer, Stephen Weinreich, James Looney, Melanie Hedal, Chris Graves, 
Justin Lee, Omar Hadzipasic, Katelyn Rafter/, Elizabeth Haffey, Abigail Holler, Hilary 
Sugg, THIRD ROW: Allison McNulty, Keelin Henderson, Nadeem Istfan, Chris Sullivan- 
Trainor, Alex Mom, Katie Sullivan-Trainor, Misha Beatty, Jonathan Neimann, Allison Lim, 
Julia Kane, Matt Venti, Malachy Duffy, Alex Kessler, Ullas Rao, Allison Campion BACK 
ROW: Sanna Huang, Tony Xia, Matt/ Zola, Michael Shany, Stuart Leibson, Adam Walker, 
Nicole Campion, Peter Campion 

1 62 Green Years 


« ^ 

1 \ 

4 \ 

-» > 



Throughout the year, the music department presents con- 
certs to showcase the hard work and talent of students in 
music classes and extracurricular groups. The two major 
music events, The Winter Concert and The Pops Concert, 
feature the Wind Ensemble, Passing Notes, Chorus^.. 
Orchestra, Concert gand, and Combined Band. Th«B 
student groups perform for ttieir parents and comn^ity 
members in the evening cor certs and for their peerslJur- 
ing school assemblies. At this year's Pops Concert, mem- 
bers of Passing Notes gave a memorable Mrformance of a 
medley of Disney classics. It 'was also a Wily celebrated 
and memorable event because it w/as Mr. Giurleo's last 
concert before his retirement, -^ 

Green Years 1 63 








x» * 

'. I'.' 

.'^:'- "-r- 

;> /^r^.^'rt 

Daniel Abbott 


-Slingtown Heroes Luke and Kyle 

-Hilton body 

-Punta Cone 


-Waking up at 4 

-Back ot the hockey bus 

-fighting sawyer on the punting green 


-Owning in NHL 

-KJASL wiff tourny 


-Basically i just called you. ...potty 

Kathryn Aloisio 

Thanks for all of the smiles, tears, and laughs. I will never for- 
get those who have touched my life. 

Laura Anderson 

Julie Aoude 

I will miss: sophomore year, canton, partridge drive, storrow cir- 
cle, Aruba '09 -never a dull moment, OTH superfans and football 
games. You giris are the most amazing friends one could ask for. 
I will never meet another group of giris like you. You are all unbe- 
lievable. Thank you to my family for putting up with all my crap. 
I love you. 

My favorite high school memories are hanging with my 
friends, getting Slurpees, jamming in the car, the spaceship..., 
the cor war with Sebs friends, going to concerts, triple lunch, 
Starbucks trips, chubby bunny, PTGW :), going to the movies, 
going to Brookline, late night sleepovers and hanging on my 
deck. I enjoyed participating in the musicals (dancer chant), 
varsity cheerieoding, and robotics. I might not remember ev- 
ery joke, but I'll remember that around all of you I was always 
laughing <3. 

Janelle Argiros 

I will miss everything about Westwood High School. I owe a lot 
of my memories to my friends and I will always remember all of 
you. Meeting friends in all different grades from cross country, 
indoor, and outdoor track all four years has mode me enjoy 
high school even more. I don't regret anything that has hap- 
pened to me throughout my time here. I would be nothing 
and would not hove grown without the important people who 
have both come into and gone from my life. Luh all moh fronz. 

1 68 Senior Expressions 


Kaitlin Aries 

I'll never forget the boat, Canton, T- 
bone, Chiristies and McDonalds park- 
ing lots, soccer and chiont <3, Allies 
dog " Buddy", Spanishi class " boom 
done over", the bunnp, sandy val- 
ley, spying on neighbors, the Robert, 
Dedham house, bonfires at Phil's, 
showers with my clothes on, pillow 
palace, baseball game rood trips, 
hockey&football games, 4th of July 
with Julia, getting lost at country test, 
Maresh's physics class, Jakes, Spicy 
chex mix, new years '08, trampoline, 
looking dapper, Mary team kick o**, 
"bye." "ok.", WHS good times. 

Chanelle Baker 

Westwood has been fun. Hanging out with my best friends Bar- 
bara and Shariden. College apps and hanging out in the guid- 
ance office. It's been fun but i'm glad to leave. 

Bradford Baldwin 

Oh how time flies. I'll always remember the good times of high 
school, soccer, "extreme", ski team was always cool. Tennis with 
Dolleman. JBand vvnth Mr. G and Co. Transporting people in the 
funbus. Traveling around the world. Bass, B.S.A. some great mem- 
ories. Keep on rockin' in the free worid. 

Molly Banis 

Sophomore year. Canton, Hull, Partridge Dr., Monday nights 
at Bloomingdole's, "Those are noodles", my sixteenth birth- 
day. Prom '07, Pierre, paintchips<3, Greek Easter '09, The 
Barnyard, the man on strawberry hill, dover road, girl's night, 
Aruba '09, Bridgewater, Brown volleyball camp?, Christie's, 
Bubbling Brook, "Oh my gawd monsto jam was sooo fun". 
Just Do/doing, and stuff. 

Barbara Beach 

Oh Westwood.. Good memories. Westwood Fashion 
Club, NHAS, Boston Dance/Step Team, Peer Mediation/ 
ADL field trips and lunch blocks learning new ways to help 
others and slowly the world. Most memories however take 
place with my METCO family. My two besties since 7th 
grade, Chan and Bubbie, my grandpa Steven, my sis Tab- 
by, & my grandma Marsha. Nothing but jokes, laughs & a 
few serious moments. These four years hove been interest- 
ing. Growing up with these guys, their priceless reactions 
to my different hair colors, styles & sometimes ridiculous 
outfits. Imma miss you guys. 

Amy Bean 

Thanks for these four years. Looking back, I'll miss the comfort 
of JuJu's at 4:45 AM, the shower women, dance parties, a small 
portion of my nose, and the real Dedham Papa Gino's. I'll miss 
free blocks, B109, Latin, rain runs. Lit festivities, getting lost, wish- 
ing for good luck, and countless breakfast dates. But most of all, 
I'll miss the people we've grown used to seeing on a daily basis. 
I hope that we each walk out of WHS looking forward to new 
people and places. I'm glad to have had the chance to know 
you. Good luck everyone! 

Angelica Belezos 

SENIORS'09- I'll never forget you and you better never 
forget me! Livin the dream soph year- canton, partridge 
drive, dri's, ryon's. Prom 07 08 09. just woaalk it out. molly's 
Sweet 1 6. Halloween, paintchips, Greek Easter '09, Hull with 
seniors 08. BF's with the cops at Grahams, Hilarious sum- 
mers: "I'm straoanded" "katie call and hang up" "shoes". 
Brown vboll and MLD=queen lout. Andrew's. Straight up 
pouching. St. Patrick's Day. ARUBA. Love all 9 of you-more 
memories to come. BYE highschool. Love, Jelly, 

James Berluti 

I am a Wolverine, I bleed green. 'Westwood Football will al- 
ways be in my heart. Pasta dinners. Doing work in the gym. 
Locker-room/ Bus ride convos. Fafdra household. The Lax 
Bro's. Neil White it has been good. Thank you friends for all the 
memories. JDF. AK. DBT. POWEN. PFED. Hotel Berluti. Hull. Cape 
Cod. Jimmy's hot tub. Late night McDumpies. Sloyin. Victory 
Breakfasts. KJASL. Answering Danny's calls. Behind the Scenes. 
Thanks JFron. Thank you family for being by my side. "If living 
the dream was easy, everyone would do it" 

Erica Bowl by 

Kyle Brew 

i will miss the ever elusive Bucket List, Burrito Brigade, Jersey Par- 
ties, Varsity Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse, Cruzin' in the 4 Run- 
ner, Civic Center, Lost, Bauer, chilling of the Cape, balling of 
Sheehon, listening to UB40 with the crew, bridge to Terobythia, 
Mo Vaughn and David Wells making 'em pay with some mad 
spray. Jasmine, Gizmo, Digiornos, Tetris, pool basketball, Argyle 
sweater vests. Waffle Tuesdays, David Dwoyne Dogenhordt, 
questionable music. Team Pride, Lipsmackers, Dynamic demo- 
lition duo. Rear-ending pink cars. Halo nights, flat brimmed hats 
and shades, all my friends who made the memories, and my 
Mom, Dad and sisters. DING. 

Jason Brogna 


Sandy Brooks 

SmacksN, The Clan, My Dibs, Yolando's Dance Party, Anna's 
House-Hiding in Closets, Phillips Woods, Canton, Allie Garage, 
Vineyard, Bowlregord, 1 8th Bday Cakes, Walking xc/Trock, St. 
Pday parade. Robbers, Poufy Dresses, Baking w/Molly, Pussy- 
cats, Eggling/ Lemon in Sock, Punches by Pleahy, WINNERS, 
Foiling in Fishbowls, Chased by horses in Boston, Sandy Valley, 
Timber, Moha Face, New Years-9pm, Prom07,8,9, Halloween 
'08, Guss Guss, Pillow Palace, Christies/McDonalds P. lot, Mrs. 
Marresh/Ashworth/Gold's class. MR.SHERR AND SEAMUS, Me 
and Cindy got Scars to Prove it. SENIORS 09 NO REGRETS 

1 70 Senior Expressions 

Abbie Brown 

state C^Knps 2008 


This is the time to remember 'cause it will not lost forever! 
*Lacrosse Field Hockey 1234* lax trips and long runs. Napple 
Chapel!! Powder puff win. LAX STATE CHAMPS '08. Summer 
08. NH. "Can I hove some examples please" (g-blk loves). 
Hangin out and having fun with friends. Rolling on Brianno's 
floor!! "Here's to goodbye tomorrow's gunna come too 
soon!!" Friends & Family- thanks for everything 

Nicole Campion 

"It's amazing that four years 
have gone by faster than 
KMart racing the mile. 'Glory 
days will pass you by in the 
wink of a young girl's eye'. 
get caught up in the excite- 
ment of football games and 
spring musicals; meet every 
teacher, student, secretary, 
and custodian that you possi- 
bly can; let other people into 
your life; take each day as its 
own, live each moment as a 
special one, and remember to 
smile at people as you pass in 
the hall." 

Eva Christopherson 

"There is nothing like return- 
ing to a place that remains 
unchanged to find the ways 
in which you yourself have al- 
tered" ~ Nelson Mondela 

ior Expressions 171 

Mia Cianciarulo 

Play and musical, stage managing, backstage moments, 
conversations on the headsets, missing cues. Adventures 
with Amy PS and Big Whit, Good luck! Afternoon snack 
runs with Kara and Kristen. Chem moments with Julio. 
Gauntlet, Central high, and Cheddar dolphins. Awkward 
convos in B free. What happens in the caravan stays in the 
caravan, anything said in MICH. Hallway embracement 
with D. Stein and. My heart, soul, sweat and tears into ZP 
"Moments and their memories ore all that life leads to, live 
them lough them off and start your life anew! 

Tommy Coyle 

Megan Corsi 

Finally done. There have been a lot of great times in high school. 
I have met a lot of people that have taught me a lot of stuff useful 
now and in the future. There are certain teachers that I will never 
forget. I'm gonna miss all those free blocks and triple lunches in 
band. I have enjoyed being a part of Westwood sports, from 
making the state tournament in soccer to being crowned Divi- 
sion 4 State Relay Champs in track. The best memory is FINALLY 
BEATING MEDFIELD senior year, indoor Track 09 beat Medfield 
and State Relay Champs. 

Brendan Crowe 

Casey Criss 

'08 Baseball State Champs #7, DPED 15, dodgeball leg- 
ends, getting goosey, creeping with tyler and brendan, liv- 
ing at AK's- mini bboll fifo tiger woman, splashing steve @ 
morrison and sheehan, Islington & being poor with bloy and 
kyle, beating danny, behind the scenes, Mikey's, James' & 
Cindy's, fighting oryo, free blocks with tyler, love you Sam 
hove fun next year 

John Cuozzo 

Just Do lt....Trock & Field... 4x200m School Record... Science 
Team... Football... KJASL... Road to 17 (Celtics Pride)... Jom- 
min'...St. Margaret Mary's CYO Basketball... Don't Look Back 

Baseball State Champs '08 #'s 3,7,12,1 6 "No Hootin'". CYO Cap- 
tains with Tyler and Casey, #53 Scon a dynasty ended. Playing on 
the rocks with Tyler, good times since preschool. J Edwards, late 
night goming, questionable music, and 1000 miles with Casey. 
Creeping with Casey and Tyler in the Sable. Miles in the Moun- 
taineer, bolls back with Juice. Cowlicks, Prague '09, Megotouch 
world tour with AK. Baseball with Bloy and his Jumpsuits. 1 a.m. 
neighbors. Dodgeball Champs '09. Pond Hockey at Martha/ 
DCPC. Christies, McDonald's. Ms. Roy Latin 1,11, mox "everglades", 
Thurston Thursdays, B Block Anatomy, D Block Spanish. 

172 Senior Expressions 



Danielle Damren 

Here's to nom-nom-nom-ing and the Spanish question 
mark. Rennember to ask those penetrating questions. Baby, 
Ruthanne, Brooke, the Truck, and Priscilla — you will all be 
missed. The BACON FAT is gone and every party had its 
pooper. Papa mamboed and pickles and donuts were 
eaten. We looked high and low for the duck and still said 
que bummer. Here's to Tuesday night basketball games, 
making Alex work for me at High Street, and fighting about 
Styrofoam. Here's to visiting different countries and to mak- 
ing sure that Joe and Bridget stay close. And here's to us. 

Sarah Dawson 

"Ms. Dawson", Walshy, Can- 
ton, frndz, varsity gymnastics, 
P.Dempsey, British Headquarters, 
"You turn my sails upwind", Lauren 
Hall's car and a mailbox, Garmin 
Electro, Wes: the favorite Dawson 
child, sledding+Molly Shea= good 
times most of us will remember, 
S. W.M.N, foreigners, Route 9, the 
Greenocre bumper boarding inci- 
dent, Westwood girls hockey team 
'09, fifth wheeling... I will never know 
my way around Westwood, so 
don't try and teach me. Thanks for 
a great two years; you're the sec- 
ond best town I've ever known... 
"Vi6 siglum mastri tru, Seglum fDon- 
dum. Vid styrum ad i bru." 

Scott Delisle 

Good times in the practice rooms, 
tipper gore, Chris's basement, the 
legacy of The Clams, and all the 
good (and bod) around town, 
B Dills, Wayne Chats and Jonas. 
Someone once said "These are the 
best 4 years of your life". They were 
lying. But it's all over now so who 
cares! MMMMMM g-g-g-g-g-g-g. 

Elena DiMento 

Sophomore year. Canton, OTH 
superfans, partridge dr., Chris- 
ties, Bubbling Brook, Aruba '09, 
volleyball, MLD, Brown Camp, 
exceeding the absence limit 
every year. Fish and Co, Hull, 
Summer '08 road trip with Car- 
oline, Kukoo Kunuku, Bridge- 
water, Chapfest '09, Fo Sho, 
Countryfest, FCFC, Probation 
'07, secrete life with Katie, 
"One wooden pencil", Meg 
my Sweet, Halloween '07, the 
rat pock 

Arianna DiBenedetto 

I will always remember my 
friends and the amazing times 
we've had over the years. 
Katelyn, you don't realize how 
much you have done for me 
and what a great friend you 
have been. Thank you so 
much! To my theater friends, 
we have had some of the 
greatest laughs of rehearsal. 
To my Softball girls, my four 
exciting years of Westwood 
Softball are ones I will never 
forget. I'll miss you guys so 
much! And above all, I thank 
my Mom and Dad for all of 
their love and support over 
the years. 

Jamie Doyle 

XC with Hava, lost in our own town, planning 
parties with Margaret then ending up tan- 
ning by her pool- alone, Moondo-Coldsfone, 
Yu-Yan adventures, "breathes heavy", pre- 
dances with Margaret, Colleen, Caroline, 
Barbara, and Shariden, Conine- hiding our 
violins, catching ourselves laughing at musical 
jokes, breaking her bow, Anoks just not going 
to orchestra. Annual elf-watching with Patrick, 
"bye buddddy", my dress-the only one miss- 
ing, intricate plans (yuj), all shows especially 
Zombie Prom and Dominican preparation 
for Ramona, Kress "coming out of the wood- 
work". I'll miss everyone who helped me get 
through these years, especially Matt H and my 
family and friends. 

Michael Fafara 

Westwood Football '08, 3, 5, 7, 8, 21. 20-13, morning lifts 
with Seomus and Contrares CYO dynasty, pond hockey 
with the bros, Punto Cana '09, KJSL wiffleball tournaments, 
gaming with Fitzy and Phil, New Hampshire with the boys, 
fishing with Max and Oaks Volleyball at AK's cuddling with 
rat answering Danny's phone calls... Eating with Katie 
and Amanda, flirting with the lunch ladies, hugging Pizo, 
Blay's jumpsuits, gym with Juice, Mr. Beriuti handshakes, 
snowmobiling with Kymon. Beating Medfield. 






15.. 1 




k ." 


Nilo Fallah-Sohy 

Ten years from now I may not re- 
member what we did those nights, 
or what made us lough so hard, but 
I will always remember you were the 
ones who were there. LEGENDS, 
shmoopie love, poppits09. Buck- 
master, campouts, roodtrips, failed 
roodtrips (thanks Magellan), Folloh- 
Rostom family vacations, clubbing, 
and too much ice cream. To the 
Persians- though we may be part- 
ing ways for college, never forget 
that Mamarazzi eagerly awaits our 
return. Here's to my family, friends, 
and teachers for making these past 
four years absolutely incredible. 
Thanks so much for everything. Mo' 
fraanz, mo' fun. I value friendship. 
Peace up, A-town. 

Tabbytha Ferguson 

This was a time to find myself, figure out who I am as a person. 
I hove on idea of who I am now. On the outside I am a black 
female artist & entreprenuer - on the inside I'm just what God 
wonts me to be. 

Paul Fitzpatrick 

• Trips with AK 

■ SeriorTrip, Punta Cana 

■ Gaming Zombs with Mike and Phil 

■ Catchoble gome with AK 

■ Cowlicks with friends 

■ Famous' Chicken Cutlet 

• KJASL Wiffleball 

• Quadpod 

■ High Fives with Bloy 

- Answering Danny's phone calls 

■ Blay partner 

• Friendship 

• Paying attention in Stats class 

- Snuggle Muffin 

- Old Greg 

Molly Foster 

Lomons. Laura's beach house. Vineyard "summer girls". AP 
physics level 3. 50 Pancakes. T.W.M.P. Meditech. The Door. April 
camp. Taylor Swift. Florida trips. Wasting mom's gas in Boston. 
Sunsets. The Dirty D. Ladybugs. April 24 2008. Safari Jeep. Jap- 
anese Karaoke. Reunion Nights. Chip and Dip. Apple Picking. 
Sunday mornings. The Thickstrops. Concerts. Cowboys. Ann 
Curry. My onsie broke. Laura's never right. Itfomb. The scenic 
route. The HOUSE. Gullo Gullo Island. 

"Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. 
Letting go is fearless. Then, moving on and being alright..." 
-Taylor Swift 

Jennifer Franchi 

family & friends. 

1 7 A Senior Expressions 





I'll always remember the 
great times I had during 
high school: crazy dance 
parties, the Dover Demon, 
Rock Band, Twilight and 
Robert Pattinson, IHOP at 
midnight, driving past Ce- 
dars Market, awkward sto- 
ries, and bowling. Julia (K 
and N), Melanie, Lauren, 
Michelle, Amy, Jillian, Mia, 
and Allie-I love you guys 
so much. Thanks for making 
high school amazing! 

Brian Gilman 


"Build a better : ; ;; .;eTrap and the world will beat a path to 
your door." 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Catherine Greenwood 

High school is where you 
heal old friendships, moke 
new friends and lose some 
along the way. I will al- 
ways remember three 
things, bitter cold football 
games huddled close with 
my classmates, lunches 
spent laughing hysterically 
about nothing at all and 
the friendships I had, have, 
and will always keep. I hope 
I'm remembered as the girl 
who could count "all of her 
hands on her friends". 

Julia Germano 

Chaps. Cfest '06 '07 '08 '09. 4 ever 
love. Eggs; hilarious missions with my 
bestiess. Strawberry Hill. SUMMER- 
Marshfield. Volleyball memories... 
weekends, late night mcdys runs, 
on my face, FCFC. Red Sox. Happy 
fourth of Julyyyyl! Looove ya b's but 
I'm sick of you! Goodbye. ..forevoo. 

Stephanie G reeley 

SOPHOMORE YEAR. "Hi my name is 
Jeff," "Uhh it's not raining out". Back- 
ing out of the driveway, weekends at 
Mika's, conquering every town with 
Kristen and Margaret, The Ruchie resi- 
dence, NYAJ, GWU, Getting pulled 
over 6 times, parking tickets in the 
school parking lot, B block anxiety at- 
tacks, Martha's Vineyard trips, Missis- 
sippi '07, getting cuffed at Medfield, 
XC all four years, Hava, Blue Explorer, 
WSC, concerts. Cake after dinner, ca 
ing Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean taking our ce 
phones everyday, not wearing goggles 
for labs involving no chemicals and get- 
ting yelled at, XC all four years, Hava, 
"GO A'WAY FAT MAN", the basketball 
analogies, "The Friday Night". 

Betsy Grot on 

Here's to compouts, six flogs, the colorZ of friendship, skateboard- 
ing, "we're going to NY without you!", Buckmaster, taytay, SCG 
meow!, Lolly family, W.E.B DoBoyz, pound it!, friend hips, Molly's soft 
hair, B Block Bio, lost ditch efforts, nice shades, E Block History, soccer 
superfons, ruff ryderz. Thumbs Up Crew, orgyle, YOP, stair handle, 
Erin Mulhem's ringtone by Xtreme, where ore the roils?, maroonS 
and worldn' at da grocery store! To my family, thank you and I love 
you so much! To my friends, "no matter what happens we'll never 
forget all the times we've had together" love you guys. 

Senior Expressions 175 

Pamela Guinta 

High school in one paragraph; PEK sleepovers, rat pacl< 
'05, cape cod '06. To the good and bads of sophomore 
year. Field Hockey '06. Taylor Swift night 2.8.08, Jordin 
Sporks/Chris Brown Weekend. MC parties. Manda and 
elono-Breaking Free. Lil we'll always be Hove and B. Kritta 
don't let the pebbles in your path bother you. Cez never 
forget 8th grade, eitak ward IGUANA. Fsh and Co. Big dip- 
per little dipper. "They love to tell you stay inside the lines 
but something better is on the other side." High School was 
more than just a paragraph. The end of the beginning. 

Amanda Haddad 

"If ever there is tomorrow 
when we're not together., 
there is something you 
must always remember, 
you are braver than you 
believe, stronger than you 
seem, and smarter than 
you think, but the most 
important thing is, even if 
we're apart.. I'll always be 
with you"- Winnie the Pooh 

Omar Hadzipasic 

"We all hove our time ma- 
chines. Some take us back, 
they're called memories. Some 
take us forward, they're called 
dreams." The past four years of 
high school have been unforget- 
table. As I look back and reflect 
on so many memories I realize 
that high school has taught me 
so much. From Newtonian Me- 
chanics to Varsity Soccer, I've 
enjoyed every minute of it. Thank 
you Mom, Dad, Muhamed, and 
all my teachers for all you hove 
done for me. As I look to the fu- 
ture and follow my dreams, I'll al- 
ways look back and never forget 
these years. 

Amy Halkett 

sssmooaaccckk n' it. we are winners! Christies & mcdonalds. 
smokey joe. DDD on mondays. the clan + egglings. rip Gus- 
sGuss. poofy dresses? HOT DOGS, the bump, chicken pluck, 
campouts & late night swims, bald men. mississippi. woolly 
mammoth, aimlessly driving, baseball games & getting lost, 
dance parties. THE MASK, common occurence, bella. the 
maha face - it will never die! japloop. taxi cab driver <3. 
bbqs. summer, drinking coke, drama & nights of absolute 
chaos, soprah. a great four years at WHS. 

Elizabeth Haffey 

"When did we forget our dreams? The infinite possibilities each 
day holds should stagger the mind. The sheer number of ex- 
periences I could have is breathtaking, and I'm sitting here 
refreshing Facebook. We live trapped in loops, reliving a few 
days over and over, envisioning only a handful of paths laid 
out ahead of us. We see the same things 
each day, respond the same way, think the 
some thoughts, every moment smoothly fol- 
lowing the cun/es of societal norms. We act 
.. _ like if we just get through the day, tomorrow 

f-^^|M^^^ our dreams will come bock to us" (Cont. Alex 
WM^ *. Moin). 

Lauren Hall 

it's crazy to think we're done with high 
school, it doesn't seem real. Thank you 
so much Timmy, Bobby, Ryan, Mom and 
Dad; I obviously couldn't hove done it 
without you. Just as important as my fam- 
ily, I appreciate my friends so much, I'm so 
glad we've had such a close friend group 
through the yeors. I'll miss the Mulhalls, 
homeroom chats, success trips to bubbling brook, hockey din- 
ners, buckmaster, the tricycle, scavenger hunt, Drea, "Courtney", 
friendship land, mother Nona, G block free, birthday basement 
smell... I know we'll all stay in touch and I can't to see what's next. 

176 Senior Expressions 


iPST*. '•*-*., 


Yujin Hamill 

THE friday night, kilingtonVT, sum- 
mer06 camping and night ex- 
cursions, Wednesday nights 
yaaa knoww, artimus-CHUMPS, 
xc 4? years, tvl champs bball 
08, coffee-SENORA???, pirate 
party @gdubs, "uhh it's not rain- 
ing out", explorers, falala and 
blumping around, pudge&bho 

Hannah Hammond 

"I don't tr/ to hide my tears, my se- 
crets, or my deepest fears. Through 
it all nobody gets me like you do." 
Eight Shows. Humarock. Zoo Adven- 
tures. Olympics '08. The Mortal Flesh. 
Cherubs Oh Great. Holy Weeks. Ul- 
timate Daddy's Girls. The Dress That 
Goes Down In History. Martha's 
Vineyard. Hitting Up The Double C. 
Backyard Bonfires. The Fairies. Friend 
Group Initiation. Workin' On His Phys- 
ics. History Study Groups. So Many 
Concerts. No Cats In the Auditorium. 
Movie Nights. Romantic Date With 
Geraldine. Powder Puff '08. Up To 
No Good. The Only Normal Ones. 
"I'm only me when I'm with you." 

Matt Harney 

Too much Senioritis to even do my senior kit. I'm 
going to regret this when i'm like 40. 

Joe Hiltz-Maher 

I will always remember soccer volleyball with David Dagan- 
hardt, 4 AM practices at Nobles, Mark Harrison's West Ger- 
man exercises, free block BOGGLEfests, decimating endless 
hours of work on our cardboard bridges, and finally taking 
home my 2nd hockey M'^P trophy. 

Lauren Hillberg 

"We all kind of went our separate 
ways, but I swear it seems like yes- 
terday" Countryfest 06,07,08,09, 
Rascal Flatts, Julio- Dave Martel 
HAHA JOKE, Taylor Swift weekend 
with 4 (JG PG CI) Lunch Table, 
OTH super fans (ED AS KW EW CZ 
JA), Coldstone Word- History dept 
and car ride dances, Marshfield 
forever. Cruise 06, mission trips, field 
hockey, ice hockey, softball, CD 
Birthday twin, Vic-Facebook inbox. 
Summer Heights High School, Red 
Sox, Westwood Rec with Katie Ar- 
ies, hockey movie nights with the 
select few (LH SM GP AL JM), Field 
Hockey sing-a-longs "its all coming 
back to me now". Physics with Rob 

Abigail Holler 

"Saying goodbye isn't the hard 
port, it's what we leave behind 
that's tough." There is no doubt 
that it will be hard to leave West- 
wood high, but the experiences 
I have hod and memories I 
have mode will lost a lifetime. 
Football gomes, H/B free blocks, 
the Cope, the den, x dances, 
Mao's AP cole, snugglefests 
with meg, Sundays at 50's, kiss 
concerts, band, prom, and 
gossip giri get togethers. To my 
friends - it wouldn't hove been 
the same without you. Love you 
guys! To my family, thank you for 
your unwavering support. And 
to the class of 2009 - good luck! 

Cam Johnston 

^"H'^ ;a. 

My four years at West- 
wood Higtn Sct~iool hiave 
been fun. Tt^e feactiers 
hiave been great and in- 
teresting. And ftie attilet- 
ics hiave been awesome. 
Four years on ttie golf 
team tiave been a time 
I will never forget, and 
the tennis team hias been 
great as well. However, 
the great times with my 
friends will be what I re- 
member the most. 

Alex Kjellman 

"And they're gonna have a go". KJASL. Photohunt. Cowlicks 
with Bcrowe. World Tour with Aryo. Quadpod. Dodgeball 
Champs '09.. McGunogle "dropping the ball". CYO. BLAY 
frito moment. March Madness. Mini basketball. Road trips with 
Christa. Predicting the future. Cheryl Criss. The cotchoble gome 
and high fives with Fitzy. Handshake with James. "Jimmy is a 
tool". Shoun Palmers with Casey. Prague '09. Hall and Gates. 
Apples to Apples. Lola (Sam). Senior trip. Tennis with Casey. 
Fighting Arya. Momma D. Trips with Fitzy. SKFL (Kyle). Casey 
picking up my kleenex. Answering Danny's phone calls. 614. 

Julia Kane 

Lauren Kareh 

MS, JK, JN, BG, MH, JL, AB. MichLourMelBec White Rocks Moun- 
tain, VT. BBLK CrAzY 1 and 2. JTK: miss watching the Aussi guys 
from upiofoxwith you. LollylAPAIN.. BUNNY!!! haha love you and 
your man legs. .and Gbelix!! TEAM EDWARD(ew Jacob haha)!! still come to visit you wherever you end up work- 
ing. .and hopefully I won't bump into anyone =] Mich. ..CVC is 
the place to be!!!! Mel. ..procrastination!! WWFH..good luck next 
year, and go all the way!!! "Be not afraid of greatness: some are 
born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness 
thrust upon 'em." -William Shakespeare 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once 
in a while, you could miss it." So much fun with the XC and 
track teams - thanks to Jen, Havo, Sully, and all the girls. I loved 
band (Thanks Mr. G!), playing pond hockey, IHOP at midnight, 
dance parties in the Volvo, deep dish cookies at Uno's, night 
tubing, Elizabeth - all our summers in Maine, the Teal Camel, 
brass knuckles. Bubbling Brook, and coffee cake. It's been nice 
to know you all ; ) 

Paulina Keskinidis 

Although it's exciting to leave this place, I'll miss a lot here and 
ofcourse THE THREE. These four years taught me about more 
than just school work. Thanks so much mom, dad and olga for 
everything. Peace out WHS! 

Anna Koban 

Christies parking lot. Football games. 
Summer on the Cope. Bonfires at Phils. 
New Years at Sleights. Cindys. Allies. 
Running from eyebrows. 675 Gay St. 
3am phone calls. DHAC. Four years 
of epic nights and more memories to 
come... "No love or friendship can 
cross the path of our destiny without 
leaving some mark on it forever." Thank 
you for helping me along the way, be- 
ing there when I needed you most, 
and making my first eighteen years 
unforgettable. SB. SM. SS. ML. AH. AR. 
AL CW. CD. CO. KP. KA. NM. Mom. 
Dad. Matt. Love you all, God Bless. 

178 Senior Expressions 

Matt Koban 

I will miss triple lunch short Wednes- 
days, opening new tennis boll cons 
with Tony, fights in Gor/'s basement, 
freezing my butt off during winter 
track, getting kicked out of the li- 
brar/ by Ms. S, just cutting the lunch 
line, my friends, and the memories. 

Justin Kucher 

Matt Kress 

Too much to write out in 100 words or less. High School has 
taught me so much that I know will be usulful to the rest of my 
life. Teachers and classes hove lead me to my career choice 
of engineering and people hove lead me to make many 
decisions, both good and bod, that I have learned from. 
Harney keepin up with, poppin tires, and 
chillen with Jamie. 

Westwood Hockey and Captains 
with Blay and Don. ..Baseball State 
Champs '08 #'s 12, 16,3, 7 "Nohoo- 
tin" ...bolls back with Bcrowe.. .Wast- 
ing gas in too many parking lots like 
McD's and Christies. ..Dodgeboil 
Champs '09. ..Pond Hockey with oil 
the boys.. .those nights in the back- 
yard poochin with ky-man...Mikeys 
house with the Fafaras... Westwood 
Golf and slammin clubs. ..Too many 
hilarious times with Blay and 4 more 
years to come also with Tyler... 
Baseball with Polyes...2 Time Wiffle- 
ball Champs with Blay and Case... 
QuadPod and megotouch at Ak's... 
Seniors '09... 

Victoria Laham 

Thanks to my amazing family for always being there for me, 
I loved being the baby. High school was a blast and I'm 
glad I hod such great friends along for the ride. Jewels no 
matter the distance we can always meet up in Philly. Hen- 
ny the drive bys are unforgettable, and remember there's 
always plan b. Buffy I'm going to miss skipping school and 
heading straight to Falmouth at least once a week, and 
Earl will be waiting for us after college. Lour don't forget to 
always delete those f.b. inboxes. Live, Laugh, Love. XOXO 

Kathleen Lally 

Field Hockey, Winter and Spring Track, Poptarts, 24 hours 
Starbucks, track lifers, go girl, dance parties, chili's mol- 
tons, stunna shades, Lil Wayne at McDonalds, Sebs wars, 
so spread your wings, Sha-noy-noy Lonelle, FH bus buddy 
Betsy, Norton boys, raspberry ginger ale, being creepy, 
Murphs, WayWay, FOB, Cheetos, OAR, B Block Free par- 
ties, Swogga, AP Psych, bandies, single ladies, PTGW 

Mary Lauglina 

I wouldn't have gotten through high school without the boat, 
pamzee, Ponero, Prom 08, trips to boston, Copley, Canton, T- 
Bone, Santa: Ho Ho Ho, Christies and McDonald's poricing lots. 
Basketball Overnights, Zard, B Block B-Room buddies. Bonfires at 
Phils, sandy valley, 4 foot curios, Napple Chapel, The Jungle, Jake's 
House, Team Kick Arse, 1 am neighbors. Science Classes, house 
rules, Dedham House, looking dapper. Lax State Champs, Football 
and Hockey Gomes, OD-Jon rivalry, my soccer, basketball, and 
lacrosse teams. WHS Class of '09. This will be missed. 

Senior Expressions 179 

Brendan Leahy 

I will miss/remember: AK's, Mikey's and Mrs. Fafara's home- 
made dinners, Phil's bonfires, BCrowe's, James', Steve's car. 
New Year's...?, hockey bus, waking up at 4am for hockey 
practice, Punta Cona, CVS bench with Casey and Kyle, 
pond hockey, ballin', XC with Shorry doing as little running as 
possible, train ride with old lady, homeless man incident in the 
subway with Casey, AK, and Fitzy, 2 time champion wiffleball 
dream team with Juice and Casey, dodgeball champs '09, 
cor rides to hockey with Juice, portners with Fitzy and many 
other good times. 

Jillian London 

Justin Lee 

The Class of 2009 is defined 
by the various personalities 
proliferating through the body 
of students. These are people 
that I'll never forget. I think 
the final song in Zombie Prom 
defines our close-knit class of 
2009, that no matter where we 
go, we will always have each 
other. We made it through fire 
and tribulation, always laugh- 
ing and having a good time. 
I'm gidd I was a port of that 
experience. I want to be re- 
membered as a good friend, 
an individual of strong charac- 
ter who would always stand by 
his peers, no matter what. 

Stuart Leibson 

"I will miss: listening to UB40 with the crew, legendary trips with 
the Burrito Brigade, Pride (in general), pointless arguments, no, 
yes, CPST Destroyer, the civic center, KJASL, the Sheehan bball 
crew, muy bueno, friendship train, Jim Brew, the bros, CYO, 
guitar hero, rock band, Erin and Wills houses, conference room 
time in E block, PGeary friend yopi, PROC tourney/domi- 
nation, "rekindled love", HJ when track was fun, and Amir." 

Anna Lentz 

Marco Island, 18th birthday coke, 
MY HANDS, ponero, mory's, TBone 
and the Chant Family, Obooms, 
Pamzee, G free, take a left, the 
cape, x-mos party, the jungle, can- 
ton, best goal in the history of ever, 
4 foot curbs, norwood creeping, 
uninvited ding dong ditch, nap- 
pie chapel. Bay Colony pit stops. 
Thanks to my friends and family i 
love you! 

Amy, Becca, Julio, Julio, Lauren, Melanie, Michelle, and ev- 
eryone else thanks for all the memories! Summers in Plym- 
outh, Track and Javelin, G Block Free, Acappello with MJ, 
WoTown, OOTI, Medea, Brigadoon, 12th Night, and Zom- 
bie Prom, Mississippi, Movie Nights, Dance Parties, Mario 
Cart, Prom, Sleepovers, and Surprise Parties. Thank you to 
all my friends and my family, it's been a great four years. 

Ryan Maguire 

I will miss CD, the fort, THE penguin dance, mistake phone calls, 
being crafty, crazy dance moves. Mo Vaughn and David Wells 
making 'em pay with some mad spray, after practice car rides. 
Bill Cosby, Briar Lone, Kyle Brew's finger, Sheehan bball crew, 
JV soccer, pool bball, six flag shorts, legends, NCAA dynasties, 
painful soccer seasons, prideful summer leagues, Mark Harrison, 
questionable music, flat brimmed hats and shades, halo nights. 
Gizmo, lipsmakers, Digiornos, catnip, Folkor, jersey number 1 8, my 
underclassmen friends, getting punched by motf/, chillin with the 
bros, and the friends who helped make oil the memories. DING. 

1 80 Senior Expressions 

Patrick Maher 

It has been an annazing 
four years at Westwood 
Higti School filled with un- 
forgettable memories, for 
too many to put here. A 
few things I'll never forget: 
#8, soccer team (manag- 
ers) and lacrosse team; 
pond hockey, CYO, and 
wiffle ball. Peppermint 
patties. Meow? Big 3. 
Thanl<s to my friends for 
everything. Mom, Dad, 
and Kelley, I love you; 
thanks for always being 

Kathryn Martin 

Track, FH, Lax, XC (my real love) 
bumpin! Art with Lamb. AP Lit, 
Moby+Dick, field stomping, bub- 
blingbrook, what is man? Partywag- 
on, all the plays and crew, catwalk 
dance parties, Mango=Brice, Pre- 
Calc, luna- the prev, team sledding, 
DP 103! Canada, poolparties, hug 
1st legs 2nd mind 3rd heart, cold- 
stoneloop, 7.2 miles, castparties- 
SNL, Dore's caravan. Hale, hips 
don't lie, raspberrylime-rickey's, 
dumpster diving, hiking... thanks 
for so many great times. KT, MM, 
DD, BM, AM, HH, LT, NC, RG. "And 
when all's been said and done it's 
the things that are given, not won, 
are the things that you earned" 

Sarah l^atthews 

The Jungle, Katie's food, football and hockey gomes, country test 
Bubbling Brook, indoor track, the chicken family. Canton, State 
ChampsOB, Allie'strampolineand garage, tanning onroofs, Chilies 

Krista McGinnis 

There's so much I wont to say but that would take alot more 
than 100 words, if you know me well enough you already 
know what I'd say. To all my friends: you know who you are, 
I truly love you and thanks for all the memories. <3Buddah<3 
"Be who you are and soy how you feel because those who 
mind don 't matter and those who matter don 't mind "~Dr. Seuss 
To "meg my sweet" get ready for the rest our lives. 


Mary McDonnell 

Once Upon a Time, there lived a 
girl. Here is a glimpse of her life: 
Diet Sprite: Betrayal, wrapped in 
bitterness... Biology. My show starts 
at eight, please coll back later. 
Drama Club Triumverate. Fire-side 
chats with the Appreciation Club. 
Going to Spain. The Clarinet. Ka- 
baam. "Snakes on a plane? What's 
that about?" Passing Notes, WHS 
Choir. Festi! I'm just dying to go to 
Acopulco! Metamorphosis, Won- 
derful Town, Camino Real, Once 
on This Island, Medea, Brigadoon, 
Mrs. Warren's Profession, Twelfth 
Night, Zombie Prom. A whole 
bunch of inside jokes with a whole 
bunch of people I truly appreciate. 

Theresa McWatters 

"I hope the days come easy 
and the moments pass slow and 
each rood leads you where you 
want to go and if you're faced 
with the choice and you have 
to choose I hope you choose 
the one that means the most 
to you". AP level 3 physics, "red 
blue yellow wire"," i welcome 
you to the vip back row of 
class", Mrs. Plunketts class, pan- 
cakes, G free, McDonalds, cor 
rides into Boston, getting pulled 
over by horses, halloween, Lau- 
ras beach house, summer 08, 
Rascal Flatts concerts, the cope, 
florido, bond fires, bracelets, 
Cindys, meditech. Jokes. 

Christina i^ealey 

Life is too short. Grudges ore a waste of perfect hioppiness. 
Laugh when you can, apologize when you should and let 
go of what you can't change. Love deeply and forgive 
quickly. Take chances, give everything and hove no re- 
grets. Life is to short to be unhappy, you have to take the 
good with the bod, smile when you're sad, love what you 
got and always remember what 
you had. Always forgive but never 
forget. Learn from your mistakes 
but never regret. People change 
and things go wrong but always 
remember life goes on. 

Jonathan Melior 

Four years gone, so much to remember. Bumping in the Jeep, 
nature walks through Hole, The Driveway, garages, DCPC, The 
INCIDENT... and countless other stories, Bess and Drag, week- 
night sessions, RIP Night Rider, taking lops, booted from the lib. 
The Rivalry that never ends. Hotel Filbin, the football gomes we 
never quite made it to. Rule #76: No excuses ploy like a chom- 

Anokhee Mepani 

To everyone who has contributed to my experi- 
ences these past four years, thank you! 

Brian Molloy 

Nine shows, four years, 
seven blocks a day, seven 
best friends. High School is 
a numbers gome, apply- 
ing to college, getting the 
grade, landing the part, ev- 
erything, and it all has to do 
with numbers. But you know 
what has nothing to do with 
numbers? Friends, memories 
the most important things in 
four years hove nothing to 
do with numbers. After high 
school I am hoping I never 
have to take moth again 
but I will hove the memories 
and my best friends they will 
always be there. Life's short 
live it up while you con. 

Alex Moin 

(Cont. from Elizabeth Haffey) "And ho, I don't hove all the an- 
swers. I don't know how to jolt myself into seeing what each 
moment could become. But I do know one thing: the solu- 
tion doesn't involve watering down my every little idea and 
creative impulse for the sake of some day easing my fit into a 
mold. It doesn't involve tempering my life to better fit someone 
else's expectations. It doesn't involve constantly holding bock 
for fear of shaking things up. I want to soy it as clearly as I can: 
live, not survive." -XKCD 'Dreams' 

Julie Moloy 

Here's to Legends, teamroom, lifers, Quebec, Dblock free junior 
year, TJ's trips in Baxter, Briar Lone, Bblock bathroom buddies. 
Thumbs Up Crew, Bill Cosby, Prom weekend. Cape Cohd, "Entoh 
Portia", Kiss Concert, ZARD, ToyToy, neonship. Anatomy, laser tog, 
mid-term week, sweet sixteens, and soccer supafans. Field Hock- 
ey; Tourney '07, Sing-alongs, crozyponts, sleepover '08. Track; lifer 
lane and hurdle pride. To Mom, Dad, Danny and Brendan, thank 
you for everything, I couldn't ask for better support, and to my 
friends — "Our little group has always been, and always will until 
the end", i love you all. 

r Expressions 

Nicole Moore 


I know that my high school experience would not have been 
the Sonne without my family and friends. I love you all and 
thank you for supporting me all the way. While I am excited 
to move on in life, I will always remember my experiences at 
Westwood High School... the clan, egglings, Mississippi, the 
group<3, chicken pluck, Cindy's house!, lemon in a sock, WIN- 
NERS, Anna's, baseball games, SM- 
MAAACKKS N, Joke's, the vineyard 
with Sandy, Amy's cape house, 

Erin Mulliern 

I cannot grasp the idea of high 
school coming to on end. I 
wouldn't hove survived these 
four years without my biddies. "Our 
little group has always been and 
always will until the end." Here's to 
the aimless driving, ridiculous ac- 
cents, and crazy shenanigans that 
defined this past year. Here's to 
the alumni of Westwood Nurser/ 
& Legends. Swingsets '08, Seniors 
'09, Friends 'OLife. Mo friends, mo 
fun! Bros<3 Swimmers: "I can't wait 
to see you again." Will and Matty: 
I've doted both of you right? Col- 
leen, Maggie, Mom, and Dad: 
Thank you for always supporting 
me; Love you guys! 

Erin Nanna 

I will always remember judging people and being judged. Buck- 
master, driving pointlessly (to Dedham football games, Connecti- 
cut, etc.), "so it's o twosome type of thing?" -Bobo, implants, eoriy 
morning practices, lifers in the cor, the friendship tent, skipping 
practices, Nannerpuss, Perbino, secret plans, FL '09, entah Portia, 
mo' friends mo' fun, Dina, EMONEY, and so much more. Swim- 
ming and Diving - division champs '07, '08! Mom, Dad, Dylan, Pat- 
rick, and Casey, I know I couldn't have done any of this vvnthout 
you. Thanks to my friends, family, teachers, and ever/body else 
who helped me to get here. 1 love you all! 

Margaret Moylan 

SOPHOMORE YEAR, boogie man. N. Y.A.J, backing out of 
the driveway. Mikos. "Hi my name's Jeff". Summer Heights 
High School, breaking down in the parking lot. getting 
cuffed in medfield. WSC. COUNTRYFEST. mississppi '06 '07 
•08. FCFC. 

Andrea Munar 

I get by with a little help from my friends. Slurpees. Lil Wayne at 
McDs (Kath's fove). Cape Cod Summers (Jamaican Friends). 
Swimming with E$. CREEPS. Hoedown.Swimzillo. Laura's texts. 
Night swimming at Katie's, the trampoline. Go girl. Army crawl- 
ing. Crouching Home, Hidden Kotelyn. War with the Sebs kids. 
Brookline trips. Heart tohearts. New York trips. Musical dance 
parties. Dancer chant. AP Psych. All I wontfor xmos is you. 
Shaneyney Luenelle. Short Wednesdays at Laura's. moviesss. 
PTGWS. Poptarts...Live Lough Love Dream. 

Jonatlian Neimann 

First I'd like to thank my parents for their love and support, my brother 
Joe for being my best friend the post 1 8 years, and my girifriend Erin 
for making these lost two years extra special. I love you all. And to the 
class of '09, our time has finally come. Although we'll all be heading 

our separate ways, we'll never for- 
get the friendships we hove mode, 
the memories we've shared and 
the good times we had at WHS. 
The bond that we were able to 
form the post four years has made 
us a community. So when that 
time comes in June to throw up 
our caps, remember that it's not 
goodbye, it's only "cyo later". And 
as we look toward the future we 
can remember this advice; "even 
when the worid says quit, dream 
on until you know you're living it." 
Shine on class of 09, it's been real. 

Gary Novoson 

Some say not to get too caught up in the lit- 
tle things, just like Mr. Dillon would have told 
you "Don't miss the motorcycle." However, 
in my opinion, in high school, it is the little stuff 
like super bowl parties, scraps, tests, moking 
a run with mock trials, or taking anger out 
with tennis that build the fondest memo- 
ries. It is the people around that make high 
school an unforgettable experience and 
they are deserving of acknowledgement. 
Thanks to all my friends, family, and teach- 
ers that made it all possible. 


Cindy O'Brien 

I'll never forget our quest to Maiden and the rap video, my 
dead fish (thanks Jon and Tyler) , Ryan-thanks for making me 
laugh all the time and for hitting Katie in the head with that foot- 
ball. Laura's beach house. Allie, Eimon? Burgess with Steph, fun 
while it lasted. Crab rangoons with Molly and the DirtyD. I'll miss 
arguments with Hannah that I always lost. Sandy, now we have 
the scars to show how nuts we are. 

Brian O'Connor 

Westwood Football Bros 08 #7. Blaisdale Lake with the Bros. 
Wiffleball State Champs. Cyo Hoops. Latin 1 . Anatomy. The 
Big Three. Hockey games. The middle stall. Joying at shee- 
han. Freshman Basketball state champs. Spring Track. Mor- 
rison hoops. Friday night lights. Linebacker Drills. WR "Prime- 
time". Medfield Game. Thanksgiving football. WHS gym. 

^X ' 




i^att O'Donnell 

Kim Petti t 

cissil fui and odiid, getting air with mr ryon, bus rides, hot + spicy 
chex mix, football incidents, sceussee, spenser + freshman bas- 
ketball, jogs; NY -i- Boston, Megansett, Falmouth beach crew, 
fourth of July, getting off the ship, Julie macintire, 12/17/90 twins, 
loon, the melting pot, the ultimate, emo jams, stowe, del ray, XC, 
frosh soccer, none strauss and nigel, sun/iving holthouse. BLACK 
and my SMACKS. High school was unbelievable, thanks to the 
amazing people I had with me. I love you all. 

Mary/Anna and Patrick/Dan rivalr/, pond hockey of dcpc 
and mortho, the porch and the driveway, garage parties, 
"The Incident", KJASLwiffle ball, and taking laps... 

Amanda Poclie 

I will always remember what time Dunkies 
opens, being a peasant on on island, 
dancing through the 50's, ziggazoo with 
Brian. Being a costume crewmember 
even though I was in the show. The green 
mesh, "Kip"... (call with any problems.) 
Never letting a volleyball go untouched, 
getting forever bruised knees from it. Con- 
certs, sounding like meerkofs w/ kdog , 
that acoustic guitar. McGunogle quotes. 
Ruining earth day. adventures with Gun- 
ning, man Brian flagged down for being 
toll. Team Alex Moin.. 
much mare. Best of 
luck to the class of 2009. 
"Dream as if you will five 
forever, five as if you'll 
die today" 

184 Senior Express! 


Caitlin Pond 

"Just because something good ends doesn't mean some- 
thing better won't begin." Thanks to all who hove shared 
some great memories these past tour years: prom, MICH, stu- 
dio art II, morning drives, walking buddies, A260, New Years 
09, Dinners in Boston, fire and ice, A and E tree, chem class, 
to many to list.. My entire family I owe my thanks to for sup- 
porting me and helping me when i've needed them the 
most. Best of luck to seniors 09 :) 


Chris Pond 

WHS has given me four killer years of memories that I'll never for- 
get. The four consecutive years of cross-countr/ with Andrew, 
and Mike. Getting displaced in the hallway by Ryan. Great 
times in GD with Liza, "trite". The domination in Hurdles with the 
"Hurdle Squad" Jamal, and Kyle. C.Y.O basketball, St. Marga- 
ret Mary's for life. "Do Work!" .Trips to Hyde Pari< with Ben, and 
Eric to shred. Sitting in Andrew's basement. Over the past four 
years I have accumulated memories that I will carry forever, but 
never the less I am stoked for what the future has in store... "Amir" 

Katelyn Raftery 

Poptarts <3, Live Laugh Love Dream, lifers, cheetos, night 
swimming at Katie's, the trampoline, short Wednesdays at 
Laura's, creeps, FRIENDS, gingers, Lil' Wayne at McDon- 
alds, Mr.G, Go Girl, Blueberry Yum Yum, free blocks, St. 
Sebs wars, over filled lunch tables, AP Psych, army crawl- 
ing, 24-hour Starbucks, spread your wings, Slurpees, Shinoy- 
nay Linelle, raspberry ginger ale, cinnamon bun and cake 
batter ice cream, hint of limes, Chile's, Murphs, and PTGW 

Camille Rogers 

Neggin Rostamnezhad 

Although four years may seem like 
a long time, it went by way too 
fast. I won't forget the free blocks, 
the movie nights, the mall trips, the 
family vacations or even just hang- 
ing out that consisted of great 
times and great friends. I may be 
starting a new chapter in life, but 
the memories lost forever. Thank 
you to my family, who has always 
supported me and motivated me 
to do my best. And thanks to Yal- 
da for making the post two years 
of highschool memorable for sure. 
I'll always keep in mind not to dwell 
on the past, but to instead learn 
from it. My lasting advice? "The 
tassel's worth the hassle". 

Dominic Ruiz 

I need to thank everyone especially SD RF CR LC AM SM 
MM DD WD NA LH KP MG SP SK EF. I will aNvays remem- 
ber PC SB SH SC TC KT. May the stars watch over you. 

Senior Expressions 185 



Allie Ryan 

Thenunkind, the U.S.S 
Diversity, the cape, 
trampoline, "Boom 
done over", Christies 
and McDonalds park- 
ing lots. Glen Rood 
sign, Katie's food, the 
bump, paint fight, 
my hot tub and runs 
around the house, 

f-j^m -• i^B ..-'^ Omie my homie, pool 

^^j, ^ ■ ■^BT' ^ nopping and "sorry 

^ ^ ^^^ i^"^^ we're closed". Vine- 

yard with Sandy, car 
crashes in bunny costumes, ski trips with the Wells family, Mr. 
Brillant, spying on neighbors, my garage, 7:00 AM bus rides 
with Kim, the boat, watching Robert dance, adventures to 
Maiden and Pete-Man. I'll miss you WHS. 

Abby Sayeg 

Jimbo, diving into the bottom of the brockton pool, deep con- 
vos with soroh such and Kelly, morning adventures with kelly, 
runs with kelly, prom with kelly, ponero, chipotle and nail runs 
with Brooke. Creeping around farms with Ali and Meg. Andrew's 
basement, and High School Musical. Wild Willies with Sarah. Ste- 
ven and Mike being creepy FRANCE!!!! Thank you. 

Will Scannell 

Legends, BS4L, 11/9, St. Denis CYO Dynasty, Westwood Baseball 
State Champs 2008, Westwood Golf, Slammin' Sammy, Norfy 
Golfing with Juice and Kyle, Thurston Thursday, Scotty Bornicles, 
Tin Cup + Independence Day, B Block Anatomy, "stimulous". 
Malaxes Chemistr/, Lost in Space, F Block Biology, Stained Pants, 
"ah Ha ha!", B Block Free, "rutine". Toco Bell, Danielle + Danielle 
II, James Ogelthorpe, double dote + 1 , Rood Trip 2009, Prom '08- 
'09. Thank you friends, family, and WHS for an amazing 4 years. 

Tyler Schock 

state Champs #3,7,12,16, Cindy's fish tank. Captaining a CYO 
Dynasty, My front yard with Bcrowe, McDonald's, Christies, jed- 
words, NHL 09, Getting creepy with Casey and Bcrowe in the 
Sable, Pond Hockey, Dolleman's "graduations", stories from 
Phil, listening to Jimmy, Sleight's wagon, not paying attention 
in class with Juice, Islington, Dunkies with Juice and Bcrowe, 
judging with Casey, high-fives with Alex, The Hammer, listening 
to James read in Spanish, Dodgeboll Champs 09, Homeroom 
249, Late night driving with Juice in the Mountaineer, Heating 
up and on fire. Thanksgiving morning. 

All Schroeder 

"This one's for believing, if only for its sake. 

Come on friends get up now, love is to be made." 

- Greg Loswell 

Jason Sementelli 

The most memorable ports of HS were playing 4 years of basket- 
ball and baseball. Being apart of the 2008 WHS baseball state 
championship team was something I will never forget. I would rate 
my top three classes as: # 3 Video Production because making 
movies with Chris and Greg was hilarious, # 2 Junior year Spanish 
with Ms. Ashworth, and the best class ever has been anatomy 
with Mrs. Russell. In the end I am ready to leave this school. 

Amanda Sestito 

sophomore year, fosho, 
partridge drive, hull, Aruba 
09, kukoo kunuku, OTH 
superfans, MUNCHKINS, 
being on a mission, MLD, 
strawberry hill and dover 
road, LENNY, new hamp- 
shire '06, '07, '08, bridge- 
water, the boogyman, 
countryfest, eggs <3, fish 
& CO., "he was like hello... 
what is your name."... 

Michelle Shang 

Af sheen Sharif zadeh 

These were the glory years. In 
went boys and girls and out 
came promising young men 
and women. Thank you to all at 
Westwood High School, and I 
send a special thanks to the in- 
credible teachers at WHS who 
mode this transformation possi- 
ble-you will always be a part of 
me. Nagz,Yakky, & Koi-Kai 2ge- 
da4eva, Tou een zomooneh (11) 
& Da Guruh; Thalom; Infernal 5, 
china!; Xip, Xippy, Xap, etc.; yoo 
bai; kid, bu kibbeh + diegz, the 
plan!; express; Ye Olde Worde 
Banke; time machine; halofest, 
coag ctf all vehicles, banshee!; 
kitst; arrright. 

Mike Sharry 

I will remember oh so many things. The awesome cribs 
video that Brendan and I made, building the Acropolis, 
and laughing about the glass all over Kyle's kitchen floor. 
I will remember all the pool house fun and Steve and I be- 
ing constantly moved away from each other in Stats class. 
Yoko Kowoshimo Wofkins. I will miss doing as little running as 
possible with Brendan in X-C and I will especially miss those 
sweet words whispered into my ear "kiss me" from Steve. 
Good times. 

I will never forget all the great times that I hove shared with 
my friends. They mean everything to me and I would not 
hove wanted to go through high school with anyone else. 
Julia N- someone who I can share anything and everything 
with. Melanie- you bring out a completely different side of 
me. Amy- you're the most random and hilarious person ever. 
Julia K- you're odd and hilarious, and we both love Brian. 
Lauren- words cannot describe you. Jillian- Robert Pottinson 
is gorgeous. Becca- Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I love 
you guys and I'll miss you! 

Arya Sharifzadeh 

I would like to thank my friends and family for their amazing 
support over the lost four years. High school was definitely a 
memorable experience, and I have grown as an individual 
thanks to the love of those around me. I am extremely ex- 
cited for the opportunities ahead, but I will never forget the 
good times that were WHS: Scrapping onyone-onywhere- 
anytime, World Tour 2002, Infernal 5, MOX, Coag (ollvehi- 
cles). Tin Cup, Mints 09, KJASL, Yop, Big 3 woo woo, Ky-guy 
09, libraryejections, tennis bros, B block free - Rutine, Casey 
and I being frnz. So long Westwood, and with all my heart, I 
bid you farewell. 

Lana Sharuk 

"Memop/ is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you 
are, the things you never want to lose." The past four years have 
been a blur for me, but one thing is for sure, I'll never forget lucky 
with the soccer team, learning that math can be 'kinky,' dance 
parties. . .everywhere, surefine, freshman basketball... Spenser, 'I 
like really like lakes,' nature Joy, 'I speak Spain...,' Stunnas, Shonio 
knows best, taping 'memories you won't 
wont to forget,' Boston adventures, 
thanks to the friends that shared my 
memories and Mom, Dad, Maio, and 
Deena for making them possible. 

Senior Expressions 187 

Molly Shea 

Six Flags. Dedham Football Games. Sill & Mill. Something 
Spectacular. FL '09. Fmdz. More Friends, More Fun. Skwack- 
ing Pidgeon. Oistyrr Ceepyrll. Riddle Me That. Ditzy Straw. 
Yakity Sax. Baby Farm. Pure Torture. INVU4URAQT. Am I Bal- 
lin'? Bzzzzz. Buckmaster. Friendshipland. Zip Trip. Betty Sue. 
Donna. Bai Boi Boil. Unusual. Unagi. Edible Arrangements. 
Leather Jackets. Om Shanti Shanti. Left On Red. Stop Signs 
Optional. Doodlebears. Me And My Phone. Wrong Side Of 
The Road. 

John Sleight 

John Sheehan 

Juan, State Champs, rediculous names, 5am practice/break- 
fast, blowing people away, pasta diners, free blocks, op psych, 
graphic design (both years). High school reunion, time for Ion 
and I to bock up our words. Find a away to moke high school 
fun, and it will be fun. 

Memories: Allies, hockey/football games, Halloween, lacrosse, 
summers in NSB, Poppy, Christmas party, new years, Jon's 
driveway/garages, destruction of T.P.'s, morning conference, 
parking lot meetings, O.D.'s, S.A.T. after party, 271, voting no 
on going to the game in the rain, bollergenetics. Track 3, KJSL 
Tourney, Wild Harbor Jetty, nattsss, fishing in the cape, junior 
adventures, late night McDonalds, sleepover at Sandy's, birth- 
day dinner, 9/20 

Hilary Sugg 

Max Smith 

Westwood Football, Base- 
ball State Champs '08, CYO 
Hoops, Pond Hockey with 
the Boys, Wiffleball Champs 
'08, Lake Bloidell, the Full 
Moon, Handicap Stall, Hock- 
ey Gomes, J'ing at Sheehan, 
Freshman Basketball, Latin I 
& II, B Block Anontomy, Wif- 
fleball Tournament Brawls, 
the Cope, Reggie, B's, Ky- 
Guy, and Living the Dream. 
Carpe Diem. 

To various memories: freshman soccer and andre, jv tennis 
food lists, xc / track family, "-is" nicknames, chem with syd 
and molls, being a proud member of mr. g's bond crew, na- 
ture lifers, emergency 'walks oround the block', office parties, 
old school movies at the wiggin's, cooking adventures, mraz/ 
eorthfest/kissconcert/dcfc, trips to beantown, quebec et la 
trance, cruising in the standards. ..thank you to the friends 
who mean so much to me, to mom, dad, and kotie, for your 
endless support and love. To the class of 09, "be the change 
you wish to see in the world..." 

Stephanie Sukennik 

"Truly great friends ore hard to find, difficult to leave, and im- 
possible to forget" SENIORS09. XC, fboll&hockey gomes, cope, 
humorock, WALDOS WAY, Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho!, the jungle, DP08, 
gusgus, the fairies, JT obsessions, meditech, katies food, coun- 
tryfestOS, homeroom A249. These post 4 years flew by, but the 
memories will last a lifetime. Thanks to all my friends and family. I 

Chris Sullivan-Trainor 

Clams! It's Party Time and you know why! Hunting and gather- 
ing, Mr G storytime, dude, we're like the triforce. Tipper Gore 
mmmmm-g-g-g-g-g-g-g, procrastinating as an ortform, 4 dif- 
ferent homeroom teachers, enchiladas de mole. 
It's not about the destination, it's the journey that matters 


Laura Teehan 

"And it feels like it was only yester- 
day when we walked into this place 
and said 'I can't wait till I get out of 
here.' " So many wonderful memo- 
ries. ..Double C; Study groups; Med- 
itech; Mortal Flesh; DPI 03; "Yes I 
am, uhhuh"; fairies; concerts; Track 
family; MV; Humarock; Leg swings; 
zoo; McDonalds B.J.S; Jen; Classic 
Laura pics; The van; 400 meters; 
The only normal ones. I will always 
remember the laughter that makes 
you cry. Chris, Michael, Mom and 
Dad, you're the best family anyone 
could ever ask for. "I hate saying 
goodbye, so I just won't." 

Greg Thompson 

I will forever remember the rise of the Acropolis, winning with 
the boys and co-leading them all the way to last place with JN, 
pumping iron and meeting Hercules at the Civic Center, Yoko 
Kawashima Watkins and the pool house, collecting class dues, 
losing my face at Boylans, Jasper, <3 and friendship, the Dover 
Demon, being the best, the blue whole, and hanging with the 



f ^ ' 


1 'MHERSr 

1 1 

SiliS iiOiALAiJ 

Kayvon Touran 

Kelsey Thornton 

I remember it always. May the 
fork be with you, and may you 
keep your pot of Irish gold safe, 
while the diet sprite is wrapped 
in the betrayal of Potter movies 
and pomegranates. May Joe 
adore Bridget eternally. RIP 
and love to various cars, may 
driving in circles at midnight 
forever be as spellbinding as 
it is now. May we conquer the 
world with our eager faces, 
and, OS we tour the counties, 
may the violin perpetually sing 
for the Appreciation Club. Five 
years and forever, may you al- 
ways be my best friends. 

Matthew Traylor 

I would like to thank Dad, Sarah, Nana, Mom, Hannah C, 
Pavan, Nicky, Adam, Alexo, Dave, Seamus, Ms. Walsh, Ms. 
Connors, Ms. Hanlon, Ms. Roffol, and Ms. Smith for helping 
me for the past few years. 1 think high school was nice. 

Senior Expressions 189 

Danny Troy 

punta cana, the beacon, runs to cc with jdf, eosthonn, hotel 
berluti, ak's, the cave, cat combo, mikey's, beating cc in nhl, 
slick and rach's neighb, denmark, KJASL, lax state champs, 
SRFZUP, 2-stroke, mini bball, blackout 24/7 with cali, pond 
hockey, dcpc, jo jo, kyle's luck/the lisp 

Rachael Tuleja 

"Well, all I'm saying is 
that I want to look back 
and say that I did the 
best I could while I was 
stuck in this place, hod 
as much fun as I could 
while I was stuck in this 
place, played as hard 
as I could while I was I. 
stuck in this place..."- 
Dazed and Confused, 
Buffy & Trixie, a little 
SK- Kyle, Stephaniee, 
Bowlin with the Buddah! 

Kyle Tucke 

Snowmobiling with Mikey, SKFL- Alex, Owning the table with 
Max, Mrs. Fofaro, Lost with Lane, Naspeace and Ry Guy, Home- 
room, Car rides with B Lay, Hull, Sean Kingston- Rach, Graphic 
Design with D- Train, Hilton with Dan, Casey rubbing it in how 
rich he was everyday. Weenie and Sam, Lukindo, Rooring and 
balling with Steve, pooching with Juice in my backyard, Oacky, 
Troaock, Slommin' Sammy, Fitzy needing to stop flexing, Wiffle- 
boll Tournament, Just being so lucky everyday 

Corrinne Wells 

SSSMAAAACCCKK N, track, soccer, orchestra, Reggie Lewis, 
Sully, ski trips with Allie, pool hopping "sony we're closed", 
trampoline, lessons from Deb, quality time with the Brooks' 
family, Martha's Vineyard, "Timber!", getting grounded. ..all the 
time, Katie's food, McDonald's, Christy's, Zordi, ponera, secret 
santa, driving over 4 foot tall curb. Chant, New Years at John's, 
ceramics sophomore year, the bump. Canton, Phil's bonfires, 
maha face. Thanks to my mom and dad, Greg, Molly, friends, 
Sam, classmates, and teammates for an awesome four years. 

Brooke Whalen 

Seniors '09. Swimming 
and Diving- Division 
Champs '07 & '08. DINA 
and the speed bumps, 
tping, amy bean brown- 
ies. JB and Britney, pan- 
era, chipotle, houston 
nails, & heath ledger mar- 
athon with Abby. Venez/ 
Ecuador/ DR. open your 
eyes. Wendy's with my 
fovs. justine/bebe. elec- 
troconvulsive therapy: 
part 1.. GG parties at 
Abs. friendly's with Sarah. 
In my heart it's the four of 
us- always and forever<3 

Jake Williams 

Chillin and Grillin in my drive way. Hanging on the porch and of 
my house on weekends. Driving down to the cape on Sunday 
after eating ot Nicks. Hangin and gamin at Boylans on weekdays 
and weekends while using the Flux Capacitor. Detailing cars in 
my drive way especially the NISMO and Paul's Civic. Going to Pri- 
mavera and drifting in the Pathfinder. Sleepovers with the Boyz! 


Ian Wright 

High school was o good ex- 
perience to lool< bock upon 
and it's pretty crazy that it's 
over but I'm looking ahead 
to the future because 1 
have big plans. I enjoyed 
selling my shirts and seeing 
them on people around the 
school, and it was fun hang- 
ing with friends and creat- 
ing lasting relationships. I 
personally don't care how 
I'm remembered because 
the only thing I'm gonna be 
doing is making money and 
I invite anyone to try to stop 


Stephen Zeng 

Alas, it is finally the end of four years 
at Westwood high. It was the best 
of times, it was the of 
times. We seniors, like the nomadic 
sparrow, journey away from home 
in hope of a better tomorrow. But 
the times at Westwood cannot be 
ignored. The times spent here can 
only be summed up in a single 
word: unforgettable. Cube stadi- 
um in Syd Malaxos' class, science 
team bus rides, WCCN with the 
short lived, but nonetheless enter- 
taining, WHS dragon team, diversi- 
ty day booths, NAHS bowl making 
afternoons, B block library gong: 
it is indeed crazy to be Chinese in 
Minnesota, and many more. 

Krishna Yelleswarapu 

Life is like a camera. It takes snap- 
shots of memorable events and 
stores these memories forever. One 
important snapshot for me has 
been math class with Mr. Ouellette. 
Tackling an AP Calculus BC class left 
no room for excitement. However, 
while challenging our minds with 
vigorous math formulas and con- 
cepts, Mr. Ouellette found a way to 
odd fun into the curriculum by hav- 
ing a sketch-off that counted down 
the remaining days left until the AP 
test. Leaving this math class, I wont 
to praise Mr. Ouellette for his hard 
work and dedication in making Cal- 
culus a great math subject for me. 

Tony Xia 

Westwood High School is a place I will never forget. It has 
taught me so much more than academics. I'll always miss 
the memories and the friends that I've made here. Thank 
you to my family and friends for making my four years the 
best that they could be. 

Colleen Zapcic 

"Cause these were the days worth livin. These were the days 
we were given. And these were the moments, these were 
the times. We made the best out of our lives". Sophomore 
year. OTH Superfans. Partridge Drive. Canton. Homeroom 
103. Christies. Mississippi 07 & 08. exceeding the obsense limit. 
Bridgewofer. Country Fest. TSwift night. CBrown and JSparks 
weekend. MC parties. E block Stats family. CD- best soccer 
managers ever! 8th grade forever PammyG. see ya west- 
wood high. "Every new begining comes from some other 
beginings end". 

Matty Zola 

As I depart Westwood, I will miss 
listening to UB40 with the crew, our 
adventures with the Burrito Brigade, 
the constant pursuit of the ever 
fleeting "Bucket List," the dynamic 
demolition duo, 20 year NCAA 
dynasties, the "peppermint twist" 
after little league games, pointless 
arguments about nothing, no, yes, 
CST, dropped hats and the lack 
of a sierra mist shower, my bff but 
don't tell Probes, rockband until 
4am, Build-a-Bear, the civic center, 
the Sheehon bboll crew, the friend- 
ship train, David Dwayne Dogen- 
hordt, Jim Brew, the bridge to Tera- 
bythia, and Erin, my best girifriend 
since sophomore year. Whoop. 

Senior Expressions 191 




1 1 


football game to celebrate 
Homecoming Week. 







Green Years 1 93 

I lUVV do you 

^ nnnboutonniere? 

boutinnerre ml 

bouttinere -cw 

bootinear js 

boutinerre -km 

Prom 195 


Looking back (way back) 

Teachers' prom memories 

"At a school-sponsored after party my friend separated his shoulder. 
I spent the majority of my prom night in the ER with him." -Mr. Sherr 

"If I even remembered my date... that would be a pnom memory!" -Mr. Shuman 

"Everyone wore those ugly potyester pastel tuxedos." -Ms-SngteSon 

"Big skirts and even bigger hair" -Ms. Houston 

11 .V 


How many stores did you go to in order to 
find the perfect dress? 
Corrinne Wells 

- "I went to five stores in order to find two 
dresses... I have two proms to go to!" 
When do you start thinking about prom? 
Mary Laughna 

- "I usually begin thinking about pram during early t^arch, but 
I actually start looking for a dress much later than that." 

Are you willing to wear white on prom night? 
John Sheehan 

- "Absolutely." 

196 Green Years 






dress dress hair shoes 

tickets ^ . shoes dress ,. 
ha,r ^"^^ iimo 


Prom 197 

Seniors had a beautiful day for enjoying 
the waves, playing games and picnicking 
at Crane's Beach in Ipswich! 

Senior Week 199 


The Class of 200^ doesnt 
waste a.danfl^loor! ' 
Ms going so " 
.t the DJ continued 
. iong after the boat had^ 
.. ned to harbor. 

\ I" 







^^fABHt-. x>'~ w^A 











/' ^1 

m,sSjJ^ 1 











200 Green Years 


On the third day of Senior Week, The Class of 2009 donned its summer 
semi-formal wear and boarded the luxurious "Spirit of Boston". As the 
boat sailed around Boston Harbor, the class enjoyed the buffet and the 
Yearbook Staff announced the results of the class vote for senior superla- 
tives. After lunch students mingled on the upper decks and enjoyed the 
amazing scenery and warm winds. By mid-cruise the dance floor heated- 
up and Paul Hatfield, Jake Williams, Greg Thompson, and Josh Cheung 
revealed impressive and amusing solo moves. The day ended in the typical 
'09 style- an extreme dance party and the class packed on the dance floor 
singing Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. 






•J . , -/it' ^^^^^^BuEI 


wJKmWm 4 m^ 

s and danced 

The Senior Cruise 203 

•■-' ";,": 

D- * -^ « 11- Biggest Contributor _. ^ ... , 

Biggest Coffee Junl<ie ^^ ^^ Class Biggest Flirt 

Biggest Gossip 

Julie Moloy & 
Ryan Maguire 

Biggest Movie Buff 

Class Clown 

Greg Thompson & 
Danielle Damren 

Hottest Wtieels 

Kyle Tucke & 1 
Sarah Matthews 1 

Colleen Zapcic & 
Danny Troy 

Life of the Party 

Most Argumentative 

Most Artistic 

Most Athletic 

Most Changed Since tr\- • i ck i '^°^* '■''<^®'y *° ^^ /^ost Lil<ely to be in a 

Middle School Most ongmai bryie Approved by Parents Fender Bender 

Most Lil<ely to be on 
"The Real World" 

Most Likely to 

Most Likely to be 
Texting in Class 

First in Line at 
Cafe West 


In order to embark 
on the next stage of 
our lives, we must 
leave behind a school 
community that we 
know and love. We are 
frightened to explore 
such unchartered terri- 
tories that await us in 
the future, but we also 
move forward with a 
sense of hope. ^ y 





Graduation 207 

208 Green Years 

Look! It's a bird... it's a plane..., no, it's the super-heroes-themed 
ALL NIGHT GRAD PARTY! The Class of 2009 graduates were treated 
to non-stop activities, including: the "Wrecking Ball;" Old-time 
photos; Manicures, face-painting and hair-braiding; make-your- 
own-music videos, and even a mechanical bull! The evening's 
entertainment included fortune telling, Simon-Says, a mind- 
boggling and hilarious show by the hypnotist, and guest appear- 
ances by some familiar looking comic book heroes (even Mr. Sherr 
in spandex!) Thanks to the committee of parent volunteers who 
made the night so much fun and so memorable! 

All Night Grad Parly 211 

\^ I- -:•■ 




t'. . 

#■• " 

» • 1 

la / 




'7 -if* 


e *;*>/-' 
^^j 'i^*^'^- 





Daniel Abbott Bryant University 

Daniel Akikie Drexel University 

Kathryn Aloisio Smith College 

Benjamin Anderson Seattle University 

Laura Anderson Elon University 

Julie Aoude Suffolk University 

Janelle Argiros Quinnipiac University 

Kaitlin Aries Quinnipiac University 

Jed Audi Suffolk University 

Emily Bailakis Massachusetts College of Art and Design 

Chanelle Baker Bentley University 

Bradford Baldwin St. Olaf College 

Robert Bambini Curry College 

Molly Banis Northeastern University 

Barbara Beach California College of the Arts 

Amy Bean Tufts University 

Angelica Belezos Bentley University 

James Berluti Bates College 

Kevin Boettger Hamilton College 

Molly Bonkowski University of Massachsetts Lowell 

Sam Boosalis Brown University 

Erica Bowlby Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Andrew Boylan George Washington University 

Kyle Brew University of Virginia 

Jason Brogna United States Coast Guard 

Cassandra Brooks Fairfield University 

Laura Brooks Stonehill College 

Abbie Brown Fitchburg State College 

Ralph Bruno Lasell College 

Matthew Burke College of the Holy Cross 

Keith Burrelle Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Michael Burton Bates College 

Steven Calobrisi Suffolk University 

Taiwanna Campbell Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary "Arts 

Nicole Campion University of Notre Dame 

Ailton Carvalho Suffolk University 

Pavan Chavali Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Sarah Chen Princeton University 

Jeahnie Cheng Mass. College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences 

Joshua Cheung New York University 

Eva Christopherson Berklee College of Music 

Mia Cianciarulo Wheelock College 

Nicholas Citrone Northeastern University 

Steven Clerge Suffolk University 

Hannah Cohn Cornell College 

Megan Corsi University of Rhode Island 

Thomas Coyle Monmouth University 

Casey Criss Providence College 

Brendan Crowe Bentley University 

John Cuozzo University of Michigan 

Justin Dale Stony Brook University 

Danielle Damren Elon University 

Sarah Dawson College of Charleston 

Scott Delisle Boston University 

Aaron Derderian Bentley University 

Cassandra Devin Hofstra University 

Arianna DiBenedetto Northeastern University 

Caroline DiGiacomo Suffolk University 

Elena DiMento Bentley University 

Jamie Doyle Fordham University 

Michael Fafara Bentley University 

Nilofar Fallah-Sohy University of Mar/land 

Tabbytha Ferguson Massachusetts College of Art & Design 

James Filbin Stonehill College 

Paul Fitzpatrick Boston College 

Molly Foster Simmons College 

Robert Foxx Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Jennifer Franchi Trinity College 

Alanna Gallagher University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 

Rebecca Gentilli Amherst College 

Julia Germane University of New Hampshire 

Brian Gilman Bentley University 

Christopher Graves Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Stephanie Greeley Roger Williams University 

Catherine Greenwood Boston University 

Elizabeth Groton College of Charleston 

Marsha Groves Fitchburg State College 

Pamela Guinta Emmanuel College 

Alexander Gunning University of Colorado Boulder 

Russell Gutterson University of Vermont 

Amanda Haddad Sacred Heart University 

Omar Hadzipasic Johns Hopkins University 

Elizabeth Haffey George Washington University 

Amy Halkett Providence College 

Lauren Hall Sacred Heart University 

Sami Hamdan Boston University 

Yujin Hamill George Washington University 

Hannah Hammond The Univ of North Carolina Charlotte 

Cameron Harding Denison University 

Matthew Harney Wentworth Institute of Technology 

Paul Hatfield Berklee College of Music 

Melanie Hedal Goucher College 

Jamal Hill University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 

Lauren Hillberg University of Rhode Island 

Joseph Hiltz-Maher University of Connecticut 

Abigail Holler Wake Forest University 

Cameron Johnston Franklin and Marshall College 

Julia Kane United States Coast Guard Academy 

Lauren Kareh Assumption College 

Paulina Keskinidls Mass. College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences 

Alexander Kjellman University of Colorado Boulder 

Anna Koban Northeastern University 

Matthew Koban University of Connecticut 

Matthew Kress University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Justin Kucher University of New Hampshire 

Victoria Laham University of Tampa 

Kathleen Lally Salem State College 

Mary Laughna Gettysburg College 

Meghan Lawlor Suffolk University 

Brendan Leahy University of New Hampshire 

Justin Lee George Washington University 

Victoria Lee University of California Davis 

Stuart Leibson University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Anna Lentz Union College 

Jillian London Mount Holyoke College 

Ryan Maguire University of Connecticut 

Patrick Maher Han/ard University 

Kathryn Martin Lehigh University 

John Massad University of San Diego 

Sarah Matthews Connecticut College 

Mary McDonnell University of Richmond 

Krista McGinnis Northeastern University 

Matthew McGrath University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 

Theresa McWatters Lasell College 

Christina Mealey University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 

Jonathan Mellor Endicott College 

Anokhee Mepani New York University 

Gabriella Messina Washington University in St. Louis 

Alexander Moin Ithaca College 

Brian Molloy Emerson College 

Julie Moloy Providence College 

Nicole Moore Quinnipiac University 

Margaret Moylan Wentworth Institute of Technology 

Erin Mulhern Loyola College in Maryland 

Mariandrea Munar Saint Michael's College 

Vincent Musto Boston College 

Julia Nagle Ithaca College 

Erin Nanna Providence College 

Jonathan Neimann Clemson University 

Gary Novoson University of Massachsetts Amherst 

Cynthia O'Brien University of New Hampshire 

Brian O'Connor Bryant University 

Matthew O'Donnell Suffolk University 

Kiara Pazan Florida International University 

Eric Peterson University of Vermont 

Kimberly Pettit Fairfield University 

Amanda Poche Fitchburg State College 

Caitlin Pond Framingham State College 

Christopher Pond Framingham State College 

Katelyn Raftery Assumption College 

Evan Rees Indiana University 

Luke Reynolds University of Rhode Island 

William Richardson University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Camille Rogers Emory University 

Christopher Rogers Applying to U.S. Air Force 

Neggin Rostamnezhad Northeastern University 

Alan Royer United States Marine Corps 

Dominic Ruiz Wheaton College 

Allison Ryan Roger Williams University 

Matthew Sawyer University of Maryland 

William Sawyer Preparing to be a Personal Trainer 

Abigail Sayeg University of Delaware 

William Scannell University of Connecticut 

Tyler Schock University of New Hampshire 

Ali Schroeder Northeastern University 

Jason Sementelll Merrimack College 

Amanda Sestito Bryant University 

Michelle Shang University of Pittsburgh 

Afsheen Sharifzadeh Tufts University 

Arya Sharifzadeh Boston University 

Michael Sharry Champlain College 

Lana Sharuk Boston University 

Molly Shea Boston College 

John Sheehan College of William and Mary 

John Sleight Providence College 

Max Smith Bentley University 

James Strong Norwich University 

Hilary Sugg Boston University 

Stephanie Sukennik Quinnipiac University 

Christopher Sullivan-Trainer Boston University 

Kathryn Sullivan-Trainer Cornell University 

Laura Teehan Bentley University 

Gregory Thompson University of Maryland 

Kelsey Thornton University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 

Kayvon Touran Northeastern University 

Daniel Troy Boston College 

Kyle Tucke University of Tampa 

Rachael Tuleja James Madison University 

Phillip Walker Saint Lawrence University 

Ryan Walsh Boston College 

Katherine Ward University of New Hampshire 

Corrinne Wells Fairfield University 

Matthew Werth University of Delaware 

Brooke Whalen Quinnipiac University 

Kara Wiggin Northeastern University 

Jacob Williams James Madison University 

Ian Wright University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Tony Xia New York University 

Narayana Yelleswarapu University of Pittsburgh 

Andrew Young Emmanuel College 

Nina Zafar Emmanuel College 

Colleen Zapcic The University of North Carolina Charlotte 

Stephen Zeng Northwestern University 

Matthew Zola University of Pittsburgh 

Plans for Next Year 213 


A^ i;5l 


I, Daniel Abbott, leave the golf team and golf clubs to Alex A. My Captain spot to 
Dave M. My sub woffers to Freddy. The hockey team to Mike and Jordan with my 
captain spot. Hallion can have my non-ghetto track shoes. Everything else I own goes 
to Chris Adams. * I, Kathryn Aloisio, leave the robotics team and all that comes with 
it to Xander Ventola and Rebecca McClellan (good luck and have fun in your senior 
year!) * I, Laura Anderson, leave Rebecca the binder, Katie her boyfriend, Jenn a 
bagel, Alessandra the "fight" cheer, Maddie rant sessions, Casey rides home, Meaghan 
title of "Diesel Base," Liz and Neha fun science classes, and A.J. my dance skills. * I, 
Janelle Argiros, leave Anna my texting in class skill, Ann-Marie future chats, Natalie 
every single lab write-up, Christina my failed license test, Jackie the Norwood Hockey 
Team, Yalda other teams' lost and founds, Alexis my laptop, the car, and the track 
team. * I, Kaitlin Aries, leave Madison Rau sprained ankles, Paul's office, the GOOD 
ice. Janice my kitchen. Chicken- rides to school. Leah- Millis coach. Sam- OD mo- 
ments. KERRI- nubbins, stalking everyone you can, food comas, Italian summers, and 
my love. * I, Chanelle Baiter, leave the step team to Marjorie Juste. I leave my 
legacy to the continuous METCO family that will enter the high school. * I, Brad 
Baldwin, leave James Laughlin and Myles, keeping it extreme at soccer. Chad and 
Steve C, the ski team. Rob Levine and Matt Gee the tennis team. Mooncai and Ravi 
take good care of the orchestra. Finally, I leave to Scott Sykowski my 1992 Toyota 
Previa. * I, Molly Banis, leave my sister Sarah, Canton and all that comes with it. '■ ., 
Barbara Beach, leave Jacinta my singing & rapping skills on the METCO bus. I leave 
Kara my personality in hopes she will find her own Tabby. I leave my self control to 
Alexita, stick in there hon! Te Amo Meda Meda! Lastly, I leave my determination to my 
continuing METCO family. Try hard, play harder & reach beyond the stars. * I, Amy 
Bean, leave the swim team a dynasty and victory over Ursuline, Erin- the missing lap 
and adventures, Katelyn- a kidnapping, Audra- Latin 4, Sarah and Kelly- luck with 
Renny, Penny- magnetism. Alii- NY, and Becky, Alex, and Megan- you know. * I, 
Angelica Belezos, leave MJ, JP, and RH my memory of biology class freshman year. I 
feel bad for which ever freshman gets my wicked convenient locker located in the 
middle of China. * I, James Berluti, leave Cadams the hotel business, Ravi my 
brains, Musto the Lax Defence, Willie Smith Beamin my cowboy like looks/ lifestyle, 
and Pells the football huddle. * I, Kyle Brew, leave Mike Chirokas my pride, JMAC my 
swagger, OD my dance moves, Myles my Duke apparel, and Shayan my questionable 
music. * I, Cassandra Brooks, leave Lydia Toothbrushes, Maggie/Jackie the Best 
Senior Year, Muh Running Skills, Griff my Heart, Samantha Brooks Future 
Grounding, My Party Skills, and the BEST HS Years, Underclassmen Hiding 
Places in the Woods, Never Found Me Once. * I, Laura Brooks, leave 
Leigha and Krissy the morning ride, Rach the XC team, ACamps a 
stopwatch, McNulty my heavy lifting abilities, Katie sore shins, Yalda the 
team enthusiasm, bugging Jen to Nina, Leah a powerbar and Sophie a 

hug. * I, Abbie Brown, leave Mollie the lacrosse goal, Brandon the 

england girls. The FH girls: It's all coming back to me now, and my 
lax loves a winning tradition! * I, Matthew Burke, leave my 
brother Chris the Burke family name, Dylan Nanna my ferocious 
appetite, Pat Scannell a fashionable AC/DC hat, Hani Singer and 
Alison McNulty the WHS Jazz Band, and Chris "Animal" Anamateros 
my diving skills. * I, Michael Burton, leave the joys of excessive 
running and hurdling to Erik Brakke, especially setting them up 
before every meet. And to Steve Weinreich, the challenge of 
beating me since you haven't yet. * I, Nicole Campion, leave 
the sound board to the Matts, fun-filled Legislative Council 
meetings to Erica and Rebecca, my alarm clock and unwanted 
clothing to All, and my bassoon to anyone brave enough to take it 
on. * I, Jeannie Cheng, leave Bev my car (keep it clean!); and 
Tara, best wishes for her freshman year. To Maya, I leave the 
memories of you chasing me down about my license! I will miss 
those the most. Good luck in your senior year! * I, Mia Cianciarulo, 
leave Kristen GABF and HBF, D-Stein Titubah, A.J. CS and gauntlet, 
Becca, Madeline, and Erin the Mothership, Ducklings my love and 
stench, Eliza the SM reins, and my love and annoying fb messages to my 
Zp loves. * I, Steven Clerge, leave Maya Bechara - Track Spandex and 

214 Green Years 

Under Armor. Neha Basu - Donuts. Beverly Cheng - Hugs and 
Memories. Ann Sheehan - Long Lifers.Victor Maccow - Girls. 
Sarah Cucchiara - Autographed Picture of me. * I, Thomas 
Coyle, leave Johnny Alfonzo the snake, Erik my black tie for 
band concerts, Alison "Gospel John", SCuchie my science 
homework, Malachy my Pop Tarts, KFED my Ipod, Shayan my 

Halkett early trips to Dunkin Donuts and a package of frozen 
hotdogs. Michael Keane a spray on tan and a carton of fresh 
milk. And J.T. Kelly a brand new beach ball. * I, Lauren Hall, 
leave Alanna the responsibility of organizing team bonding 
events, Yalda my brother, Audra a sacrificed freshmen to throw 
the "blue thing" to, Katie my love and Georgia a loaf of 

customized spikes, and OD "Snuggles" and "TEETH." * I, Casey Cinnamon Raisin Swirl with Shaw's butter. * I, Hannah 
Criss, leave Milano to continue our baseball state champion- Hammond, leave Becca lifers and dates, Kyle my love and 
ships, Amaru, my common sense and Georgia. Christa, my jump affection, Aaron permission to cut the rats tail, Nina rides home 

shot and Joanna. Sam, my license and a great senior year. * I, 
Brendan Crowe, leave Dave the baseball team and Amaru 
singing on the bus. Sam, Ray's orange St. Denis vest and 
Darwin. Christa Mrs. K's friendship and me always being right. 

to the middle of nowhere, and festi juniors the stamina to keep 
it alive. * I, Lauren Hillberg, leave Emma Ward car rides to 
school and OTH nights idiot: Kerri and Alanna field hockey "its 
all coming back to me now"; Janice, Steph, Alanna, Georgia 

and Joanna my culinary abilities. * I, John Cuozzo, leave the hockey movie nights/dinner: Sam and Emma Softball with Rocha 

100m dash to Mike Hallion, my alarm clock to Johnny McDonald, and Sherr. * I, Joseph Hiltz-Maher, leave to Shane Maher the 

and track pride to Yuanwen Liang. * I, Danielle Damren, leave right to become the Maher athletic prodigy, to Sean Fitzgerald 

Sarah, Lily, and Katie--High Street. Festi--the best end of the the ability to grow tall and dominate hockey, and to Michael 

year ever. Becca Mac--UPPER CLASSMEN FRIENDS! Nick--control Foxx the righthand seat to the coveted goaltender position. * I, 

of the TiVo. Nina--friends? Little Nicky--all my love. Jacky and Abigail Holler, leave Cody and Pat BST, Juliane Westwood 

Eliza--the stage. * I, Sarah Dawson, leave Katie my car: under Ambassadors, and Margaret four years of amazing high school 

the condition she goes to drivers ed before she's 18. To Wes, I experiences. * I, Cameron Johnston, leave the fate of 

leave my seat at the Dawson dinner table. And, to my sopho- Westwood High School golf team to Rob, Archie, and Joel; 

more Spanish class, I leave my dignity. * I, Scott Delisle, leave hopefully you won't stink next year. * I, Julia Kane, leave Ally 

the lower strings and my dignity to Jacqui, fashion to Sarah, The the hockeypucks I owe her, an exploding band tent, and my 

team to Animal and Peter, a car to Michelle, a room to Aaron superb taste in live music; Audra the ridiculous strength needed 

and Brianna. * I, Arianna DiBenedetto, leave the legacy of for a Michael Phelps pushup circuit; Kathleen cheering responsi- 

Westwood Softball to my juniors Rian, Mariah, Katie 0., Katie L., bilities (third mile heart!); and Steven the wagon-have fun! * I, 

Colleen, Sam, and Emma. May you be great leaders and Lauren Kareh, leave Meaghan and Andrea car rides and 

continue our love of the game. To my brother Michael, I leave TECHNO. Ally F Lim: love and miss ur face, the past is behind 

the Lumina. * I, Jamie Doyle, leave an endless supply of 
coffee at Cafe West for my Juniors (i.e Kristen) who'll finally 
understand the need during shows. Ramona's dress to J.T, her 
attitude and secret lovers to Danielle, and the XC team to 
Christina. * I, Michael Fafara, leave Contrares the morning 

us. WWFH: good luck next year and win it alii! SDeang: history 
wing, the ducks, and the Warshaws!!! * I, Alexander Kjell- 
man, leave the golf team to Jacobs, the track team to Sadams, 
Mo to Christa, my house and the Megatouch to Sam, March 
Madness to KGav, Neal to Hallion, and Zach's 15th Birthday to 

lifts, the gym and many hugs. Cam and Chris the football team, Levine. * I, Justin Kucher, leave Mike Musto car rides and 

Jordan a haircut, Pat (Tree) my height and weight and I leave 
Colleen my ability to learn Chinese and ice cream. * I, Nilofar 
Fallah-Sohy, leave Yalda Farz, Ess, and my bed; Keisey, Allie, 

Captain of the Hockey Team, Jordan the blue line, Steve 
McManus pre-game gaming, Dave Milano the left side of the 
infield. Stones and Brett 2 more years... * I, Victoria Laham, 

Kayla Fig Newtons; Dylan my heart; Levine an eternal carnation; leave the volleyball girls a better record than last year. Rachel I 

Kevin and Matt Donnie Klang; Wes and Katie "fraanship"; leave you Storrow Circle duties and a package of strawberry 

Alessandra my longterm memory and the greatest video jello. Jackie I leave you all the issues and gossip we shared in 

production partner ever. * I, Tabytha Ferguson, leave the art Grover's. * I, Kathleen Lally, leave my car to Anne, call on me 

room to those who aspire to be artistically successful, I leave my dance parties to Riley, and Lally fam bondings to Alanna. 
locker to another short, organized person. I'm taking my 

artworks with me. LOL! * I, Molly Foster, leave Kathleen lifers at track practice and Madeline, crazy french and physics 

McWatters my level 3's, Samantha Brooks bragging rights to the times. * I, Mary Laughna, leave Kelly R my secrets and late 

vineyard, and Dance Team to Alisha and Sarina. * I, Rebecca night drives; Maddie, Chant's love; Katherine, Lifers; Kerri, the 

Gentilli, leave everything to Allie Lim. * I, Stephanie Greeley, woods, Cadbury eggs, and food trips; Janice, the table; Kelly C, 

leave Cross Country to Christina Pappiano. * I, Catherine Katherine, Kelly R 3 seasons of fun; Emily, Scratchies, and Sara, 

Greenwood, leave some words of advice: Don't follow the clapping tourettes. * I, Brendan Leahy, leave Christopher 

Yellow Brick Road, make your own path. I also leave the Juniors Adams my good looks, Mike Musto the hockey team and bus. 

a heart, the Sophomores a brain and the Freshmen courage. 

Kevin Gavin my dangling skills, Brandon Tonsberg my hilarious 

Use them wisely. * I, Elizabeth Groton, leave Kate: the jetta, jokes because you will use them anyway, and lastly I leave 

sing-a-longs, and whatever's left in my closet, Nastasha: my 
eyes (iTWIN), Mia: Latvia, Claire: boys in lime green shirts, 
Nina: Taylor Swift and SCG Meow!, and Dylan Nanna: all my 
love. * I, Alexander Gunning, leave Aaron Kesler C0D4, 

Freddy Tonsberg... nothing. * I, Justin Lee, leave to the 
underclassmen a myriad of unfulfilled thoughts and dreams to 
be wrestled with and ultimately to be achieved. I leave my 
wishes for good fortunes and happy futures. I leave to them 

Mancala, and the Watchmen. To the rest of the students I leave untarnished, cherished memories. * I, Stuart Leibson, leave 

this advice: don't be afraid to be yourself If you do you will 
have more fun and a better high school experience. * I, 

high jump to Nasuf Dizdari otherwise known as "ND", the 
hallways to Nick "Hendy" Henderson, warm but smooth 

Amanda Haddad, leave Matthew the mini (it will never die so handshakes to Matt Levine, rippin' to Derek Tucceri, rivalries to 

have fun in it). I leave Madison Rau, Janice Michaud and 

Myles McDonough, Love to Jamie Conner, and nothing to Joe. * 

Rachael Keating Taco Bell runs (the usual). I leave Erin Young a I, Anna Lentz, leave soccer Wednesday practices, kelly kate 

successful next couple of years. LOVE YOU GIRLS! * I, Omar 
Hadzipasic, leave my soccer skills to Paul Massad, the water 

and erin the neighborhood-run it well, nina bribe food, erica a 
new running buddy, kerri californication, maddie/janice a new 

jug carrying privileges to Andrew Kusmin, my track work ethic to family member, katherine rides home, and Courtney safety 

Yuanwen Liang, front row band set to Ullas Rao, and best 

behind cars. * I, Jillian London, leave Olivia, Keelin, and 

wishes to Westwood High School. * I, Elizabeth Haffey, leave Caitlin, Brian and the javelins. I leave Ali, Peter, and Steven, 

Kyle Menyhert my baton, Aaron Kesler a baby cradle, A.J. 

YFM and the 5. And to the drama juniors I leave lots of great 

Sadler an ongoing list of classic movies, Danielle Stein "We the shows. * I, Ryan Maguire, leave Shayan Salam halo nights. 

People," Madeline Bugeau-Heartt glorious cupcakes, and Ben 
Seal (tha va?) Passing Notes. * I, Amy Halkett, leave Peter 

JMAC and Joe, I leave, awkward jokes directed towards OD. 
Finally, OD, my apprentice, I leave you my confident smile. 




Senior Will 215 

powdered donuts, my Dartmouth fort and most important my legacy. * I, Patrick 
Maher, leave the Volvo to RIes, Eladio to the soccer team, the lacrosse team the start 
of a dynasty, and all the Westwood Ambassadors officers those great morning 
meetings. * I, Kathryn Martin, leave the Track and XC girls my lungs, legs and 
heart. AliChamp-hills, Soph-the stick, Leah-moccasins, McNult-her trumbone, 
Rach-mile and XC, Katie-Bruce!, Nina(P)-hug circle. Spot up for grabs. Jacky, I leave 
you CAM, community dinners and my love. * I, Sarah Matthews, leave Sarah Biron 
car rides and showers, Kelly Rich Napple Chapel, Anna and AnnMarie the chicken 
family, Erica and Katherine SPARTAA, Kerri bathroom parties, Alex Contreras my heart, 
Katie Ginsberg my wedding ring, Rachael Keating peed pants. * I, Mary McDonnell, 
leave Kyle my heart, Kristen my truck, Nina the handcuffs, Jacky freedom from Kmart, 
Aaron scissors, and Rebecca a little bit of sunshine I separated into 180 days to bright- 
en up the coming year. And Drama Club. * I, Krista McGinnis, leave the volleyball 
girls our impressive record of 3-17 and many more wins to come. I leave the tennis 
girls Houston and booty camp. * I, Theresa McWatters, leave Kayla our out of 
control Spanish classes and a new but not better driver to school. * I, Jonathan 
Mellor, leave David with the White Widow.. .if you can drive, and Mike Jacobs with the 
lifestyle, just keep living the dream. * I, Anokhee Mepani, leave all robot-related 
aesthetic responsibility and Xander to Michelle Whelan. To Rebecca Muh-CLELLANNN, 
I leave all else. * I, Alexander Moin, leave George Georgaklis my ability to long 
jump, John McDonald and Patrick O'Donnell complete control over all things track, 
John McDonald my calves, Misha Beatty the trumpet section, and my brother my 
legacy to live up to. * I, Brian Molloy, leave Madeline Starbucks runs, Charlotte 
traffic laws, Rebecca creepy puppets and a self written show, AJ being theatre alpha 
male, Kristen theatre spirit, Nina gum wrappers. Erica being screamed at in the 
hallway FESTI you know who! * I, Julie Moloy, leave Lifer Lane to Nina, Christina 
and Riley, a pair of floppers to Kelley, hugs, neon and crocs to Alanna, and personal- 
ized FH balls, snacktime, Oompas, TVL enemies and blackout rage to Kerri. * I, 
Nicole Moore, leave my cousin Julie an awesome high school experience. I hope that 
the rest of her years in high school are as fun as mine were and that she does not get 
into too much trouble ;). * I, Margaret Moyian, leave Siobhan breakfast at panera 
and the power of being the oldest. I leave "Peggy" to Tommy Ahearn since i will 
NEVER hear that name again and Nicole Moyian the recipes to my amazing sandwich- 
es. * I, Erin Mulhern, leave Sarah laneZ playdates; Katie/ Wesley double dates; 
Kelley BAARRBAARRAAA; Annie my humor; Dylan/ Pat my heart; Kristen my opinion; 
Matt/ Matt/ Kevin: non-stop dancing; Kylie/ Bev/Megan directions to Papa's; Misha 
invincibility; Maddie / Casey ugliness... oh wait. * I, Mariandrea Munar, leave the 
swim team- Sparks and Fergie, Ailyn- rides to school, Elise, Rebecca and Lee- the 
dancer chant, JT and Charlotte- Maria (corrupt her), Danielle- my daughterly love. 
Penny and Kristen- the best assets, Juli and Sarah- lifers and common sense, and 
Maria- Emmy & Al (Good Luck!) * I, Erin Nanna, leave family political debates, 
responsibility, and my grades to Dylan, Fresh City runs to Annie/Kate/Maddie, grilled 
cheese and clothing to Annie, secret plans, implants, and my drama to Maddie, confer- 
ence championships to the swim team. * I, Jonathan Neimann, leave Abby Keaveny 
free rides to school and the right to give her brother the hardest time ever. I leave the 
swim team to animal, the title of band captain to Duff and All, and my astonishing 
good looks to Dylan Nanna. * I, Gary Novoson, leave to anyone who is up for a chal- 
lenge the right to continue the dying Novoson legacy and to everyone else I leave my 
impeccable good looks. You're Welcome. * I, Cynthia O'Brien, leave my little sister 
Lydia the house. Mike you get Blue Hill Drive, you can hang out with Lyds now. Alex 
Contreras I leave you my heart. Jackie and Maggie get the cross country team. I hope 
you try as hard as I did... * I, Brian O'Connor, leave Cam G. Linebacker drills, Mike 
Hallion the 4 x 1 team, Mark the O'Connor legacy, Erin the sable, Bro Jams to the 09 
Wolverines. * I, Matthew O'Donnell, leave Ryan McHoul, aka Sweetness, all the 
love his father gave me instead of his own son. * I, Amanda Poche, leave Pnotes to 
Ben, Justin, the vball courts to Melissa, Amy in hopes that you guys will have a better 
season, "Leave it on the Court" ;put your hearts into everything you do! My legacy to 
Melissa. * I, Katelyn Raftery, leave Y&FS meetings to Rebecca McClellan, science 
labs to Xander Ventola, and high hopes for four great years to Meghan. * I, Neggin 
Rostamnezhad, leave Yalda the power to fight senioritis, the will to use her energy 
for something great and persian pride. I leave Lydia and Sarah my "running skills" and 
Christian my music playlist. * I, Alan Royer, leave Stats Family '09 a ten game 
hockey season, Sinny, Brucitis and the Legend, Mediocre, Meager, "GET SOME". * I, 
Dominic Ruiz, leave all my wonderful teaching assistants, my secret animal cracker 
source, and the coolest spot in the school to Joseph and Hannah so they can have fun 
and learn as much as I have. * I, Allison Ryan, leave Griffin Ryan three more 
awesome years of high school, be good, love you, Katie Dawson maps in US History, 
Lydia O'Brien fake fights, Dave Milano a ride to coin-star, Ryan Hanlon all my physics 
labs to do alone.* I, Abigail Sayeg, leave the diving team to Kelly, Sarah and 
Michelle; Christian Adams creepy french memories and my undying love.* I, William 
Scanneli, leave the Subaru to Pat, #53 to Greg, ceramic prowess to Hendy, Thurston 
Thursday to Alessandra, my stunning attitude to Misha, smooth talking to Cam, and 

216 Green Years 

true love to Katie and Wes. * I, Tyler Schock, leave Milano the and Danny, Joe and Tommy Peggy, Contreres Spanish class, Erin 

baseball team, Sean Amaru the Dream, PJ. Primetime with 
Marty and rides to pasta dinners, Cadams hugs in the hallways, 
Pat hand-shakes in the hallways, Dicenzo the linebacking crew. 
* I, Ali Schroeder, leave Leah a fantastic last two years (and 

my mom, Rach potatoes. Weenie and Sam new boyfriends, 
Maggie a senior year with Bev, and Hallion and Sadams the 
Track team. * I, Phil Walker, leave Kurt Walker the weight 
room. Ms. Mason lots of new freshmen in her homeroom. 

Ralphie, if he lasts that long..), Sophie all the c block texts in the Kevin Lulthe and Ace Ventura the business club.* I, Ryan 

world, and Claire teen center dance parties. * I, Jason 
Sementelli, leave Casey Mac my bag of goodies and I leave 
Jordan Mac Willard Circle. I will leave the future back to back 
state championship baseball team to Casey Mook and Milano 
and our terrible bball team to Flowers and Ries. * I, Amanda 
Sestito, leave Emma a less chappy senior year than mine, Jill 

Walsh, leave Mikey "the Chump" Walsh legacy and an empty 
house. Flahive Field my left ACL. Tommy Ahearn the maze. 
MISTER Sadams the title of best looking kid around. Lydia and 
Marie O'Brien my everlasting love. * I, Corrinne Wells, leave 
Megan Isberg: an awesome senior year. Sully, and the track 
team, Anna Ribas: being freaks, AnnMarie: copyright chicken 

and Brittany the car ride on the first day of school next year. * I, legs, Tayla Allen: the 4x2 and 4x1, Maddie Rau: dogs, and Cam 

Michelle Shang, leave Brian Hedal my fish.. .maybe. * I, 
Afsheen Sharifzadeh, leave Yalda and Sina my Persian pride; 
to Marina my mock trials "witness" legacy; to Archie & Levine 
the tennis team; to Sarina the announcements, acadec, unity 
club, and so much more; to Annie "No Parentheses"; and to 
those remaining at WHS, all the joys of Westwood. * I, Arya 
Sharifzadeh, leave Juliane Nguyen the high-five she never- 
gave; Natalie Shapeton my unrelenting love; Alex Archambo 

Etchings: my laptop. * I, Matthew Werth, leave juggling club, 
to whoever will take it. After four years we're up to four 
members. Acapella goes to the basses, Ben and Justin, you 
guys are awesome. * I, Kara Wiggin, leave Kelly Rich our 
ridiculously everlasting sisterhood, love, and cray cray things no 
one else understands, KE, D-Stein, Eliza the musical, Aaron, 
Kyle, Kate Rich, Abby Keavs, my L-O-V-E, and the FH girls 
insanely fab senior years. * I, Jacob Williams, leave this 

Westwood Tennis; YaldaRostam RJDRLPJP; Ms. Russell - dinner statement made by a wise guy "Life moves pretty fast. If you 
and a movie?? <3; Kelly Rich myswagggga; George Georgakalis don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it". * 

and Kevn Liu all the biddies of WHS. * I, Lana Sharuk, leave 
Tangles Keke P, DDR and Patrick Savickas, McDeezy long texts 
and B-free. Madison I leave you bracelets and slumberparties. 
Mary and Emily, (twins) I leave you Chanty Baby, for Janice, 
Nina and Erica Soccer '09. And Kristina, 3 wonderful years of 
high school. * I, Molly Shea, leave Annie the car and being a 
creep; Dylan my love, friendship, and directions to Paige's 

I, Ian Wright, leave Juliane a penguin, "the why game," Haribo 
gummy bears, and fun times with derek and meredith. I leave 
Casey the recognition of the greatest rapper of all time... * I, 
Narayana Yelleswarapu, leave my legendary math team 
captain position to Stephen Weinreich. My famous orchestra 
seat will be left to Kenneth Long. My Varsity tennis position will 
be left to Venkata Yelleswarapu and my knowledge will be left 

house; Kelley the swim team hallway; Maddie my voicemails and behind to Nadeem Istafan. * I, Stephen Zeng, leave science 

good ideas; and Kristen The Office and Vellos at closing time. * team to Ravi and Jacky, my painted pinchpots to Jacqui and 

I, John Sheehan, leave Ann Sheehan the front seat, Jake Sarah, my gol' to Steve Weinreich, my giant robot to Thomas 

Indurski weights, Shayan Salam my good looks, and Casey McNulty and last but certainly not least, my sitar skills to Anokh. 

McLaughlin BOOIII and a water. * I, John Sleight, leave my * I, Matthew Zola, leave Derek Tucceri, a lost salad bowl, to 

car to my bro Patrick, vacation in Aruba to Milano, Cape Cod Lax Dylan Nanna, a sweet embrace, to Eric Dahl, my soul, and to 

to Joey Williams, NSB to Hanlon, JV Soccer Asst. Capt. to Joseph Leibson, my heart. 

Brandon, running Hotel Filbin to Mike, locker 271 and sweet 

nothings to Megan. * I, Max Smith, leave Peter Radonich 

anger management classes and 15 yard penalties. Will Smith my 

nickname, Jeezy my ego, Jordan my hair clippers, Sean Amaru 

"the dream", David Milano the OF, and Ramrod the RIBS. * I, 

Hilary Sugg, leave Sophie Karpf her "gift shop smell", Annie 

Husted the Westwood DYC legacy. Christian Adams some "juste 

un baiser" perfume, Anna Ribas microwaved marshmallows and 

gamecube shenanigans, and the JV tennis girls an amazing 

senior year. * I, Stephanie Sukennik, leave Maddy Randolph a 

great senior year, take care of Lorraine and Tatyana for me. To 

Lydia, I leave car rides to school in the morning. To Alex, 

hugs&kisses! To Chris, I leave you G block free. To Katie 

Ginsberg, 6 hour long track meets aka our lifer sessions and a 

great two more years of high school! * I, Laura Teehan, leave 

Sophie and Leah-the legacy of Laura squared. AnnMarie-400 

meters. Katie-my love and support. Rachael-the XC team. 

Campion-Mayfair hill. Maddy- V.P cookie. Yalda-an ipod box. 

Christina-crutches. McNulty-planks. Nina-nannerpuss banana. I ^, ^^^^ 

love my track family and will miss them so much. * I, Gregory M^^ ^^^■^^B^tr^^^^.Miki P \fO^ 

Thompson, To the Westwood Men's Varsity Swim Team: I leave ^^Bi^ ^^ J^^S^BM^jJI^Bk. \ '^>'^ ' 

you my muscles and a heart of gold; Myles and Nicky Hendy- 

strength and ingenuity; My physics class-my brains. Leg. 

Council; Honor and sticking it to the man abilities. * I, Keisey 

Thornton, leave JACKY MARTIN! My sister, I leave you 

everything - love, fantasy reading, my cake baking skills, 

whatever you want, have it all. To My Freshmen, love, 

awkwardness, bridal magazines. Jenny and My Freshmen: 

responsibility of costumes. Whoever gets it: Science Team. * I, 

Matthew Traylor, leave a lot more pizza for the students of 

WHS. * I, Daniel Troy, leave to Shane, Tonsbergs, and Kyle: 

the neighborhood, Shane I leave SRFZUP, C-Rod I leave Juan 

Carlos and the 50 yard threat, Jordy I leave dos tres, Sadams 

the futcha, Reis and VonEuw my calf implants, Pelli I leave WW 

Lax * I, Kyle Tucke, leave Magee the hallways without Casey 



Senior Will 217 

218 Messages from the Community 

gan Tara Corsi 


Congratulations on completing 
this chapter in your life. As 
you head off to college, always 
remember that our love will ac- 
company you wherever you go. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Matthew & 


Meghan Lawlor 

^^^^^^^^ ^1 \ 

We are so very proud of you! 
Believe in yourself, always fol- 
low your heart and dreams and 
"Oh the places you'll go!" 

With love, Mom, Dad & Jenn 


Laura Anderson 


Our wish for you is that life becomes 
all you want it to, your dreams stay 
big, your worries stay small, you 
never need to carry more than you 
can hold, and if it's cold outside show 
the world the warmth of your smile, 
but more than anything, know that 
we love you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Philip & David j 

Messages from the Community 219 

"Obstacles are those frightful 
things you see when you take 
your eyes off of your goal." 
- Henry Ford 
Great job Julie - we love you! 

Mom, Dad, Danny & Brendan 

Justin Kucher 


We are so proud of you and all 

that you've accomplished. 

We know you will have four 

great years of college followed 

by a successful career. 

The sky's the limit! 

Love, Mom, Dad & Chris 

ara Wig^in 


Congratulations Kara! 

May all your dreams come true. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Katie, Jack 

You have shown us what a 
person can accomplish 
when they lead with heart 
and passion -weU done! 
We are so proud of the 
young woman you have 
become and for all your 
kindness and determination 
along the journey! 
Great job at developing 
loving friendships, 
varsity soccer, basketball, 
and lacrosse: and track. 
You have touched many 
hearts and lit up our world; 
keep on shining at Cornell 
and beyond! 

We are proud of you and 
love you! 
Adam, Mom & Dad 

220 Green Years 

Congratulations and best wishes to Russell 

and the Class of 2009 

With love from, 

Eric, Liz, Elizabeth and Caroline 


fOQAjJ^ \jJ\ux)CqAV 

Abigail Holler 


Congratulations ^ 
Stephanie! ^ - • 

Our best wishes for your bright ^>4Hf^ 
future with happiness and success. 
Always remember - give the world the 
best you have, the best will come to you! 
You make us very proud! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

^ v»«ss: 

Messages from the Community 221 

'•^ Mi^. . tj. 

Congratulations Laura! 

We are so proud of you and all of 
your accomplishments. Your hard 
work and determination will take 
you far. May your future be filled 
with happiness, health and success. 
We love you \ery much. 

Mom. Dad. Kc\in. Shirk. David 
and Andrea 


Congratulations Chris! 


We are so proud of you. your 
strength and determination! 
UTiat a successful young man you 
have grown into at WHS and all you 
have accomplished; wonderful 
fnendships, music accomplishments. 
Eagle Scout, \arsity swim and 
soccer, tennis, robotics and so much 
more! You have shown us the value 
of setting goals and pursuing one's 
passions! We look for\vard to being 
a part of your future in engmeering. 
and whatever life brings your way! 

We love you! 
Adam, Mom & Dad 





Down every road you roam 
And may sunshine and happiness 
Surround you when you're far from 
And may you grow to be proud 
Dignified and true 
And do unto others 
As you'd have done to you 
Be courageous and be brave 
And in our hearts you'll always stay 
Forever Young... 

222 Green Years 


Aaron . ^ 

rb }nnc 

Messages from the Community 223 

Yujin Hamill 


%'e love uau veru much! 

TAom, 'Dm, 'Donna 

mLoCCy <3on^pws^ 

Congratulations Daniel! You make us proud. M^ 
Family, school, and community have given ^>W 
you what they know. Remember to give ^mm 
back to humanity. "^" 

Have fun- nottoo much. Go and live a good life. 
Remember who you are and where you came from 
God, Family, Country. 
Love, Mom, Dai(, and Kate 




May all your dreams come tme. 

You did it! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kelley, Danny & Chewy 


224 Green Years 


Congratulations on your graduation! 

We wish vou man\- jo}-ous hiking adventures! 

Love, jMom, Dad, 

John, Alex -and W'iU 

Healthy, free, the world before me. " ' 
-Walt Whitman 

Messages from the Communitv 225 

Brendan Crow^^yl^^ Schock 


From MMo to WHS, from Chatham to 
the Bahamas, and from the School Street 
playground to LaLacheur Park. 
For every one of your sister's dance 
recitals you sat through together, the hours 
spent in the hole playing video games and 
for the exciting futures that await you. 
we give you our love and respect. 

Congratualtions Brendan and Tyler! 

-. ^\ 

>\MVlfc/-* *■ ^^ ^^y* Eileen, Dana, 
^~^**>0^*'^ ■ Donna. Merideth. and Sara 

226 Green Years 

Messages from the Community 227 


May all your dreams come true. 

Do work #78. 


Mom, Dad & Megan 

228 Green Years